Chapter 109: Goodbye, Vice Principal Luo

By the time Bai Xiaofei and Hu Xian’er were done “tangling” with each other and returned to the Starnet Academy, the first class was already over. Despite this, the two of them were calm and unhurried. In any case, they were already late. Monday’s morning class was a collective one, but there was no point arriving this late. As far as the two were concerned, it was meaningless for them to attend.

“Although I am fine with you mingling with other humans, this is only applicable when I am not around. If you dare to go overboard with others in my presence, I guarantee that you will regret it.”

Hu Xian’er fixed her gaze on Bai Xiaofei then raised her hand and made a horizontal slicing gesture. Hu Xian’s stern expression caused Bai Xiaofei to feel a chill down his lower body.

The big sister of the Transformation Stream has returned…

His third father was indeed correct. A woman lying down is completely different from a woman standing up.

“Please rest assured, milady. I will most certainly maintain a strict discipline,” Bai Xiaofei promised with a solemn expression.

Hu Xian’er smiled sweetly before glancing around. After confirming nobody else was present, she gave Bai Xiaofei a light peck on his lips then immediately turned and ran away. Feeling the trace of warmth lingering on his lips, Bai Xiaofei scratched his head foolishly while he stood there with a flushed face.

“Woof! Woof!”

While Bai Xiaofei was in a daze, his dog, Huskie, appeared out of nowhere. Huskie had spent an entire night randomly roaming around after the Great Barrier God had chased him away. As a puppet whose emotions were linked to Bai Xiaofei, Huskie could clearly sense Bai Xiaofei’s joy.

Similarly, since Blackie had been an unwilling audience of what had happened last night, she too naturally knew how Bai Xiaofei felt. But she was unlike Huskie –; the knowledge only increased her disdain of Bai Xiaofei.

An inferior life form who only knows how to think using his lower body!

“You did well. Come, I’ll treat you to a feast. You can eat to your heart’s content!”

People tended to be more generous when they were in a good mood. Bai Xiaofei was no exception to this stereotype, let alone when his happiness was at its peak.

“If you are capable of foraging for your own food, you can choose not to come with us.”

After saying this, Bai Xiaofei turned and grinned at Blackie. What he received in return from Blackie was yet another look of disdain.

“Woof! Woof!”

On the other hand, Huskie was the complete opposite of Bai Xiaofei. With his tail wagging back and forth and high up in the air, he enthusiastically invited Blackie to join them. Alas, he received the same response as Bai Xiaofei.

If it weren’t for you, stupid dog, how would this cat here become the puppet of this scum?

Blackie genuinely regarded both Bai Xiaofei and Huskie with contempt. Unfortunately, she was hungry! Therefore, when Bai Xiaofei started heading towards the Hundred Flavor House with Huskie in his arms, Blackie leaped onto Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder of her own accord then lay down.

Despite her disdain towards Bai Xiaofei, Blackie still shared the same characteristic all cats had – being lazy. That was why, when choosing between her disdain of Bai Xiaofei or getting a free ride, she decided to swallow her pride and choose the latter.

The instant they stepped into the Hundred Flavors House, Huskie’s excitement was already plastered all over his face. The waitress who greeted them was a senior sister of Bai Xiaofei. She smiled when she saw him. Nowadays, Bai Xiaofei was a frequent customer of this restaurant. As a result, almost all the waiters and waitresses were aware that this guy was a wealthy man. The commission they could gain from serving him alone was nearly enough to cover their living expenses for half a month.

After smiling, the senior sister expectantly asked, “How many people today?”

“Me, a dog, and a cat.”

Bai Xiaofei answered with his trademark smile. He scanned the hall with his eyes to find a seat. He, however, was only half way done before he froze.

If possible, Bai Xiaofei wished he could directly turn around and go to a different restaurant. Unfortunately, it was already too late. The person he had noticed saw him as well.

“Vice Principal Luo! You’re having a meal here as well?”

After bracing himself, Bai Xiaofei walked towards Luo Xi. As for Luo Xi, she merely gave Bai Xiaofei a cold glance. However, when her gaze rested on Blackie, who was presently sprawled on Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder, she momentarily blanked out. All the academy's higher ups were aware of Blackie. Blackie’s present behavior made it clear she was now Bai Xiaofei’s puppet. For a moment, Luo Xi saw Bai Xiaofei in a different light.

“If my memory serves me right, class should still be in session.”

The moment Luo Xi opened her mouth, she left Bai Xiaofei momentarily stunned. However, it lasted less than half a second.

"For some students, the collective class may be an opportunity. But for me, this opportunity isn't that important."

Bai Xiaofei smiled as a layer of confidence covered his face. At the same time, since he was now near Luo Xi’s table, he could get a good look at the young woman seated opposite Luo Xi.

The girl was also wearing a new student uniform. She had delicate facial features and had a refined scholarly air about her. When she looked at Bai Xiaofei, her gaze grew somewhat aversive.

“You seem quite confident of yourself, huh. Come and take a seat. I have a few questions for you.”

At the moment, Luo Xi’s expression was exceptionally unsightly. Bai Xiaofei, however, had no other options; his only choice was to obediently sit beside the young woman.

Bai Xiaofei’s arrival caused the young woman to feel somewhat uncomfortable. This was especially true the moment he sat down. At the time, the blush on the young woman’s face had spread to even her ears.

Luo Xi frowned when she saw Bai Xiaofei sitting next to Luo Han.

“Luo Han, sit over here.” She immediately called Luo Han over to herself. At once the young lady obediently stood up and went to sit beside her. However, this made Luo Han even shyer than before, to the point that she didn’t dare to lift her head.

“Have you ordered yet, Vice Principal Luo? Take this meal as a treat from me and feel free to order anything you like. After all, I wouldn’t be what I am today if it weren’t for you.”

Bai Xiaofei tried to close the distance between them. Unfortunately for him, Luo Xi remained unmoved.

“There is no need for that. The practice of students treating teachers to meals does not exist in this academy.”

After bluntly rejecting Bai Xiaofei’s offer, Luo Xi brought up her main objective, a topic which was quite a big headache for Bai Xiaofei.

“I have been paying some attention to you as of late.” Luo Xi took a sip from the cup of tea before her then said something that instantly caused Bai Xiaofei to start sweating profusely: “I have noticed there are quite a few different versions of your family background.”

Shit! I have been found out! Damn it, who was the one who screwed me over by telling all this to the old hag?

“Those variations were merely for the sake of dealing with different circumstances. Vice Principal Luo, there is no need for you to be bothered by them.”

Bai Xiaofei tried to laugh it off.

Luo Xi looked up and gazed directly at Bai Xiaofei before asking yet another question that made him break out into a cold sweat. “Is that so? I wonder if I’m one of the circumstances you speak of?”


For a moment, Bai Xiaofei was at a loss for words. It would seem whatever he now said in this situation would be considered a lie.

“Among all the students I’ve met, you’re the only one who has ever dared to lie to me. While I do admire your guts, I hope you will also keep in mind that I will be keeping an eye on you. Don’t let me discover any misconduct on your part!”

Luo Xi’s chilly words were like subjecting Bai Xiaofei to the death penalty. In fact, being resented by an academy’s vice principal was indeed the equivalent of the death penalty. Bai Xiaofei, however, was not afraid. He was of the opinion that no matter how great the vice principal, she couldn’t be greater than the principal himself, and Bai Xiaofei was pretty tight with the principal. But he did not know that in Starnet Academy Lei Shan was actually terrified of Luo Xi.


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