Chapter 98 The Second Puppets! (Part 2)

“The Floating Blade!” Bai Xiaofei didn’t hesitate in the slightest because he’d decided as soon as he’d finished listening to Feng Wuhen’s introduction. Not to mention anything else, Bai Xiaofei had already thought of how to utilize this thing during the New Student Competition.

It was absolutely a great strategic weapon!

After hesitating for a long time, Mo Ka ultimately chose to believe in Bai Xiaofei. Even though Bai Xiaofei usually liked to trick others, Bai Xiaofei had never been careless before important matters, and Mo Ka was confident in this.

After Mo Ka withdrew himself from the selection, the three young women standing before Shi Kui raised the red cloth on their trays to reveal three extremely overbearing puppets. Each puppet emanated a silver metallic sheen causing it to seem as if it was of very high quality. The puppets were respectively a helmet, a body armor, and a pair of gauntlets that completely covered the hand.

“All the second puppets of a Puppetsmith are related to strength. The only difference is the location of the puppet, and this depends on your own preference. All these three puppets carry the effect of strength and defensive improvements.”

“Violet-grade puppets only possess two simple effects?” Before Shi Kui could make any comment, as his roommate and sworn brother, Mo Ka couldn’t accept this because he felt such an effect was something fit for a blue-grade puppet.

Feng Wuhen, however, seemed to have been prepared for Mo Ka’s reaction.

“Young student, don’t compare the ‘improvement’ I speak of with the effects of those low-grade puppets. The main material of these three puppets is rare heavy silver found deep within the ocean. Even if no origin energy is poured into them, their defensive strength is comparable to an ordinary yellow-grade puppet. Moreover, heavy silver from deep within the ocean carries an extremely good conductivity and amplification for origin energy. So, these three things can bring forth the effects I spoke of to the limit.” Feng Wuhen paused for a moment. “Have you heard of the saying, all is crushed before absolute strength?”

As someone part of the audience, Shi Kui gulped down a mouthful of saliva before walking directly towards the gauntlets flickering with silver radiance.

“I’ll take this one!” Shi Kui gave the final word, and since he’d already made a choice, there was nothing for the others to say.

Subsequently, the last three young women revealed the items on their trays. Surprisingly, they were three fist-sized, shuttle-shaped crystals.

Once again, Bai Xiaofei was stunned. He didn’t recognize these things, but he could be sure they were absolutely not puppets.

“Puppet Cores. After an animate or inanimate puppet is destroyed, it will leave behind a core containing records of all information related to it. This sort of core usually possesses three types of uses. The first is to be refined into a one-time-use tool capable of discharging the original ability of the puppet once.

“The second is to allow animate puppets to evolve. Animate puppets are able to increase the speed of their growth by eating it, and to a certain extent, it will provide some benefits to the puppet master.

“The final type is to become the second core of another inanimate puppet. Moreover, it will perfectly transfer its ability over to the other inanimate puppet. It is very simple to utilize; just place it close to your existing puppet after you’ve established a contract with it.”

Zhu Nuo withdrew herself when Feng Wuhen spoke up to here.

She chose to possess a second puppet, not to have this sort of improvement for a single puppet. The person who wanted a puppet core was Duan Yiyi.

“What abilities do these three cores carry?” After another month had passed, Duan Yiyi’s habit of becoming shy for no reason had almost been completely rectified, and it wasn’t a problem for her to communicate normally with another now.

“The first carries the ability Rousing. It’s capable of eliminating stun-type controlling effects within its area of effect. At the same time, it can strengthen one’s resistance towards illusions.

“The second carries the ability Frenzy. Three targets can be simultaneously designated to enter a frenzied state. Under this state, origin energy circulates at a 30% increased speed, movement speed is increased by 30%, and the target will be able to disregard ordinary controlling effects.

“The third carries the ability Flicker. It allows you to teleport within a certain area. But it needs to be recharged with origin energy before each use, and it takes five seconds to charge.”

Originally, Duan Yiyi would have had to experience a difficult choice because it was too difficult to choose between Frenzy and Flicker if she had to choose one of the three. To a Support Stream puppet master, abilities that could protect their lives were very important, but what she needed the most right now was a team buff.

But Duan Yi’yi could control three puppets now!

“I choose Frenzy and Flicker,” Duan Yiyi said. Feng Wuhen was first stunned but then revealed a smile.

“Congratulations, congratulations! I never expected you’d be able to control a third puppet so quickly.” His flattery caused Duan Yiyi’s beautiful face to flush. She put away the puppet cores before slowly walking back to where she had stood.

“The first batch has come to an end. Next will be the second batch.” Feng Wuhen, already able to see commission enter his pocket, was in an excellent mood, and his efficiency increased greatly.

The eight young women withdrew themselves before six more replaced them.

“We only found a single puppet related to a Frostooth Tiger because such specific puppets have always been scarce.” Feng Wuhen’s face carried a slightly apologetic expression as he removed the red cloth on the tray held by the first young woman.

An ice-blue dagger the size of an infant’s arm lay on the tray.

“The Frostooth Tiger’s Bite was refined from two sharp teeth of a Frostooth Tiger. Its effect is ice element strengthening, and it disregards fire attribute defensive shields.”

There was no choice this time, but Qi Wei was still very excited. Just as Feng Wuhen had said, if he didn’t get this from their headquarters, it was very likely that Qi Wei would be unable to find a suitable second puppet.

“The next three are for this student from the Onslaught Stream, and I feel these three puppets are much more suitable for you.” As he spoke, Feng Wuhen revealed three puppets that were fiery red in color.

“Blaze Armor, it’s capable of improving the destructive force of the fire attribute, and it weakens ice attribute attacks by 50%. Moreover, it carries an ability called Blaze Shield, which creates a fire attribute shield upon activation. The shield can burn nearby enemies and be detonated at any moment, causing a fire attribute area affect blast.

“Gauntlets, the Firegod’s Grasp. Once it comes into contact with an enemy, it can send fire attribute energy into the enemy’s body to disrupt the opponent’s origin energy circulation, causing the person’s origin energy to fall into a paralyzed state.

“Accessory, Divine Flame Blessing. Eighty percent of flame attribute damage is negated upon equipping it, and it’s capable of absorbing fire attribute attacks before converting it into origin energy that is returned to the user.”

After he finished introducing the puppets, Xu Chen hesitated for half a second before choosing the Blaze Armor and Firegod’s Grasp.

Since she was from the Onslaught Stream, she intended to be on the assault until the end!

As for defense, she could just leave it to her teammates! It wasn’t in the scope of her consideration at all!

“Finally, it’s these two brothers. Because both of you requested puppets with the main objective of increasing the grade of your existing puppets, I chose high-energy cores for you. As for the effects of these cores, it’s only mediocre.”

The contents of the last two trays was revealed, and two exactly similar cores lay there.

“These two cores carry the ability to attract. They are capable of changing the direction of a ranged attack to a certain extent and force it to strike towards the user. But, I don’t know what ability it will possess once both of your puppet’s combine.”

One of the charms of combination puppets was its uncertainty, and every single improvement to the puppet was a gamble for the puppet master.

But this was never a losing gamble, and up until this date, there hadn’t been news of any combination that was inferior to the original ability.

Ming One and Ming Two received the cores with excitement. This was already rather difficult for them to come by because if they hadn’t encountered Bai Xiaofei, their blue-grade puppets would at most be able to be improved to the yellow-grade.

But with these two cores, it was very likely for their puppets to directly advance to the peak of the yellow-grade!

With the two brothers becoming fully satisfied and content, the selection of the second batch of puppets came to an end!


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