Chapter 99: Catching the True Murderer

Deng Zhongming was also a middle-aged divorcee who lived in his own paint shop. Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue and Lin Qiupu’s team rushed over. Lin Qiupu got out of his car and looked at Chen Shi. "It’s eleven o'clock right now. If you made a mistake or if the guy’s not here, then I’ve won this bet. I told you that you were too reckless with the gamble this time. I told you that even the best police officers can’t solve the case in such a short time, let alone an amateur like you.”

Chen Shi replied, "Perhaps the God of Luck is still on my side this time?"

"Is the God of Luck your aunt? Standing on your side every time. Hmph, I won’t believe it… I’m sure that bastard is on the run.”

"Impossible, there will be a guild war fight tonight. He must log in today."

Lin Dongxue scorned, "You two are really stupid. You guys are so serious even though it’s just a bet like this. I finally know why two middle-aged men can play games and kill people. It turns out that men are all like this."

With that said, their eyes fell on Tao Yueyue who came with Chen Shi. Tao Yueyue shouted towards Chen Shi, "Dad! When can we go home to sleep?"

"Huh, dad?" Lin Dongxue was shocked into letting her mouth hang open. "She is your-"

"Don't listen to her. This little girl is just being naughty. She is the child of my friend. I’m taking care of her for a bit." Chen Shi explained.

Lin Dongxue still didn’t believe him. However, looking at Chen Shi and at Tao Yueyue, they didn’t seem to look alike. 

Tao Yueyue took Chen Shi to the side and whispered, "Is that auntie your crush?"

"Don't talk nonsense!" Chen Shi nervously responded.

"I can keep your secret, but there is a price to pay~"

Chen Shi reluctantly bargained, "At noon tomorrow, I’ll take you to Pizza Hut."

Tao Yueyue smiled and stretched out her pinkie finger to make a pinkie promise with Chen Shi.

The police officers kept all the entrances and exits monitored, and Lin Qiupu pulled out the lockpicking tools and opened the padlock. Then, they slowly opened the rolling shutters. The police went in one by one. Inside the shop, it was pretty dim and only had light shining through the windows. The police didn’t turn on any lights and Lin Qiupu gestured for the officers to search the area. 

The paint shop was not very big. There wasn’t any place to hide. Lin Qiupu was preparing to diss Chen Shi when Chen Shi raised his finger to his lips to ask for silence. Then, he used his thumb to point to the shelf next to him.  

When listening carefully, the sound of movement could be heard behind the shelf.

Chen Shi called Lin Qiupu to help and removed the shelf with him. They found a downward ladder that led to a basement downstairs.  

The team climbed down with the flashlights on their phones. As they continued to go down, there was a burst of sound from the basement of a person hitting the keys on a keyboard. There was a glimmer of light coming out from the door in front of them. They walked in and saw a middle-aged man sitting in front of the screen. His stressed face was illuminated and two lines of tears were streaming down his face.

"Deng Zhongming!" Lin Qiupu shouted.

The middle-aged man did not pay attention to him, so Chen Shi shouted, "The Mad Sea Dragon’s Roar!"

The middle-aged man raised his head and had an odd look of tranquility, as if he was expecting this. He put up five fingers. "Five minutes, I need to say goodbye to the brothers."

He turned on his voice chat. "Brothers, I know that this might have come suddenly, but I want to quit this game... When will I come back? I won’t be coming back. So from now, the guild will rely on you guys. Remember to continue onwards and upwards. Try to get the top rank for our guild next year... I was very happy to be with you all. Really!” He cried. Then, he closed the game with trembling hands and lit up a cigarette.

Chen Shi raised his eyebrows at Lin Qiupu. Lin Qiupu said, "You’re just a low-life who thinks he attained power!"

Then, he took out his handcuffs and threw it on the table. "Come and put those on yourself."

"How did you guys find me so fast? I thought that it would take you a while to find out the truth." 

"Hey, listening to your tone, it seems you’re already mentally prepared?"

"He deserved it. Who told him to humiliate me repeatedly? When I did this, I was already aware of the consequences and mentally prepared myself. Not only did I get things off my chest, but I also won the city over. It was worth it." Deng Zhongming exhaled a puff of his cigarette and closed his eyes to relive his night’s victory. 

Lin Dongxue frowned and narrowed her eyes. "How old are you? You actually killed someone over a game?”

"Please pay attention to your tone. I’m not about to be educated by a kid like you. I am Mad Sea Dragon’s Roar. I am one of the best players on the whole server. Do you have any idea how many people look up to me?!"

Hearing this madman shouting at Lin Dongxue, Lin Qiupu immediately fumed. He stepped over and cuffed him. He cautioned, “I need to remind you that you are now the lead suspect of a murder. Pay attention to your attitude! Let's go!"

"If you’re here to arrest someone, then arrest them. What’s the point in being so angry? If we’re talking about age, I can be your father... Ow! Ow!"

"What happened?"

"My legs! My legs!"

It turned out that Deng Zhongming’s legs were not good. He picked up a cane that allowed him to walk. Chen Shi noticed the size and length of the cane and questioned, “Is this the murder weapon?”

Deng Zhongming looked down at the cane and explained, "I didn't intend to kill him. I wanted to teach the old boy a lesson. Who thought that he would drown... Haii, he really deserved it!"

"It seems you won’t repent until you die. Let’s go!" Lin Qiupu shouted.

When they brought him out, Deng Zhongming looked back at his shop for the last time. "Will my account be confiscated?"

Chen Shi said to Lin Qiupu, "His game account is full of money. There may be around a million. This should be considered personal property, right? I’m guessing the court will auction it off."

"That's good." Deng Zhongming seemed to be relieved. "Only a person who has the financial means to buy this account will be qualified to inherit my name. Hahaha, even if I am in prison, the Mad Sea Dragon’s Roar will still come back."

Lin Qiupu handed him over to his subordinates and stuffed him into a police car. Lin Qiupu seethed, "I really wanted to hit him."

Lin Dongxue chimed in, "Same! He’s completely psychotic."

Chen Shi looked at his watch. "It’s 11:20pm; it took seven hours to solve the crime. Is that fast? Did it break your records?"

Lin Qiupu said indignantly, "Don’t act so full of yourself. That was just luck.”

"I hope Captain Lin won’t be a sore loser."

Lin Qiupu glared at him uncomfortably. "Let’s go team."

When they were arresting the person, Peng Sijue was temporarily looking after Tao Yueyue. When Chen Shi went back to pick her up, Peng Sijue said empathetically, "Some people look very ordinary, but there is an unspeakable identity underneath their false face and persona."

As he was saying this, Peng Sijue’s eyes were nailed to Chen Shi’s face.

"Why is Captain Peng so emotional today? It's not like you." Chen Shi looked back fearlessly.

"Hmph!" Peng Sijue took out a pack of cigarettes and shook one out for Chen Shi.

Chen Shi reached out when he found that it was a pack of Zhong Nanhai. His fingers paused in the air for a few seconds. Peng Sijue said, "This is my friend's favourite brand of cigarettes. I was influenced by him to smoke."

Chen Shi’s reached over to the cigarettes and took one. “I’ve never smoked this brand before.”

"Oh really?" Peng Sijue sneered.

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