Chapter 898: New Business

Tao Yueyue stared at those scarlet eyes that looked like they belonged to a hungry wolf and replied, "Neither... I have decided to be your accomplice!"

"Really?" Zhou Xiao's tone was full of suspicion.

Tao Yueyue said as calmly as much as possible, "You opened the door to a new world for me. I want to give it a try because this kind of life seems very interesting. It also seems to be what I yearn for in my heart."

Zhou Xiao leaned on the sofa. The current situation made it so he couldn’t trust anyone easily, but the little girl had just left and then come back with medicine. This move did shake his suspicions.

With the sudden death of Zhou Tiannan, their gang had been going downhill. Zhou Xiao looked at this cowardly little girl. Would the future start from here?

He pointed to the bedroom. "You should be sleepy too. Go to sleep in that room. I won't lock you in this time."

Tao Yueyue breathed a sigh of relief. "You should also have a good rest."

Zhou Xiao nodded. A slight smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

After a tiring night, Tao Yueyue was indeed quite sleepy. She lay in the unfamiliar bed, looking at the white clouds outside the window and thinking about how to subdue Zhou Xiao.

In fact, she could completely take advantage of Zhou Xiao not being alert and kill him with a single stab. This could be regarded as a justified defense. Furthermore, she was a minor. There was a high probability that she didn’t have to bear legal responsibility.

No, murder was absolutely not allowed!

She remembered what someone had said to her: "Tao Yueyue, do you know why Batman doesn't kill people?"

"To prevent teaching young people bad things?"

"Haha, there are indeed such considerations, but more importantly, that’s his bottom line. Batman stubbornly abides by the principle of not killing anyone because he feels that if he uses murder to prevent crime, he’ll be no different from those criminals. So, he absolutely never kills people."

Who had said these words to her? Tao Yueyue recalled in her tired head. She suddenly thought of the boy. The boy who was killed by Zhou Tiannan. The two of them really clicked and they could have become good friends.

Tao Yueyue clenched the sheets tightly, secretly making up her mind to subdue Zhou Xiao. She must subdue Zhou Xiao!

She gradually fell asleep, and a monster broke into her dream. It had a giant mouth and fangs like a wolf. It held Tao Yueyue and shook her like crazy. Tao Yueyue was so scared that she screamed and opened her eyes sharply. That’s when she saw Zhou Xiao squatting down by the bed with a knife in his hand. His narrow eyes were full of threat.

It was evening outside the window, and someone was knocking on the door.

Zhou Xiao lowered his voice. "You contacted Song Lang?!"

"I didn't..." Tao Yueyue's heart was pounding. Was it really Chen Shi outside? She hoped so, but also hoped it wasn’t. If Chen Shi had come alone, he would definitely be in danger.

The person was very stubborn and knocked on the door for a full minute. The knocking sound was about to drive them crazy.

"Go and see how many people are outside!" Zhou Xiao whispered.

Tao Yueyue nodded and got up from the bed, Zhou Xiao opened the window, ready to jump off the building at any time to escape. Below was a noisy marketplace.

Tao Yueyue walked to the door of the house and put her eye on the peep-hole. What she saw was a huge eyeball. It turned out that the person outside was also peeping inside through the peep-hole.

The person outside noticed someone in the house and whispered, "Old Xie, are you there?"

Tao Yueyue hurried to find Zhou Xiao and said, "It's a friend of the person you killed last night."

"Oh?" Zhou Xiao looked full of suspicion and closed the window. "You stay here and don't move."

Zhou Xiao hid the knife behind him and opened the door. There was a fat uncle standing outside. He was slightly taken aback upon seeing Zhou Xiao. Zhou Xiao calmly said, "I’m a friend of Old Xie’s. He has something he has to do today."

"Oh..." The fat uncle glanced at the phone. "Why doesn't this guy answer the phone?!"

"He can't answer the phone right now. He asked me to wait for you here. I have something to pass onto you." Zhou Xiao lied calmly.

Tao Yueyue, who was hiding in the bedroom, trembled with fright. Zhou Xiao planned to lure this person in and kill him!

"Something to pass onto me?" The fat uncle looked excited. "He's finished? ... Ahem, do you know why he went out today?"

"He’s with two other friends today and has important things to do!"

The two were testing each other. It turned out that the fat uncle wasn’t a good person either.

The fat uncle smiled. "One of us, one of us!"

Zhou Xiao also smiled. "Please come in."

Uncle Fatty went in and looked around. Zhou Xiao put his hand on the knife hidden behind him, ready to kill the person who came in at any time.

"Why hasn't Old Xie taken action yet? You guys changed the time to tonight? I was anxious and couldn't contact him, so I came to have a look. After all, I’ve already paid and the most worrying thing is being cheated."

Zhou Xiao took his hand away from the knife again. "You hired those three people to do the kidnapping? How much did you give them?"

"Huh?" The fat uncle looked Zhou Xiao up and down. "Aren't you his friend? Didn't he tell you? Fuck, you’re not a policeman, are you?!"

The fat uncle turned around and was about to run.

Zhou Xiao grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back. The fat uncle sat on the sofa, trembling and was speaking incoherently, "It's not... then... we haven't committed the crime yet..."

Zhou Xiao drew the knife out and twirled it around in his hand, "He and I are not friends. He broke into my site last night and I killed the three of them."

"You... you killed them?!" The fat uncle's eyes widened, flabbergasted.

Zhou Xiao picked up a bag and threw it on the coffee table. The fat uncle opened it tremblingly. Inside were the wallets, cell phones, and ID cards of the three dead men. The fat uncle said, "Big brother, why have you killed the people I hired? All my money is gone now."

"Why don’t you tell me about this business?"

The fat uncle hesitated for a while. "The object of this kidnapping is legally my wife, but we’ve been separated for a long time. This lady is very scheming. She turned the company that belonged to us both into her personal company bit by bit and it’s running smoothly now. She has a house and even a lover outside. She hasn’t returned home for two years. The most annoying thing is that she actually trapped me and has something she can blackmail me with. If I were to divorce her, I can’t get a dime. I do nothing every day and she regularly pays for my living expenses and supports me as an idler, while she’s living glamorously outside. I’m also a man. How can I swallow this down? That’s why I want to collapse her company!"


"May I know your last name?"


"Mr. Zhou, I can see that you’re also a capable person, and I can also see that you’re in trouble right now. Would you consider making this money?" The fat uncle raised his eyebrows and asked dubiously.

Zhou Xiao smiled as it was perfect. "How much ransom do you plan to ask for?"

"Of course, the more the ransom, the better. I previously agreed with Old Xie to divide the total in a 3:7 ratio. If you’re willing to help me, you can also divide it this way."

"If I kill this woman, won't you get more inheritance?"

The fat uncle showed a horrified expression. "But I didn't plan to kill her. No matter what, she’s my wife..."


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