Chapter 907: I'm Song Lang

The people who arrived were Chen Shi, kk, and Lin Dongxue. Seeing them, Tao Yueyue's tight nerves finally relaxed and she almost started to cry. Lin Dongxue squatted down and hugged Tao Yueyue, crying with joy, "It’s great that you’re okay."

Tao Yueyue couldn't help it anymore. She crawled up and rested her head on Lin Dongxue’s shoulder before bursting into tears.

Over the past two days, Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue had almost gone crazy. The second team sent a new strict and impartial captain. He didn’t condone the consultant’s "messing around" like Lin Qiupu, and he refused to allow Chen Shi to intervene in this case. Furthermore, the new captain was still investigating the murder of Lie Guoxiao. It wasn’t the job of the criminal police to find a missing girl.

For this reason, Lin Dongxue almost resigned, but didn’t thanks to Chen Shi's persuasion.

Chen Shi could only find Tao Yueyue with kk and Sun Zhen. When they were at a loss, Chen Shi received a call that afternoon. It rang three times and then hung up. He called back and found that it was turned off.

Even if the mobile phone was turned off, the PIN code could be used to track the location of where the phone was turned off. Thus, they followed this lead and found the place where Zhou Xiao parked. Through the nearby surveillance footage, Chen Shi painfully searched for several days before finally seeing the image of Tao Yueyue. He had been so full of worry and almost cried out.

Lin Dongxue begged the second team for help. After getting off work, everyone followed this car with all their strength until they heard the gunshots from the villa. That’s why they appeared there...

"Yueyue, you’ve been wronged." Chen Shi patted Tao Yueyue's head. There were a thousand words in his heart, but he didn't know where to start. He reached out and took the pistol from her hands.

Zhou Xiao laughed wildly. "Dignified detective. In the end, you relied on a little girl to catch me. Hurry and give me a cigarette!"

"She’s not an ordinary little girl. Zhou Xiao, you found the wrong person..." Chen Shi took out a whole pack of cigarettes from his body. "Throw the gun next to you over."

Zhou Xiao slid the gun on the ground and caught the cigarettes and lighter thrown over by Chen Shi. He couldn't wait to bite it open with his teeth, and tremblingly grabbed one. The turbid smoke was inhaled into his lungs, and he was in so much bliss that even his toes were trembling. Chen Shi took out a pair of handcuffs. "You better cooperate a little bit, or your injury will cause you to die."

Zhou Xiao rolled his eyes to look at Chen Shi and whispered, "I will never tell the police the truth from back then. I will never fucking talk. Let's be done together! Song Lang!"

Chen Shi smiled frankly. "I thought about such a day a long time ago." He looked over at Tao Yueyue. "It doesn't matter whether I live or die anymore. Song Lang already has the best successor."

Zhou Xiao was stabbed in his heart by jealousy. He put out the cigarette on his hand and said, "She was originally ours. The teacher had long since taken a liking to her."

Chen Shi looked at him with complicated eyes. He wouldn’t understand this man who had been in the dark side for too long.

There were sirens outside and other policemen were rushing in. Zhou Xiao was handcuffed and escorted to the hospital by two policemen for treatment.

When she left the building, Tao Yueyue found that the man and woman were still asleep in the master bedroom. They didn't even feel the series of earth-shattering events that happened outside.

That rich woman was really unlucky. Later, surveillance footage showed that she woke up from passing out and saw the hitman come in. She thought it was the person she called to teach the adulterers a lesson, so she greeted the hitman. The killer shot her in the temple without saying a word and then used a knife to stab her a few times for measure.

Tao Yueyue said to Lin Dongxue, "Sister Lin, her husband hired Zhou Xiao to kill her."

"We’ll investigate each incident one by one later on." Lin Dongxue stroked her head. "Are you hungry?"

"Hungry, but there’s still an important thing that needs to be done." Tao Yueyue said solemnly, then turned her head and shouted, "Uncle Chen!"

Tao Yueyue let go of Lin Dongxue's hand and stepped forward to hug Chen Shi. This long-awaited hug gave her warm strength. Tears flowed down again. She said, "Sorry! I’ve caused you such a big trouble. "

"Silly child. When you encounter things in the future, don't avoid it. I’m not a good role model for that."

Tao Yueyue suddenly realized that she had miscalculated and said in horror, "Should I have just defended myself and beat him to death? Otherwise, regarding your business, he’ll..."

Chen Shi wiped away the tears for her. "No, you did the right thing. He deserves to be judged. The truth about everything should be revealed."

He said to Lin Dongxue, "I will ask you to take care of Yueyue during this period of time."

"Huh, where are you going?" Lin Dongxue looked puzzled.

Chen Shi smiled. Tao Yueyue realized something, took his hand, and pleaded, "No, no, no! Don't leave me!"

"Yueyue, I can't avoid this any longer."

As he walked outside, the police were excited about the arrest of the wanted criminal. Chen Shi suddenly said loudly, "Everyone, you have another wanted criminal to be arrested tonight!"

"What? Does Zhou Xiao have an accomplice?"

Chen Shi said, "The wanted criminal Song Lang, formerly the captain of the second team of the Long'an Criminal Police, who was suspected of shooting and killing two police officers. Four years ago, he underwent cosmetic surgery and escaped the pursuit with another face..."

Everyone looked surprised and puzzled. Tao Yueyue couldn't bear it and covered her mouth. Lin Dongxue frowned, as if she had understood something already.

Chen Shi took a deep breath and stretched out his hands to wait for the handcuffs to come. "I’m Song Lang!"

At the moment when he said this, Chen Shi felt dizzy as if he was directly facing the scorching sun, but the pressure that had been accumulating in his heart for such a long time dissipated in an instant.

"No way!"

"How could Brother Chen be..."

The police blew up in commotion. Tao Yueyue hugged Lin Dongxue and started crying. The occurrence of this scene made her feel more pain than what she had experienced these past few days.

No one stepped forward to handcuff Chen Shi. Old Zhang said in disbelief, "You really are Captain Song?! Captain Song, in that case, many old team members thought that someone was trying to frame you, but you couldn't explain it clearly, so you had to hide."


"It must be so!"

Many people echoed in agreement. After getting along for such a long time, everyone knew of Chen Shi's character. Whether it was Chen Shi or Song Lang, they didn't believe he’d be a murderer.

Chen Shi shook his head and smiled bitterly. "Old Zhang, I won't say anything to defend myself. I am just a criminal suspect now. Please investigate this case. I will put my life in the hands of you all."

Old Zhang walked up to Chen Shi, looked at the stubbornly outstretched hands, and couldn't bear it. "Captain Song, you don't need to wear handcuffs!"

"Follow the rules."

Old Zhang sighed, looked at the crowd, took out the handcuffs, and put them on Chen Shi.

When he sat in the police car, Chen Shi smiled gently at Tao Yueyue. That small smile shattered her heart.


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