Chapter 905: Intelligence Battles

Seeing two people twisted together suddenly appear behind her, the rich woman was so frightened that she jumped up as if she had been electric shocked. Zhou Xiao gritted his teeth and threw Tao Yueyue away, rushed over to grab the rich woman’s head, and smashed it on the wall, knocking her unconscious. 

Tao Yueyue fell to the ground, holding an empty syringe in her hand. She looked at Zhou Xiao incredulously. It stands to reason that such a large amount of alcohol instantly entering the bloodstream would cause an immediate reaction. How could he be completely fine?

"Are you wondering why it was useless?" Zhou Xiao said. "I found this syringe while you were sleeping today. I replaced the alcohol in it with distilled water. I wanted to see who you were going to use it against..." He suddenly shouted. "You were actually planning to use it against me!!!"

Tao Yueyue turned around and ran towards the stairs. She heard Zhou Xiao shouting from behind her. "Run. Run. I'll finish you off right away, hahahaha!"

This is bad!!!

Tao Yueyue figured that Zhou Xiao’s primary target was the rich woman. She turned back again. As expected, Zhou Xiao was squatting down beside the rich woman to prepare for the murder. Tao Yueyue grabbed a bottle of wine from the wine rack, took a deep breath, and aimed at Zhou Xiao’s head before tossing it over.

Hearing the sound of the wind, Zhou Xiao dodged, and the flying bottle of wine shattered when it hit the wall. Most of it splashed on the comatose rich woman.

Zhou Xiao glared at Tao Yueyue fiercely and quietly reprimanded, "I was so good to you, but you betrayed me. You betrayed me!"

"I... I will arrest you!" Tao Yueyue announced with a trembling voice.

"Try it!" Zhou Xiao grinned.

After the provocation was over, Tao Yueyue fled to the second floor again. This time, Zhou Xiao chased after her. He was irritated. He was going to slaughter this little traitor.

She remembered seeing something in a certain room. She rushed in and locked the door. She grabbed the baseball bat by the wall and waved it around. However, when she heard the sound of footsteps approaching outside, her determination began to waver again.

No, I can't beat him!

All the rooms on the second floor had their doors open. Only one room was closed. Zhou Xiao knew Tao Yueyue was hiding in it instantly. He kicked the door without a word, and the door swayed in the door frame. It even shook down the dust from the ceiling.

Tao Yueyue shivered with fright. She looked around and dragged a vertical vacuum cleaner leaning against the corner of the walls behind the curtain. She immediately realized that this was too stupid. Moonlight printed the outline of the vacuum cleaner on the curtain, and Zhou Xiao wouldn’t mistake it to be Tao Yueyue.

The kicking sound was still resounding crazily, and the fragile wooden door wouldn't last long.

She gritted her teeth, swapping the air inlet and outlet connectors on the vacuum cleaner, plugged in the power and pushed the switch. A strong wind blew out from the vacuum cleaner.

She opened the closet, found a puffer jacket, and attempted to tear it apart with her teeth. The puffer jacket was too tough and Tao Yueyue was so anxious she was about to cry, for fear that Zhou Xiao would break in at this time. Fortunately, God helped, and she finally tore it open. Tao Yueyue placed it by the door and pointed the vacuum cleaner at the exposed feathers.

She wasn't sure whether this immature little trick would work, but she could only take a gamble in this moment.

With a bang, the door was knocked open. Zhou Xiao appeared with a grim look. Tao Yueyue pushed the vacuum cleaner power switch to its maximum power and the strong wind raised the feathers like snowflakes into Zhou Xiao’s face.

Zhou Xiao subconsciously blocked it with his hands. Taking this opportunity, Tao Yueyue lifted the baseball bat and smashed it on his head.


Zhou Xiao let out a wild roar, reaching out to grab Tao Yueyue among the feathers in the sky. He grabbed Tao Yueyue's sleeve and pulled it hard. Half of the sleeve was torn apart.

Zhou Xiao rushed in and kicked the vacuum cleaner down with a violent kick. His body was covered with feathers, and a stream of blood dripped from his forehead, dripping all the way down his nose, making his appearance even more terrifying.

There were feathers everywhere in the room. Zhou Xiao saw the window wide open, but this time, he wasn’t fooled because Tao Yueyue had used this trick before. Turning around, Tao Yueyue really was squatting under a cabinet on the right hand side of the door, trembling, as she held the bloody baseball bat.

"I'm going to kill you!" Zhou Xiao approached step by step.

Tao Yueyue raised her hand and sprinkled a handful of crushed lime wallpaper powder on Zhou Xiao's face, and then rushed towards the door. Just when one of her feet stepped out of the threshold of the room, Zhou Xiao suddenly grabbed her collar from behind. Pulling it, Tao Yueyue fell heavily to the floor.

Tao Yueyue stood up. She was no longer afraid at this moment, because fear could not save her.

It was like the first time she saw Zhou Xiao. On that nightmare of a night, Zhou Xiao pointed a knife at her and her mother and said jokingly, "Choose someone to die."

Although she didn't like her mother, she mustered up extraordinary amounts of courage at that moment and pointed to herself, saying, "Me!"

Tao Yueyue panted hard, clenching the baseball bat in her hand. Her increasingly strong eyes were exactly the same as before. Zhou Xiao grinned. "You’re really not afraid of death. You obviously had a chance to escape, but you wanted to stay and deal with me. Do you want to prove yourself to Song Lang?"

"No! Because you are a bad person! I want to send you to stand trial!" Tao Yueyue gritted her teeth, preparing for a desperate fight.

"I stand upright. Nobody has the right to judge me!"

Suddenly, there was a short scream from downstairs. Zhou Xiao was immediately alert and rushed out the door. Tao Yueyue felt flabbergasted. How could Zhou Xiao suddenly give up on killing her? Could it be that he sensed a greater threat?

She looked out the window. It shouldn't be a policeman. If it were a policeman, it wouldn’t be so silent.

Not sure who was coming, she climbed out the window, grabbed the edge of the window with both hands, and used the curtains as a cover.

Doing so was very labor intensive. Gradually, Tao Yueyue's hands became sore. She gritted her teeth and persisted. She saw a man in a vest walk out. He had a gloomy face that could play a villain in a movie, and his cupid’s bow was so deep, it looked as though it was carved out. He was wearing a pair of black leather gloves, holding a silencer pistol in his left hand, and a dagger in his right hand, with blood dripping on the floor.

The man glanced into the villa, then exited, disappearing silently into the shadow of the corridor.

Confirming that there was no threat, Tao Yueyue climbed back up through the window again and grabbed the baseball bat. She crouched down and snuck out, remembering to check her surroundings along the way.

She remembered that there was a phone on the first floor, which could probably be used to call the police. When she got to the stairs, she suddenly found that the rich woman was lying in a pool of blood. At the main entrance, there was another man in a vest, also silently holding a silencer pistol.

Somewhere on the second floor there was a very thin shooting sound, and Tao Yueyue's face was pale from hearing the three consecutive shots. Why did hitmen suddenly appear?

Could it be that Zhou Xiao had been killed?


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