Chapter 640: Over?

Chapter 640: Over?

Upon finishing his speech, An Yue bowed deeply to the audience. The next second, there were sounds of movement echoing in the square. When An Yue looked up, he saw everyone was bowing towards him.

“They’re waiting for you. You’re not going to say anything?” reminded Bai Xiaofei from behind as An Yue was stunned speechless by the scene in front of him.

Returning to his wits, An Yue blinked and gulped with difficulty.

“Everyone… please get up.”

The people straightened up one by one. No one spoke or applauded, but everyone could feel the emotion seeping out from the silence.

“I believe that you already have an answer.”

Just when An Yue felt lost with the atmosphere, An Bang Ting came up and put his arm around his shoulder.

“We will conduct an open vote in a while. To ensure the absolute honesty of this, we’ll be using the registration method!” announced An Bang Ting.

Young eunuchs arrived at the square carrying huge boxes and set them in various spots. The voting that made the three princes extremely nervous then began.

Bai Xiaofei sat there without much interest in the so-called voting. As far as he could see, the result was already obvious.

After the voting finished, announcement and counting of votes were conducted at the respective voting areas and therefore didn’t take too long. When the final result was sent to An Bang Ting, An Ye trembled uncontrollably.

“No matter who inherits the throne in the end, I hope you will be kind to your brothers. I don’t want to see my family hurting one another. Can you guys do it?” An Bang Ting solemnly looked at his three sons.

“This child will live up to Father’s expectations!” replied the three in unison.

An Bang Ting nodded with satisfaction.

“An Ye, come,” he called.

An Ye’s face instantly filled with delight, while An Yue and An Feng’s hearts sank to the bottom.

“You have great talent for the military. Take this token. From today, you are the deputy leader of our Tranquil Peace Protecting Corps. You can report to the corps tomorrow. I hope you won’t let me down.”

The instant An Bang Ting finished his words, An Ye’s smile solidified on his face. The huge gap in expectation was a little too overwhelming.

“Thank your father.” Bai Xiaofei’s faint voice woke An Ye.

Hearing this, An Ye broke out in a cold sweat and quickly said, “Thank you, Father!” He received the token and hurriedly kowtowed before returning to his original position.

“An Feng,” An Bang Ting resumed.

This time, the one being summoned showed no excitement at all but felt rather desperate.

“I will allocate a sum of money from the national treasury to you. Go to the south and set up a merchant group in the name of our royal family. The officials there will cooperate with you. Don’t let me down,” said An Bang Ting. The eunuch next to him handed over a document, which was affixed with the Royal Jade Seal by An Bang Ting before being handed to An Feng.

“Thank you, Father!” Without needing anyone to remind him, An Feng quickly accepted the items. As he retreated, the final result became obvious.

“Come, what are you waiting for?” An Bang Ting’s serious expression turned into a bright smile.

“Yes!” An Yue, who was carried away by happiness, ran to An Bang Ting. The latter led him onto the high platform.

“I declare the Sixth Prince, An Yue, the new emperor of Tranquil from today on!!!” An Bang Ting’s voice echoed.

The next second, fireworks and ribbons were launched into the sky and the audience cheered in joy. A grand ceremony began with An Yue putting on the crown.

Halfway through the banquet, a half-drunk An Bang Ting suddenly shouted, “Men, bring those two prisoners!”

Everyone’s heart tensed, while Bai Xiaofei narrowed his eyes. There was only one possibility if An Bang really had those two people brought here at this time: He was going to fulfill his promise.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the two imprisoned ‘evil spawns’ to be taken over and dragged to the high platform.

“Tributes have not been arranged for today’s enthronement, that is because we have these two people to sacrifice to Heaven!” An Bang Ting announced, and everyone looked to the said duo. “Hundreds of lives were lost to their evil practice. For such a tragedy, this is my explanation to you all!”

As soon as An Bang Ting finished, two guards drew their blades and chopped down without hesitation! When the two heads fell to the ground, Bai Xiaofei could clearly feel their Master Rank energy fluctuate and quickly dissipate.

They were really beheaded…

However, from his angle, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t see that the two men hadn’t had any fear when they were about to be executed. Instead, on their faces was a kind of unflinching, lofty calm to die for a grand belief!

The people responded fervently, and many even cried in joy. Seeing this, Bai Xiaofei’s doubt faded a little.

“I know you never believed me.”

When An Bang Ting came back, he didn’t return to his seat but took the seat opposite Bai Xiaofei.

“But I think you will believe what a dying man says.” An Bang Ting off the intricate jade ring on his finger. “The Downwind Boat you want is in here. In addition to it, I also placed 10,000 origin stones inside. I hope it can be of some help to you. Thank you, Brother Bai, for helping Tranquil gain a good heir.”

An Bang Ting then smiled. His aura dimmed quickly and he suddenly looked like he had aged a dozen years.

“If An Yue is not such a person at heart, I wouldn’t have been able to teach him to be that way. You should thank yourself.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t touch the jade ring but continued chatting with An Bang Ting. “Are you really going to end yourself like this?”

There was a hint of doubt on his face. He had seen suicidal people, An Bang Ting looked too different from them.

“The arrow has been nocked, there’s no reason not to shoot. And if I live, Yue’er will be greatly restrained,” An Bang Ting said and waved his hand to call An Yue over. “Yue’er, give your teacher and his ladies a toast. You may not be able to see them again after they leave.”

An Yue immediately picked up the wine bottle on the table, but unfortunately the wine had just been drained by Bai Xiaofei.

“I’ll go get more wine.”

Soon, he ran back and poured wine for everyone, himself included.

“Thank you very much, Teacher. This student will forever remember you!”

With that, An Yue drained his cup…

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