Chapter 102 Meeting Old Man Revelation Once Again!

“According to what you said, this kid is really extraordinary.” Lei Shan had always only partially believed what Revelation said, especially when it was related to Revelation himself. Like how Revelation said he had encountered Bai Xiaofei, Lei Shan absolutely didn’t believe it.

Asking Revelation to lend a hand and assist a stranger was simply like a daydream, and Lei Shan might have believed him if he had said he had watched misfortune befall someone…

“Of course, how could the son of that kid, Bai Longfei, be ordinary? Not to mention he’s now the disciple of I, Revelation.” Revelation raised his head and took the opportunity to boast about himself.

“But Bai Xiaofei doesn’t look like Bai Longfei.” Lei Shan frowned and added, “But their characters are rather alike…”

“Boys are all like their mothers, so not looking like his father is normal.” Revelation’s excuse was very good because there was no need to doubt Bai Xiaofei’s identity, and merely the Token of Heroes was irrefutable evidence.

“You’re right, but you didn’t just come here today to tell me this, right?” A man wizens with age just like a ghost gains intelligence with age. As an old friend of Revelation, Lei Shan knew Revelation like the back of his hand, and he would absolutely not make the trip specially for the sake of this news.

“Do you remember that cultivation technique I obtained in the ruins?” Revelation raised his brows while the sly smile on his face grew slightly deeper, and it drew out an extremely surprised reaction from Lei Shan.

“You made Bai Xiaofei cultivate that bullshit cultivation technique?!” Lei Shan practically roared these words out, and if he could, he even wished to choke Revelation to death on the spot. 

“What do you mean by bullshit cultivation technique? My f*cking cultivation technique is absolutely a divine-grade cultivation technique, alright!? Considering that the meridians in the kid’s entire body were blocked up, could it be that you have a better method to clear up his meridians besides this cultivation technique!?” Revelation retorted without holding back in the slightest, instantly rendering Lei Shan speechless.

This was the truth, but he still felt that Bai Xiaofei’s cultivation of that cultivation technique was too risky because its infinite unpredictability was no different from gambling.

“Originally, I intended to find a chance to give him a second puppet after the New Student Competition ended, but now it would seem like there’s no hope for that.” Lei Shan let out a long sigh, and his tone carried a trace of helplessness.

“Hehe, this is also the true reason why I came to see you this time.” Like an old child, Revelation chuckled while rubbing his hands together. His expression was extremely similar to the expression of an unscrupulous merchant.

“What do you mean? Even though I’m the principle, I’m unable to act as a pimp.” Lei Shan directly refused before Revelation could speak because unlike Revelation, he still wanted his face, so he was really unable to do some things.

“Cheh! You’re really good for nothing. Would the disciple of I, Revelation, need you to act as a pimp? The cultivation technique of that precious disciple of mine has already advanced in grade once.” Revelation’s face carried a trace of complacency. He seemed to be boasting, but he couldn’t help but shudder subconsciously when he thought of Hu Xian’er.

Heavens above, I hope that little fox doesn’t bear a grudge against me!

“It has advanced in grade?!” Lei Shan was angered to the point his lips trembled, and he was at a loss for words to curse at Revelation. Bai Xiaofei is only sixteen!

He’s only a child!!!

“Don’t be so agitated. In any case, it’s a step that he has to take sooner or later, so there’s no difference between it being a few years earlier or later. Do you think everyone is old-fashioned like you?” Revelation knew why Lei Shan was so agitated, but he was still unable to understand it.

If he doesn’t be a bit more unrestrained in his youth, could it be that he should only become “enlightened” when all the beauties have become someone else’s possession?

“Alright, alright, I won’t argue about it with you. But since this child is in my academy now, you better not think of handing your trash to him!”

Actually, there was really no need for Revelation to teach Bai Xiaofei all this because Bai Xiaofei had finished his apprenticeship in this matter a long time ago while he was still in the Gorge of Heroes…

“Cough. You’re really overthinking things. Some things can’t be held back just because you want to hold it back. That disciple of mine is fated to be entangled by love, and there’ll never be an end to the beauties by his side. If you don’t believe me, then you can wait and see.” Revelation sneered and displayed his contempt.

“I can’t be bothered to argue about it with you either. We’ll wait and see!” Just like each time they met in the past, there wasn’t a single time they wouldn’t tell each other to wait and see in the end.

But they couldn’t end it here today because Revelation hadn’t attained his goal!

“Right, old goat, since that precious disciple of mine can form an agreement with a second puppet, shouldn’t you, his martial uncle, make some sort of display?” He originally intended to talk it over with Lei Shan, but he could only resort to extortion now…

“Even though I’m a principal, I’m not in charge of money. You’re well aware of who the person who takes care of that is, so if you’re able to get it, take as much as you please.” Lei Shan shrugged and acted as if it wasn’t his business.

“Do you think there’s something wrong with my head like you? If I tell that little girl Luo Xi about my disciple, he probably won’t be able to live past today.”

Damn, another person who called Luo Xi a little girl…

“Moreover, I don’t want your money!” Revelation raised his brows and revealed an expression that said “you understand” to Lei Shan, and it terrified Lei Shan to the point goosebumps arose all over him.

“That won’t do. That’s the thing I intend to use as the prize during the New Student Competition. If I give it to you now, what will I use as the first prize?” Lei Shan refused in a stern and just manner, yet Revelation revealed a smile that seemed as if he’d already succeeded half way.

It’s fine so long as you intend to give it away, and so long as you are willing to do that, I’ll be f*cking taking it for sure!

“Didn’t you want to know when there’ll be a favorable turn in the situation between you and that young lady, Lei Min?” Revelation snapped his fingers before the Heavenly Secret Disk slowly floated up.

In the next second, Lei Shan gulped down a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty.


Since they left the Ethereal Pavilion and snuck out, the group from the Savage Class hadn’t returned to the academy for an entire day, and even their lunch and dinner was dealt with the way they used to do it here.

Not only were the pitiable magical beasts their sparring partners, the magical beasts even took on the responsibility of filling their stomachs…

After a day of training, almost everyone in the Savage Class attained an initial grasp of their puppets, but it would take at least half a month for them to attain a skilled level.

So, the magical beasts had to continue being pitiable for a period of time…

“Big Brother Fei, do you think we're invincible among the new students now!?” On the way back, all of them were extremely excited because under the combination of their new puppets, the strength of the Savage Class could be described as having risen explosively. It could therefore also be said that they hadn’t let down their desperate efforts of earning money during the past month.

“You’re dreaming if you think we’re invincible. Don’t forget that there are always mountains beyond mountains and others who are more extraordinary. I heard that many students from the internally recruited classes have already attained the Master Rank.” Bai Xiaofei was the one and only person that remembered to douse all of them with cold water. But no matter how one looked at it, based on his confident expression, it didn’t seem like those words were spoken sincerely.

“How could my disciple possibly not be invincible! Stinking kid, if you don’t even have this bit of confidence, don’t tell anyone you’re the disciple of I, Revelation!” A voice that caused Bai Xiaofei to have the urge to commit suicide sounded out, and in the next second, Revelation descended slowly before Bai Xiaofei and the others on his golden arrow.

Besides Bai Xiaofei, everyone else was stunned…


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