Chapter 105 Bai Xiaofei’s Second Puppet!

“Looks like you’ve chosen the latter! Then I can only let Huskie benefit,” Bai Xiaofei said, grabbing Huskie. His left hand pressed down upon the opening at the top of the cage, and he didn’t say another word before opening the cage and pushing Huskie inside.

The black cat immediately tried to escape when Bai Xiaofei opened the cage, but the opening was too small, and Bai Xiaofei directly pushed it back inside.

“Motherf*cker! You actually dared to scratch me! Just see how I deal with you!” As he spoke, the scene inside the cage was a mess. Within the small space, the black cat scratched Huskie without end, and in the blink of an eye, Huskie was already shivering and forced into a corner.

But right at this moment, Bai Xiaofei stretched out his hand and touched the black cat. He circulated the Lunisolar Brilliance cultivation technique, extracting a strand of pink origin energy from his Origin Core.

Bai Xiaofei didn’t dare utilize too much, and just controlling this strand exhausted Bai Xiaofei to the point he was drenched in sweat. This strand, however, was already sufficient for the black cat’s build!

Meow!!! Meow!!!

The instant Bai Xiaofei’s origin energy was about to invade the black cat’s body, the black cat instantly let out two miserable cries and stopped attacking Bai Xiaofei and Huskie.

“What is the meaning of this? You’re submitting? But what if I’m not in the mood anymore?” As he hurriedly withdrew the energy back into his Origin Core, Bai Xiaofei wiped the beads of sweat that had seeped out of his forehead.

Motherf*cker! This energy is really f*cking dangerous!

In merely that instant, Bai Xiaofei had become exhausted to the point his mind was slightly dazed…

Meow! Meow! Meow!

The black cat cried out anxiously then looked at Huskie before raising its claw and placing it on Bai Xiaofei’s hand.

Its round eyes were tightly closed, and the cat seemed as if it was a criminal sent to the execution grounds.

You bastard! I told you that I’d surely be able to deal with you!

Even though he was unable to understand what the black cat meant now, its reaction was enough to explain everything.

Bai Xiaofei sneered with extreme complacency and gradually calmed down.

The process of forming a contract wasn’t as simple as one would imagine, especially when one formed a contract with an animate puppet because the slightest carelessness would cause one to go mad!

But with the black cat’s cooperation, the entire process was completed rather smoothly.

After it was completed successfully, Bai Xiaofei heaved a long sigh of relief. As he felt the connection appear within his mind, he couldn’t help but reveal a slight smile.

“Good girl!” Bai Xiaofei said with a grin and opened up the cage. In the next second, the black cat shot out from within like a bolt of lightning and directly swung its claws at Bai Xiaofei. Its figure, however, became extremely stiff before it could even approach Bai Xiaofei.

The relationship between a puppet master and a puppet was always that of one doing the controlling and the other being controlled. This was something that was determined the instant the contract was formed!

“Little fellow, if you dare do that again, I guarantee that the incident from before will occur once more. Moreover, I don’t even have to put you in heat now!” Bai Xiaofei spoke fiercely, causing the black cat to instantly become listless.

“Since you’re completely black, I’ll call you Blackie in the future. Don’t hope that I’ll give you a better name because this is already my limit!” As he spoke, the black cat didn’t dare make the slightest sound, causing Blackie to become its name from now on.

“Huskie, you did well. I’ll give you an extra meal when we get back.” Subsequently, Bai Xiaofei carried Huskie out, and a single sentence from him caused the originally upset Huskie to instantly become excited.

The nearby Blackie couldn’t help but give Huskie a look of disdain.

Stupid husky, you were bribed with just a single meal!

“Come, let me see what ability you’ve given me!” As he spoke, Bai Xiaofei’s tone was filled with anticipation, and he placed his hand on Blackie. All his hopes were placed on the black cat!

“Haha!!! The heavens are kind to me!!!” Bai Xiaofei howled towards the sky before holding up Blackie and rubbing it furiously. Complacency was written all over his face.

At the same time, a new plan appeared within Bai Xiaofei’s mind!


“Vice Principal Luo?! What’re you doing here?” The Great Barrier God was at her post patrolling when Luo Xi abruptly appeared and caused her to be slightly shocked.

But when facing her question, “Vice Principal Luo” didn’t reply.

“Principal? Did you come to look for someone?” With the Great Barrier God’s approach, a visible trace of panic appeared on Luo Xi’s face, and such an obvious change in expression was naturally unable to escape the eyes of the great god.

“You aren’t Vice Principal Luo!” the aunty decided instantaneously, and she directly raised up her broom. The next second, Luo Xi instantly transformed into Bai Xiaofei and assumed the posture of intending to charge into the female dorms.

“You stinking brat! If I don’t teach you a proper lesson today, you won’t know how the word death is written!” The aunty raised her broom and struck towards “Bai Xiaofei” to the point “Bai Xiaofei” was completely beaten back. But the aunty didn’t notice that a slight change had unknowingly occurred in the surrounding scenery.

For example, there seemed to be an extra tree at a certain location…

The ability Blackie had given Bai Xiaofei was scenery simulation!

Within a certain area, Blackie was capable of changing the scenery at will. Moreover, it was capable of causing a portion of the created scenery to become material and could also change the outer appearance of some things in the area.

Thus, in a corner that the Great Barrier God wasn’t paying attention to, Bai Xiaofei had transformed from a tree into a trash can and then into a water bucket…

On his way to his destination, Bai Xiaofei made Blackie help him turn into anything that might be there, and each time the aunty felt something was wrong, Blackie would make the surroundings materialize, causing the aunty to touch a material object and dispel her doubts.

Just like this, Bai Xiaofei snuck all the way into the area of the female dorms!

Moreover, fortunately, the division of the female dorms was basically similar to the male dorms, and he just had to move towards the area that the new students would be in the male dorms.

Hu Xian’er was the 21st among those who were recruited internally, so Bai Xiaofei moved according to the division of the male dorms to quickly determine the dorm building Hu Xian’er lived in.

But with this a new problem appeared.

He didn’t know which floor Hu Xian’er was at! And he was unable to find her!

Entering the building to look for her wasn’t realistic because he didn’t dare do that even if Blackie was able to help him accomplish it. Trespassing into the female dorm district was already liable for the “death penalty”, and if he were to enter the dormitory building, he would probably have to be dismembered at the very least!

Bai Xiaofei, who’d already turned into a trash can, fell into deep contemplation.

It just so happened that right at this moment, a female student wearing pajamas walked out from the dorm building, and she was carrying a bag of trash.

“Eh? When was there a trash can here?” the female student muttered to herself, her tone carrying a trace of bewilderment.

“Cheh, who cares!? Isn’t it better that I can walk a few steps less!?” she said as she walked over towards Bai Xiaofei. She assumed the posture of intending to toss the trash over from afar.

“If it’s possible, I hope you don’t toss trash on me.” Bai Xiaofei was anxious because he didn’t have a way to find Hu Xian’er, but he had a sudden flash of inspiration when he saw the young woman. A bold plan surfaced within his mind.

Life and death, success and failure, I can only take a gamble!

He was betting that this female student was an idiot!


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