Chapter 904: Change of Plans

Tao Yueyue replied timidly, "I just think... it's probably nice to rest in a place like this."

Zhou Xiao snorted in response. At this time, a car appeared on the surveillance footage. It was a red convertible BMW. It couldn't be a police car since it was so eye-catching. Ayoung man and woman got out of the car, hugging and kissing each other. After dawdling for about five minutes, they finally opened the courtyard door.

Zhou Xiao made a gesture indicating for Tao Yueyue to follow him upstairs. The two entered a bedroom and hid in the big closet. Zhou Xiao continued to stare at the laptop.

The couple walked in and turned on all the lights in the living room. The woman looked to be about twenty years old. She shouldn’t be the fat uncle’s wife. The man was about this age as well. He fetched two cups and used a small clip to put ice cubes into them one by one. Then, he poured two glasses of brandy.

The voice of conversation came from downstairs.

"Brother Wang, is this your house?"

"It's our boss’. It's almost mine. She gave me that car as well."

"Wow, your boss spoils you too much."

"It’s just that we’re each getting what we need. She’s a woman who is almost fifty years old, and is old-looking and ugly. If it weren't for the money, who would accompany her to relieve her boredom? She also said that she would promote me soon!"

"Aiya, I really envy you. You can use your face like the swipe of a card."

"Who told my parents to give me such a good face?!"

The two of them were acting very mushy. They would hug and kiss each other after exchanging a few words with each other. If this scene were on TV, Tao Yueyue may have blushed while watching, but it just seemed funny on the black-and-white surveillance screen.

It seemed like the man was the affair who was living off of the rich woman. Zhou Xiao said, "I won’t kill him now, or I’ll startle him. The rich woman is the real goal, unless..."

"Unless what?"

Zhou Xiao grinned. "Unless these two were so unlucky as to find us."

Tao Yueyue prayed in her heart hoping not to be discovered.

On the screen, the man and woman leaned on the table and hugged each other affectionately, knocking over the brandy that they only had a few sips of. They could even hear their saliva exchanging sounds from underneath the floorboards. Watching this image in front of her with Zhou Xiao, Tao Yueyue felt extremely awkward, and her feet were about to go numb from squatting down for so long.

"They probably won't come up." Tao Yueyue whispered.

Zhou Xiao nodded and pushed the closet open. They could finally breathe and move around.

The pair were still being affectionate with each other. Tao Yueyue thought to herself, haven’t you guys kissed enough? If you’re going to do it, you should hurry up and just do it! Then, she felt ashamed of her own expectations.

Zhou Xiao sat on a single sofa by the door, put his notebook down on the small table next to him, and kept yawning as he rubbed his face. Tao Yueyue knew that he was desperately restraining his addiction.

God knows how long it took, but the man and woman finally had enough of kissing. The man picked up the woman and went to the bedroom on the first floor... then continued kissing her.

After suffering for an hour and a half in this awkwardness, Tao Yueyue couldn’t believe that she had actually spent the time she could have used watching a movie to watch two adults kissing in various poses, indirectly experiencing the hardship of police investigations when they go through surveillance footage.

They began to take off each other’s clothes, but they weren’t in a hurry to mate. The man took out handcuffs from the drawer and handcuffed the woman to the bed. He took the ice from the brandy glass and slid it around on her stomach. The woman was excited, giggling as she twisted around.

Tao Yueyue's eyes widened. She wasn’t interested in the "game" the two were playing, but the pair of handcuffs.

If she could just get them...

Zhou Xiao couldn't handle it any longer and sighed to the sky. "I should go down and kill them!"

Tao Yueyue persuaded, "Uh, they seem to be about to start..."

There was a conversation between the two from outside the window. The woman asked, "Brother Wang, have you started reacting?"

The man said, "It's coming soon."

Zhou Xiao was about to have a mental breakdown. It turned out that the reason the two had been flirting the whole time was because the man had an erectile dysfunction. He didn’t know why the rich woman chose him.

The conversation outside the window continued. The man said, "Don't call me Brother Wang. Call me Little Wang."

"Calling you Little Wang will give you a reaction?"

"Try it."

"Little Wang."

"Do it again!"

"Little Wang, Little Wang, Little Wang..."

"Oh fuck, it's hard!!"

Zhou Xiao bit his lip and beat his thigh with his fist desperately. His patience was reaching the limit.

Fortunately, the next development was very fast. One minute later, the woman shyly praised, "Brother Wang is so fierce!"

"Haha, it’s just normal. Just normal... Wait!"

The man suddenly jumped out of bed naked, rummaged through the area, and asked, "Weird. There should be a laptop on this table. There wouldn’t be a thief in the house, right?"

"Your boss must have taken it away."

"Impossible. The laptop is connected to the surveillance footage. What would she want this laptop for? I understand now! She caught us!"

"No way? Why didn't she confront you if she found out about us? And she even gave you the key."

The man sat on the edge of the bed posing like he was thinking. After all, he couldn’t figure out why, so he ran to the living room butt naked and grabbed a bottle of wine. He came back and said to the woman, "This is the most expensive bottle of wine. We’ll fucking drink it now, lest we can't drink it in the future."

Tao Yueyue was surprised. Different people had different thinking patterns. This little adulterer wasn’t looking around the house, but chose to leech more from the rich woman.

The two of them took a sip each and eventually drank the whole bottle of Napoleon. After ten minutes, they started to talk nonsense. Another half an hour later, they were drunk.

The pair of erotic handcuffs were placed in the lower right corner of the screen.

The long torture was finally over. When Zhou Xiao stood up, both of his legs trembled a little. He said, "Let’s get out. I will die if I don't go out and smoke a cigarette."

Tao Yueyue said with ulterior motives, "I will quietly put this laptop back in the bedroom... I will put it behind the cabinet, so that it looks like it accidentally fell down."

Zhou Xiao nodded. "I’ll wait for you in the courtyard."

Tao Yueyue snuck into the bedroom. The pair were lying on the bed naked. It was her first time seeing male genitalia in real life. She blushed and removed her eyes from it. After placing the laptop, she picked up the handcuffs on the bedside table. However, she only found out after touching it that the material of these handcuffs were very light, and the chain in the middle was also very loose. These details weren’t visible from the video. It wasn’t useful at all and could only tie up people who were willing to be tied up.

Tao Yueyue was extremely disappointed. She put down the handcuffs and walked out. Suddenly, she found Zhou Xiao squatting down sneakily under the window with a knife in his hand. He hooked his finger over at Tao Yueyue.

It turned out that another car had driven in. A well-dressed middle-aged woman parked the car at the door and walked in angrily.

Zhou Xiao smiled. "She delivered herself right to the door."

Tao Yueyue was so scared that her throat became dry. "Didn't we say we would kill her tomorrow?"

"The employer just stated that she will come here tomorrow. Since they’re all here today, why wouldn’t I take action now?"

"But there’s an outsider."

"Later on, it’ll allow the police to guess the story behind these two women and one man." Zhou Xiao formed a vicious smile.

Tao Yueyue frowned. She didn't want to see anyone getting killed again. Zhou Xiao told her to follow him and the two moved into the narrow space underneath the stairs.

The rich woman rushed into the living room, saw the shocking scene in the bedroom at a glance, and yelled, "Bastards!"

She took out her mobile phone and dialed in annoyance. "Hey, it's me... Can you call a few people who can fight over? I want to teach these two whorey bitches a lesson!"

As she concentrated on the phone call, Zhou Xiao was like a cheetah in the jungle, slowly approaching her from behind, walking so softly that there was no sound to be heard.

Tao Yueyue's heartbeat was speeding up. She had to stop him. Stop him!

She gritted her teeth, took out the syringe that was on her, pounced on Zhou Xiao's back and inserted the syringe into his neck from behind, pushing all the liquid inside into his blood stream...


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