Chapter 906: Catching The Wolf

The person below hadn't seen her yet. Tao Yueyue took a deep breath while thinking. The enemies were two gunmen. The most sensible method was to find a place to hide first and then call the police after Zhou Xiao was killed by them.

But she wasn’t reconciled with the ending being like this. Something inside her had been awakened, and she was insistent on sending Zhou Xiao, who killed her mother, Gu You, and countless other people, to court. Even if she had to rescue him from the clutches of the hitmen right now.

Thinking carefully, there were many things that could be used here. She could set up some traps.

Thus, Tao Yueyue walked into a room and looked around for things to use. A set of strategies gradually formed in her mind. When everything was prepared, she folded a clothes hanger into the shape of a plug, and her hand was covered with a thick insulating layer.

Then, she inserted it into the socket on the wall. The short circuit fried the electronics of the entire villa and plunged them into darkness.

The hitman downstairs saw that the surroundings suddenly went dark and used his radio to confirm the situation with his companion. His companion didn’t answer. Hence, he turned on a flashlight and walked upstairs.

As he walked to the second floor, the hitman suddenly found that a rope twisted out of a cloth was hidden on the steps insidiously. One side was tied to the handrail and the other passed through the rails on the second floor and into the hands of a small, black figure.

Hitman A sneered. There were still people who used such a naive method of tripping horses with a rope?![1]

He shot at the opponent, and the person ran away when she saw it was going poorly. From the figure, it seemed that it was a child.

Based on their profession, people who had seen their true identities naturally couldn’t be left alive.

The hitman went to the second floor, taking extra care at every step, for fear of another trap. He noticed a door that hadn’t closed entirely in front of him, so he stretched out his hand to push the door open, maintaining a high level of alertness.

Suddenly, something fell on the top of his head. The hitman stepped back and a weird water ball smacked on the ground. A closer look and he could see that it was a condom filled with liquid. It was another naive method again.

Just as he was fortunate to have escaped the catastrophe, suddenly, a flame with the smell of pyrethrum blew out from the door, instantly singing his eyebrows. He screamed in pain as he stepped back, waving his hand to disperse the flame.

This was a temporary flamethrower that Tao Yueyue had made with a lighter and insect repellent. It was also the last trick up her sleeve. Although she had the upper hand for the time being, she was still scared to death. The other party had a gun in his hand.

Seeing that the time was right, Tao Yueyue threw what was in her hand, took out a baseball bat from behind her, and swiped it at the man's knee.

The opponent fell heavily to the ground. His face was burnt black, and his sight hadn’t recovered. He cursed and stretched out his pistol, but he received a heavy blow to his wrist and dropped the pistol.

Tao Yueyue beat him fiercely with a baseball bat until he stopped moving and quickly kicked the pistol away before grabbing it.

At this moment, she was incredibly excited. She couldn't believe that the traps she made all by herself actually worked. In the end, hitmen were also human beings.

She tried the pistol and fired a shot at the wall. A hole appeared in the wall instantly, and the recoil shook her wrist, causing a fair amount of pain.

She turned her gun to the person on the ground, and the hitman covered his face with both hands in embarrassment, pleading, "Don't kill me!"

Tao Yueyue pointed the gun at his knee. When she pulled the trigger, the killer made a howling sound, holding his knee as he trembled. Tao Yueyue marveled at the lethality of the gun. A few grams of metal could actually render a person useless.

The shot was just forced out of necessity, and she vowed that she would never shoot anyone again.

Next, it was time to find Zhou Xiao...

She unscrewed the silencer and walked in the dark corridor with her gun. There was a little movement in the room at the very end. Tao Yueyue took a deep breath and kicked the door open. She saw Zhou Xiao covered in blood, bending over to grab the pistol from the hitman’s corpse.

Tao Yueyue pointed the gun at his back. "Don't move, I will shoot!"

Zhou Xiao maintained that posture and said, "Cut it out..."

Tao Yueyue fired a shot at the ceiling. The sound made both of them almost deaf. This really shocked Zhou Xiao. He turned his face and looked at Tao Yueyue in both hatred and surprise. Tao Yueyue noticed that his left arm was hanging down, dripping blood the whole time.

"Shoot me to death if you can!" Zhou Xiao provocatively hooked his finger at her.

"I’ll shoot your hands and feet, but I won’t kill you!" Tao Yueyue threatened, and the anger that had accumulated across many days spewed out like steam from a teapot.

"Tao Yueyue, you’re really talented. Do you plan to waste this talent on ordinary people? If you put the gun down now, then I will definitely trust you. We will always be the best partners forever, and we’ll be able to make a lot of money together..."

There was another shot. Zhou Xiao used his right hand to cover his ears and frowned. The buzzing in his ears persisted for a long time.

He didn't understand what Song Lang had given this girl to make her so obsessed with being a good person. At the same time, he was very resentful. The intimacy that the two gradually developed these days was all due to her patience to cover for this moment.

Rage filled Zhou Xiao's chest as he walked over. "Kill me!"

"Don't come over!" Tao Yueyue screamed and fired two shots, one of which hit Zhou Xiao's leg.

Zhou Xiao fell to his knees, blood flowing out like a stream. He raised his head and his eyes were so gloomy they were like poisonous thorns. His teeth were almost broken from gritting them so hard.

"Tao Yueyue!!!"

He had imagined the end of his life countless times. Being blocked by the police in a building and being shot with a barricade of bullets during the crossfire; being chased by the police and jumping down from a high building; being shot and killed coldly by people from the underworld; having a conflict with an underworld boss and dying from exhaustion after killing a lot of people and so on. Those imaginations were full of the tragedy and romance gangsters had, but he never thought that it would end like this - being easily subdued by a teenage girl.

Tao Yueyue looked at the injured lone wolf with complicated feelings in her heart. She said, "Zhou Xiao, you’re really pitiful. You have to hide every day, and you have to hold your dagger when you sleep. You don't even dare to let go of your alertness or go to sleep when you’re sick. You don’t have any friends. Not even one!"

These words from the little girl actually touched him. He felt his eyes prick. Biting his lip desperately to restrain himself, he said, "Give me a cigarette!"

"I don’t have one."

"No one has ever said that I’m pitiful. Everyone just hates and fears me... Find me a cigarette!"

"When the police are here, they’ll give you cigarettes."

Zhou Xiao rubbed his nose and no longer persisted. He lay down on the floor that he was bleeding on. He could hardly remember how long it had been since he hadn't laid on his back. He just felt extremely comfortable.

The injury on his leg was still bleeding, and he hoped that he would slowly bleed to death like this before the police came.

There was a car coming. Hearing the footsteps, they were definitely police. A lot of people were going upstairs. They were getting closer and closer. Zhou Xiao knew that he was running out of time> He suddenly grabbed the hitman's gun and stuck it in his mouth.

Tao Yueyue asked loudly, "Don't you want to smoke anymore?"

Zhou Xiao stopped, and Tao Yueyue continued, "When you go to jail, I will visit you, buy you cigarettes, and buy newspapers for you to read. I will also come to see you when you are going to be executed. I promise that you won’t be alone when you leave this world."

Zhou Xiao slowly withdrew the pistol from his mouth, threw it away, and squatted down as he started crying.

The footsteps on the corridor were getting closer, but even so, Tao Yueyue dared not relax until she heard a familiar voice. "Yueyue, is that you?"

Tao Yueyue turned her head around tearfully. "Uncle Chen!"

1. Like the trip-wire method used to trip horses during war. 


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