Chapter 99 The Second Puppets! (Part 3)

After he sent away the young women from the second batch, the third batch walked in with grins on their faces, and the hearts of the members of the Savage Class who had yet to have their chance instantly rose to their throats.

This sort of feeling of anticipation was always capable of causing one to become extremely excited.

“Because there aren’t many pure-frost energy puppets, we don’t create them in bulk. I’ve only brought three puppets over this time.

“The Frost Chain. It carries the effect of frost strengthening, and its supplementary ability is the Icethorn Armor. It’s capable of creating an armor completely condensed from ice, and it reflects close-ranged attacks in the form of ice thorns.

“The Frost Gloves. They are created from the fur of a Frostwolf King, and they carry the effect of frost strengthening. Its supplementary ability is the Hand of Ice, and it’s capable of freezing anything that comes into contact with it.

“The Snow Queen’s Staff. It carries the effect of frost strengthening, and its supplementary ability is called Frost Rain. Once activated, it will summon frost arrows within a certain area around the user before attacking all enemies within its range. I personally recommend that you choose this one.”

Even though he was prepared from the beginning, Chen Hui couldn’t help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva when he heard Feng Wuhen’s introduction because it was the first time he’d seen so many violet-grade puppets, and he couldn’t control himself.

If it wasn’t for his arrival in the Savage Class, his Snowfreeze Pearl might have been the only violet-grade puppet he possessed in his entire lifetime…

“I want the second, Frost Gloves.” Chen Hui’s choice caused everyone to be slightly stunned, but no one could refute what he said next. “I want to make the puppet my mother left to me be my main offensive puppet forever. I won’t let it be replaced by a puppet of the same type.” 

Chen Hui’s eyes carried a trace of persistence, and it was the type of persistence that wouldn’t be swayed in the slightest.

“Spirited and filled with comradeship. Everyone from your Savage Class really is extraordinary,” Feng Wuhen said in a timely manner. His ability to flatter was comparable to Bai Xiaofei’s.

“Student from the Assassin Stream. I’ve brought over two puppets for you. Actually, there are numerous puppets for the Assassin Stream, but once I saw these two, I knew that you wouldn’t choose any others because to a certain extent, you can be said to be fortunate!”

Wang Hang had become a bit excited from Feng Wuhen’s introduction, and he looked in the direction Feng Wuhen pointed and saw a puppet core and a pair of simple, unadorned shoes.

“Shadowflash Shoes, the pride of the number one divine smith, Pi Nuocao. No more than three are created each year, and its effect is to flash towards the designated location and enter the Vanish state at the same time!”


One of the most fundamental abilities of an Assassin Stream puppet master was concealment, and there were a total of three types of concealment in the continent. They were respectively Imitation, Stealth, and Vanish.

Imitation was also called simulation, and the assassin avoided being seen by others by merging into the surroundings. The assassin’s movement speed while in this state, however, was normally very slow, so this was the most inferior type of concealment and the easiest to detect.

On the other hand, Stealth was when the assassin relied on various special objects to hide before launching a lethal attack at the appropriate moment!

Among the three types of concealment, the best was Vanish. Under the state of Vanish, it was basically impossible to detect the assassin. Moreover, the assassin could move freely while under this effect until the moment of attack!

Besides that, the Shadowflash Shoes didn’t just allow an assassin to enter the Vanish state, it carried the ability to flash, so it was really a bit too terrifying…

The shock on Wang Hang’s face clearly displayed all this, but this was merely his first shock.

“The Path of Assassins. This core carries the ability ‘The Path of Assassins’. After this ability is executed, you can choose a target, and the shields and armor worn by the target will lose all effect when you attack them. Moreover, it will provide a boost to your attack based on the shield and armors worn by the target. Once the assassination is complete, the Path of Assassins can be used on another person!”

“We’ll take both!” The person who spoke wasn’t Wang Hang but Bai Xiaofei who stood at the back. These two puppets allowed Bai Xiaofei to see the champion’s trophy of the New Student Competition.

Without any suspense, Wang Hang had instantly become the number one assassin among the new students! No one was capable of competing with him!

But no one noticed that Xue Ying, who sat at the back, couldn’t refrain from gulping down a mouthful of saliva…

After Wang Hang, the next to be called was Zhu Nuo, and the anxious girl bounced right off the sofa.

“You asked me to choose puppets with healing abilities, so I brought you the work of the divine smith, Bai Hua.

“The Dawnstar Crown. It carries the ability Divine Realm. All friendly troops you select within its range will obtain the effect of Starlight Blessing, and Starlight Blessing will continuously heal their injuries for five seconds.”

A single puppet caused Zhu Nuo to instantly become awesome!

After dealing with another three people, the final batch of young women walked in.

“Little sister from the Blitz Stream, your shoes are part of the Martial Goddess Set, so I’ve found a few others from the set, and you can choose one.”

As soon as he finished speaking, four young women revealed four puppets made of similar materials as Zhu Sisi’s shoes, and they were respectively a pair of bracers, light armor, a helmet, and a short sword.

Zhu Sisi seemed to have been prepared from the beginning, and she selected the bracers before Feng Wuhen could introduce them.

The Martial Goddess’s Bracers, and its effect, Shield Breaker!

Its supplementary ability was drag. It was capable of pulling the user to the target, and if the target’s body weighed less than the user, the target would be pulled over to the user instead!

After Zhu Sisi, Xing Nan finally welcomed his chance.

Unlike Zhu Sisi who was a little rich lady already possessing a violet-grade puppet, Xing Nan’s first puppet was only at the yellow grade, so the requirements he gave Feng Wuhen was a puppet core.

“Concentration, it can allow the might of your arrow to rise steadily to a limit of ten times its original might through accumulation of strength.

“Enlarge, it similarly relied on the accumulation of strength, but its effect is the opposite of Concentration. The origin energy arrow under the effect of Enlarge will increase in size and transform from a single-target attack to an area of effect type of attack.

“Erupt. It adds the effect of eruption to the arrows you release. After it hits its target, the arrow will explode, and the might of the explosion is dependent upon the amount of origin energy used in the arrow.”

Xing Nan fell into a dilemma as soon as Feng Wuhen finished introducing them.

Erupt was something he would surely pick, but the problem was whether he should choose the first or the second. One was a single-target attack, and the other targeted a group; this was a problem that all Ranged Stream puppet masters were conflicted about.

“Choose Enlarge. Fang Ye is sufficient for single-target attacks. Moreover, the penetration force of your arrows isn’t low already.” In the end, Bai Xiaofei gave a suggestion, and Xing Nan considered it briefly before agreeing.

Without Bai Xiaofei, he wouldn’t have had this chance to make a choice, so he had to think about the Savage Class as a whole in this moment.

After these two people were done, the last person remaining, Fang Ye, gulped down a mouthful of saliva. There was no need to mention that the last young woman surely carried his puppet!

“Little brother, guess who called me over when I went back to the headquarters and mentioned that I was looking for a second puppet for a Rifle Stream puppet master?” Feng Wuhen kept everyone guessing for the first time when he faced the final person, Fang Ye.

Fang Ye stared with eyes wide as he spat out a few words with trembling lips, “Nan…Nan Wusheng?”


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