Chapter 100 Lin Nishang’s Past

Feng Wuhen nodded lightly as soon as Fang Ye finished speaking, displaying affirmation.

“Who’s Nan Wusheng?” Bai Xiaofei asked another question, and Xue Ying was already unable to raise her head…

“Cough…cough…Big Brother Fei, that Nan Wusheng is the divine smith that invented rifle puppets, and he’s absolutely the person who understands rifle puppets the best.” Mo Ka patted Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder and didn’t trouble Feng Wuhen again because this common knowledge was too basic…

“Big Brother Feng, you’re really capable. You were actually able to obtain the puppets from so many divine smiths!” Bai Xiaofei laughed to conceal his embarrassment and then turned around to praise Feng Wuhen. But what he said was the truth.

A manager was able to come into contact with so many divine smiths. This meant that Feng Wuhen’s status in the Ethereal Pavilion was absolutely not low!

“How can I not know a few people while dawdling through my days?” Feng Wuhen laughed as he chose to skip this topic. At the same time, he removed the final red cloth, and a very uniform, rounded polygon was shockingly lying on the tray.

“A Charging Stone, an auxiliary puppet made specially for heavy rifle puppets. It can be charged every five seconds, and after it’s charged, the Charging Stone can provide origin energy for a rifle puppet to complete three successive attacks!”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone present stared with wide eyes.

The might of Fang Ye’s rifle puppet was really strong, yet it possessed a fatal weakness, the time between attacks was too long! Under normal circumstances with Fang Ye’s standard of origin energy, he needed at least ten seconds to complete a single activation of his puppet.

But if this Charging Stone was really so miraculous, Fang Ye would become a freak in terms of output!

Just imagine if Fang Ye immediately fired four times as soon as he entered the battlefield, which puppet master beneath the Grandmaster Rank could resist it?

In any case, Xue Ying felt she was unable to achieve it.

But if Fang Ye really made the Charging Stone his second puppet, then he would lose the opportunity to choose to be more maneuverable. Being a puppet master using a rifle puppet, he would absolutely be the target of all his opponents, and if the Charging Stone were to be exposed, Fang Ye would probably be pursued by the entire enemy force.

However, Fang Ye didn’t hesitate in the slightest and directly walked over before putting away the Charging Stone.

“I believe my teammates will protect me properly, so long as they don’t fall, I’ll be able to shoot without worry!” Fang Ye’s face revealed a trace of persistence, and his gaze swept past all his classmates before finally stopping at Bai Xiaofei.

“F*ck! Don’t look at me! I won’t be a meat shield for you, but I think Shi Kui is suitable for this job!” Sure enough, Bai Xiaofei didn’t disappoint the others, as usual…

“Right, little brother. I’m very curious, why did the three of you not come select puppets from me?” Feng Wuhen looked at Bai Xiaofei and the others as he spoke because he didn’t intend to let go this final opportunity to earn money.

“About this…Wu Chi is a Martial Artist, I always thought I wouldn’t be able to control a second puppet, and Lin Li was waiting for me.” Bai Xiaofei explained the situation in a few short words, and Feng Wuhen revealed a smile.

It’s fine so long as all of you aren’t against buying a puppet!

“If it’s a Martial Artist, it isn’t impossible to buy some equipment.” Feng Wuhen smiled and looked towards a nearby young woman. “Bring out Windslash from within the storehouse.” 

The young woman agreed then left with the other young women. Wu Chi, who originally thought he’d only come to watch the show, approached him in delight.

“There’s something I can use?!”

“It isn’t that Martial Artists don’t possess origin energy, it’s that they are unable to establish contracts with puppets. My Ethereal Pavilion has recently researched a method to fix an ability to a weapon. Even though it carries great limitations, it’s much more outstanding than ordinary weapons.” Feng Wuhen had just finished speaking when the young woman who’d just left returned. She didn’t bring in a tray this time, but the storage ring on her hand flashed, causing a claymore that was more than half a person’s height to pierce into the ground.

“This claymore, Windslash, is constructed completely from the hardest refined metals in the continent. It’s 40kgs in weight and carries the ability sharpness. After origin energy is poured into it, the sharpness of the sword will increase greatly. But the amount of origin energy is a bit large, so it must be used cautiously.” 

Wu Chi completely disregarded what Feng Wuhen said at the end. What a joke, why would a possessor of the Heavenly Origin Physique worry about possessing insufficient origin energy!?

As he held the claymore, Wu Chi tried swinging it about, and he swung the 40kg sword both vigorously and energetically.

Afterwards, Wu Chi was so fond of the claymore that he couldn’t bear to part with it. He gazed eagerly at Bai Xiaofei.

“Don’t look at me like that. I don’t play with men. Go ask Fang Ye because he manages the money.” As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Wu Chi used the same gaze to look at Fang Ye, and his attitude seemed as if he would sleep with Fang Ye if Fang Ye didn’t agree…

“There’s enough money, there is! Big Brother Wu, don’t look at me like that. I don’t play with men either!” Fang Ye, who wanted to cry yet had no tears, caused everyone to roar with laughter. 

Wu Chi on the other hand was completely immune to everyone’s reactions, and he embraced Windslash like he was embracing his wife and then went to go hide in the corner.

“Little Brother, what about the two of you?” After he obtained another sum of wealth, Feng Wuhen looked at Bai Xiaofei once again.

“I’m an Illusion Stream puppet master, so I hope that my second puppet is of the same stream, whereas Lin Li is of the Energy—” Bai Xiaofei hadn’t finished speaking when Feng Wuhen instantly widened his eyes and stared at Lin Li.

“Lin Li?! You’re that Lin Li whom everyone’s talking about?! The Angelic Maiden’s daughter?!” Feng Wuhen had always been calm, but he instantly became excited. If it wasn’t for his considerations towards his manners, he would have absolutely pounced over at this moment.

But Bai Xiaofei was able to discern that Feng Wuhen didn’t carry thoughts that he shouldn’t possess, and it was pure excitement.

“Yes,” Lin Li replied in a light voice then looked at Feng Wuhen with a slightly bewildered expression.

“Can you let me see your Divine Phoenix Feather Dress?” Feng Wuhen probed with a gaze that carried a trace of anticipation. Lin Li looked at Bai Xiaofei, and she only mobilized her origin energy after Bai Xiaofei lightly nodded.

Along with a flash of golden light, the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress replaced Lin Li’s clothes. Even though it wasn’t the first time Bai Xiaofei and the others had seen it, they couldn’t help but be stunned for a few seconds each time they saw Lin Li transform.

How could there be such a perfect appearance in the world?!

“It really…really is…the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress!” Feng Wuhen muttered, and he only recovered from his shock after Lin Li withdrew her puppet.

“Young Miss Lin, please wait a moment!” Feng Wuhen suddenly said this without reason or rhyme, and then he charged out before returning again after about two minutes had passed. Moreover, there was a beautiful antique box in his hand.

“Thirteen years ago, I received orders to escort a batch of precious puppets, but someone had leaked the information, causing an entire branch of the Heavenbreaker Bandit Group’s forces to lie in ambush when we passed the boundaries of a kingdom. Our forces were quickly killed to the point only a few remained, but right at that moment, the Angelic Maiden descended from the heavens and killed everyone from the bandit group in the blink of an eye!” As Feng Wuhen spoke, his voice carried a trace of excitement, and he seemed as if he’d returned to that time all those years ago.

“I originally intended to thank her on the spot, but the Angelic Maiden didn’t give me a chance at all. But I remembered it in my heart. At that time, I saw a young girl around the age of three or four by her side, so I requested Divine Smith Huo Qianxing to prepare this as soon as I returned.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Feng Wuhen opened up the beautiful box…


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