Chapter 101 Old Friends.

At the instant the beautiful box was opened, a dazzling glow flashed before everyone, and when they looked over at the source of the glow, it seemed like a river of stars was lying in the beautiful box. A tiny, grain-sized object was flickering with a bright glow that filled the entire box.

“Gold-grade puppet, Thousand Star. This is a puppet specially created to be used alongside the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress, and others can’t use it because each starry radiance within it needs to be controlled individually. The Divine Phoenix Feather Dress itself was created by Master Qian Xing, so it’s absolutely the most suitable second puppet for Young Miss Lin.” As Feng Wuhen spoke, a trace of anticipation appeared in his eyes, and he looked forward to Lin Li receiving this puppet.

The nearby Fang Ye heaved a long sigh of relief when he heard this. His heart had constricted when he had heard it was a gold-grade puppet because the money in his possession wasn’t sufficient to purchase it.

But now it would seem that it didn’t require any money…

“Thank you, Big Brother Feng. I’ll take it on behalf of Lin Li.” Lin Li was still stunned when Bai Xiaofei took a step forward to receive the beautiful box. Feng Wuhen, with his level of consciousness, couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

What’s going on?!

Could it be that his relationship with Young Miss Lin is really as the rumors say?!

After being bewildered for a short moment, a trace of a smile appeared once more on Feng Wuhen’s face.

So what! It’s fine so long as I’ve given it away!

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to return this favor during my life. But now it would seem the heavens are benevolent, and I’ve finally taken this load off my mind.” Feng Wuhen didn’t feign any of his words, and it allowed Bai Xiaofei to once more get to know this big brother possessing extraordinary marketing capabilities.

“Alright, little brother, only you remain now, but you didn’t notify me beforehand, so the highest grade Illusion Stream puppet I have at this moment is only at the red grade. Do you want to have a look?” With the thought of seeing the matter to the end, Feng Wuhen looked at the last person, Bai Xiaofei, but Bai Xiaofei shook his head lightly.

“I might have taken a look if Lin Li was after me, but I won’t now because you’re no longer a businessman. Although I like gaining small advantages, I don’t have the habit of gaining an advantage because of a woman.” Bai Xiaofei grinned as he refused Feng Wuhen, and his reason caused Feng Wuhen to be unable to see Bai Xiaofei in anything but a different light.

“Little Brother, you’ll absolutely be extraordinary in the future. If we have the opportunity to meet again, feel free to ask if you ever need any help from me!”

A person’s character could be noticed at a young age, and it would be fixed around the age of sixteen. So, Feng Wuhen, who’d met countless people, would absolutely not be wrong in his judgment.

“Then I’ll remember what you said. If the time ever comes, Big Brother Feng better not act like you don’t know me!” 

They roared with laughter, and their relationship seemed to have instantly improved greatly, causing everyone from the Savage Class to reveal puzzled expressions.

But everyone quickly came to an understanding because anything strange that occurred concerning Bai Xiaofei couldn’t be considered strange…

After they left the Ethereal Pavilion, the excited members of the Savage Class directly snuck to the place from where they had previously snuck out of the academy under Bai Xiaofei’s lead. They then returned to the Infinite Mountain Range where they’d stayed for a month.

There wasn’t a place more suitable than this for testing new puppets.

Meanwhile, the door to the principal’s office was knocked lightly before a lazy voice sounded. “Brother Lei, an old friend has come. Do you have any more of that fine wine of yours?”

Lei Shan, sitting in his chair and drinking tea, was slightly stunned. He then revealed an extremely complicated, bitter smile.

“Revelation, since when did you have to knock before entering my room?” As soon as his voice finished resounding in the air, the door was instantly pushed open. Revelation sneakily walked in, his old face covered in a sly smile, and he didn’t forget to lock the door.

“If outsiders were to find out that the dignified master of the Heavenly Secret Pavilion is actually like this, do you think there will still be people lining up outside the Heavenly Secret Pavilion every single day for the sake of meeting you?” Lei Shan derided then stood up. His storage ring flashed before he tossed a jade jug to Revelation.

“Even if I go mad, there won’t be one less person who comes to the Heavenly Secret Pavilion.” Revelation paused for a moment to taste and enjoy a mouthful of the wine in the jade jug, and then he smacked his lips with extreme satisfaction. “Tsk…tsk...I really do have to come looking for you to get good wine.”

“Cut the crap, the fine wine in your Heavenly Secret Pavilion has probably piled up into a mountain. Just be frank about what you came looking for me for. Beating around the bush isn’t like you.” Lei Shan seemed to have seen through Revelation, and he didn’t have the slightest intention of being polite.

“How could you say that. I missed my old friend I haven’t seen for a long time, and I just happened to pass by, so I naturally had to pay you a visit.” Revelation laughed slyly before pouring another mouthful of wine down his throat.

“Is it really like that? If it is, then I’ll take it seriously, and I won’t agree to anything you request of me.” When dealing with Revelation, Lei Shan was deeply aware of his weak spot.

“Don’t, don’t, please don’t. We’re both old friends, so I might suddenly think of something that I need your help with! It’s really hurtful to our relationship if you decide on it just like that.” Revelation couldn’t restrain himself any longer, and he moved over to Lei Shan’s side. Flattery was written all over his face.

“I know you would have gone to look for women if you had the time, so how could you have possibly thought of an old fellow like me? Tell me, what is it?” Lei Shan asked a second time.

Revelation’s expression suddenly became serious, and the speed it changed was comparable to Bai Xiaofei.

No wonder they were master and disciple!

It was really destined by fate…

“You still remember that kid, Longfei, right?” Revelation’s tone carried an indescribable feeling of sorrow, and even Lei Shan’s expression sank slightly when Revelation finished speaking.

“Could it be that you came this time because you have information about him? Didn’t you say even the Heavenly Secret Disk is unable to determine anything?”

“He’s dead.” 

A faint three words caused Lei Shan to instantly go silent. After a long time, Lei Shan’s gaze turned from sorrow to rage, and then he looked straight at Revelation.

“How do you know? How did he die?! Was he set up?!” Lei Shan held onto Revelation’s shoulder and became more agitated the more he spoke.

“His son told me. As for how he died, his son doesn’t know either.”

“His son?!” His rage instantly transformed into surprise, and Lei Shan’s mouth gaped to the point it would be easy to stuff a fist into it.

“Exactly, his son, and if nothing unexpected has happened, you’ve already met him. He’s surnamed Bai.” The last few words Revelation said could be said to be useless nonsense, but it reminded the surprised Lei Shan of a grinning face that instantly appeared in his mind.

“Bai Xiaofei?!”

“Exactly, my good disciple.” Revelation chuckled, and his grief from before vanished instantaneously when Bai Xiaofei was mentioned.

“Your disciple?!” 

As if he was deeply afraid of being unable to surprise Lei Shan, Revelation ceaselessly provided Lei Shan with shocking details. “Right, fate was on our side. He suffered an accident in the Infinite Mountain Range, and I just happened to rescue him. Coincidentally, I casually asked a few questions and noticed he was the son of that kid, Bai Longfei. After that, I decisively took him as my disciple. You didn’t see the deeply grateful expression he had at the time.” Revelation was like a chatterbox. Unfortunately, not a single word of his was true…

At this moment, Bai Xiaofei, who was far away in the Infinite Mountain Range, sneezed.

“Motherf*cker! Which bastard is f*cking cursing me!?”


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