Chapter 900: Give Her A Coke

Zhou Xiao still maintained a sitting-sleeping position, but his eyes were slightly opened, as if he was squinting at Tao Yueyue.

Tao Yueyue felt the hairs all over her body stand up, and her fear persuaded her to tactically retreat. She realized that this method was too dangerous, just like a mouse putting a bell on a cat. As long as the beast noticed a little, she would be dead.

With heavy breathing, Tao Yueyue slowly moved the noose out of Zhou Xiao's feet, and she leaned against the side of the sofa to gasp for breath.

At this moment, a few motorcycles drove past loudly, and the rumbling noises made people feel like the whole street was shaking. A woman screamed and complained, "It's so late at night, are you crazy?!"

Chen Shi once said that the group consisted of people that raced in the middle of the night. They deliberately sawed off their exhaust pipes. Some people even welded a horn-shaped metal tube to the mouth of the pipe to make louder noises. The behavior was naturally illegal.

Tao Yueyue noticed that the spring inside the sofa was making a faint sound due to the change in weight. Zhou Xiao had woken up. Tao Yueyue shrank into a ball and didn’t dare to move. She tucked the cloth handcuffs under the sofa. She wondered what lies she should come up with in case it was discovered.


Zhou Xiao muttered to himself his evaluation of the street racing party. He picked up a cigarette from the coffee table and lit it. He sat and smoked for a minute, then stood up and walked to the bathroom.

Tao Yueyue hurriedly moved to the back of the sofa. She turned her head around to look. Zhou Xiao was standing in the dark toilet to urinate. The cigarette butt kept flickering with light before dimming down again. He suddenly punched the water tank with his fist. Tao Yueyue trembled with fright.

After a few punches, Zhou Xiao slowly squatted down and cried while holding the toilet. The cigarette butt in his mouth fell into the toilet water mixed with urine.

His crying wasn’t smooth. It was just sobbing. It felt as if he couldn’t catch his breath, and it seemed almost like strange laughter.

Tao Yueyue squatted down at the back of the sofa hugging her shoulders. Her skin that was exposed to the air had goosebumps on it. It turned out that this beast had some sad moments. However, she wouldn’t sympathize with him. They weren’t of the same kind at all. How could she sympathize with him?

Tao Yueyue slowly crawled out from behind the sofa. The short distance to the bedroom was hair-raising. She was afraid of being heard if she moved too much, but worried that she would be discovered if she was too slow. Finally, she entered the bedroom and Tao Yueyue climbed onto the bed, curled up, and pretended to be fast asleep.

She listened to the movements outside with her ears perked up. Zhou Xiao cried alone for five minutes before flushing, followed by the sound of opening the door.

Hearing the sound of footsteps going further away, Tao Yueyue's heart finally settled down. The first thing she did was quickly move the cloth handcuffs under the sofa. She noticed that the bag beside the sofa was the medical supplies Zhou Xiao had used.

Tao Yueyue opened it up. What Zhou Xiao had wanted in the morning was an injection, but she bought capsules, so the syringe didn't come in handy.

Tao Yueyue picked it up. Could this thing help?

Zhou Xiao should have anesthetics on him because he had used it on Tao Yueyue previously. Then she thought about how in the last housing community, as the incident happened so suddenly, they were hurriedly transferred. Perhaps it had been left behind.


Tao Yueyue put away the syringe, fastened the bag, and restored it to its original shape as much as possible. She ran to the kitchen and opened the cabinets one by one, only finding an empty bottle of Erguotou... Tao Yueyue was disappointed.

Injecting alcohol into Zhou Xiao's body could also be used as an anaesthetic. Although the effect wasn’t too good, it would definitely reduce his combat effectiveness.

She had once asked Chen Shi why people vomited after drinking too much.

Chen Shi replied that it was because the liver couldn’t bear so much alcohol and vomiting was the body's way of self-preservation.

She also asked what would happen if you injected alcohol into a blood vessel.

Chen Shi laughed and replied that it was very dangerous, as alcohol would dissolve hemoglobin and the impurities in it would cause infections. Of course, it would also cause drunkenness. If the dose was large enough, it would kill someone because people can’t vomit out what’s in their blood vessels.

It was a pity that she hadn't asked about the dosage at the time. She hadn't expected that this knowledge would be useful one day.

At the present moment, she was trying to find a way to get a bottle of alcohol. Ideally, one with extremely high purity and minimal impurities. Vodka seemed to be the best choice. There was no purer edible alcohol than that. She once heard a piece of news: A kitten was poisoned by eating antifreeze, and the doctor gave it vodka to save his life.

Tao Yueyue hid the syringe and cloth handcuffs under the bed. She went to the window and saw Zhou Xiao with his hands hanging down, wandering around the housing community like a lonely ghost. The knife in his hand caught the light from time to time.

Tao Yueyue was shocked. He must have been lonely and wanted to go out hunting.

After pondering for a long time, Tao Yueyue took the syringe and opened the door, going downstairs. When she found Zhou Xiao, he was squatting on the edge of some shrubs and said affectionately, "Come here. Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you!"

There was a puppy lying in the grass, whining. It was both afraid and eager to be pet.

Zhou Xiao was holding a knife in his hand behind his back. His eyes were shining. His expression looked intoxicated, and his breathing was heavy, just like an addict that couldn’t get heroin and had to use other cheap drugs as a substitute instead.

The puppy was finally fooled. He slowly got out of the grass and his tail swayed flatteringly. Zhou Xiao scratched its neck, and praised, "Really good! Really good!" The knife in his hand was slowly raised.

"Please don't kill it!" Tao Yueyue couldn't help calling out.

The puppy was frightened and ran away with a whimper.

Zhou Xiao turned his head around, showing an expression of unacceptance and hatred because his desire wasn’t satisfied. He walked over and muttered, "You saved a dog! You saved a dog!"

Tao Yueyue backed away in fear. She remembered that it was this time yesterday when Zhou Xiao showed his urge to kill her. It seems that every time at midnight, Zhou Xiao's inner being gradually transformed into some kind of inhuman existence. Amidst the dark night within the soul, he stretched his neck and uttered a cry, as if choosing who to bite down on.

"You... If you’re bored, I can accompany you to go drinking. We can go to a bar. I really want to go to a bar. I can steal the wallet from someone who is drunk." Tao Yueyue suggested incoherently, trying to hide her little motives.

Zhou Xiao put a hand on her head. Tao Yueyue felt that he only needed to put in a little effort and she would be crushed into a meat patty.

"A bar...very good!" He accepted the suggestion.

The two walked behind each other on the deserted street. Some drunk people on the side of the road yelled. Zhou Xiao stretched out his hand to his knife several times. Every time, Tao Yueyue's heart would beat wildly.

In the end, they still walked into a bar without problem. This bar was a bit strange. There were only men in it. Tao Yueyue found a woman with heavy makeup in the crowd. However, when she saw "her" thick Adam’s apple, she knew that he was also a man.

The drinkers looked at Zhou Xiao with stark eyes. No one paid attention to Tao Yueyue. This provided her with great convenience. Tao Yueyue approached a drunk person and clamped his wallet with two fingers. It came out easily.

She placed the wallet in Zhou Xiao's hand and went to the bar table. Zhou Xiao said, "One bottle of beer. One bottle of Coke."

"I want vodka!"

"Give her a Coke."

"I want vodka. I want to try it."

"Give her a Coke!"

"I want vodka!!!"

"I’ve already said to give her a Coke!"

The bartender smiled. "It's rare for a little girl to come here. It wouldn’t matter if she had one drink." Thus, he poured a small glass of vodka in a shot glass and pushed it over.

Tao Yueyue was excited as her goal had been achieved. At this moment, Zhou Xiao swept the shot glass away and ordered. "Give her a Coke!"


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