Chapter 896: Change Of Mind

Tao Yueyue drew the knife and stabbed at Zhou Xiao frantically. There was only one thought on her mind: Revenge for Sister Gu.

"Haha, you’re finally a bit bloodthirsty!"

Zhou Xiao backed away while laughing. Tao Yueyue's flawed and unrefined knife techniques didn’t pose a threat to him at all. He kept dodging the tip of her knife as if he was playing around as he provoked and mocked her.

Taking advantage of an opportunity, Zhou Xiao slapped Tao Yueyue's face. She flew away and the knife in her hand fell to the ground.

Zhou Xiao glanced at his pierced palm, walked over, and stepped on Tao Yueyue's hand running it left and right. Tao Yueyue screamed. Her hand sounded as though her bones had been broken.

After enough revenge, Zhou Xiao took his foot off, picked up the knife, and dragged Tao Yueyue by her hair. He put the knife to her neck. Tao Yueyue's face was distorted due to the pain as tears streamed down her face.

Zhou Xiao planned to kill her with a single stab. What was that about training a successor? Go fuck yourself. Tao Yueyue's neck was white and slender. There was a vein on it that kept beating. He fantasized about the feeling of it being cut by a knife.

This reminded him of a parrot he had once raised. It was brightly colored and smart.

One day when he was in a bad mood, he killed it. When he killed the beautiful thing with his own hands, that feeling was indescribable. He wanted to taste it again.

"I will plant a flower on your grave." Zhou Xiao said.

When he was about to stab her, Tao Yueyue pleaded, "Please let me go!"

"What are you talking about?" Zhou Xiao couldn't believe it. The little girl was so barbaric and tough just earlier. Suddenly, she had softened.

"Spare me. I was wrong, I am willing to do anything to redeem my sins." Tao Yueyue begged in her most humble voice.

"Including murder?"


Zhou Xiao patted her cheek with a knife. "I hope this isn’t just what you’re saying to save your life."

"I promise!" Tao Yueyue's eyes were like a cowardly little animal. She looked pitiful.

Zhou Xiao put the knife in her hand. "Go and end the man."

Tao Yueyue nodded desperately.

After letting go, Tao Yueyue went to find Old Xie who had run away in the chaos. However, due to hemorrhaging of his internal organs, he hadn’t crawled far and died. He was laying in a corner with his mouth slightly open and his pupils dilated.

Tao Yueyue knelt beside the corpse holding the knife with tears streaming down her face ceaselessly.

She hated her cowardice. She had originally accepted death prior, wanting to avenge Gu You at all costs, but when Zhou Xiao put the knife to her neck, she still chose to surrender in humiliation.

But she wanted to live. If she couldn't live, everything would be meaningless!

"Hurry up!" Zhou Xiao's urging pulled her back to reality.

Tao Yueyue stabbed Old Xie's chest with the knife, drew out the knife, and stabbed again. Zhou Xiao came to check and found that there was no blood in the wound. "What? He's already dead!"

At this time, Tao Yueyue was holding a sharp knife and watching him. Zhou Xiao was unsuspecting. There was a strange peace between the two. It was the tranquility after the storm.

"Drag the corpse to the back and bury it. The blood on the ground needs to be wiped clean."

Tao Yueyue nodded and returned the knife in her hand.

After the excessive secretion of the adrenaline, Zhou Xiao felt weak. He sat at the dining table and smoked. The light shone from above. His eyes and mouth were shrouded in shadow, as mysterious and strange as King Kong in the temple.

Tao Yueyue first took out the things from the corpses, put them on a table, and then dragged the corpses out by their legs.

It was silent all around. She used a rusty shovel to dig pits one at a time and pushed the corpses in. When the sand covered the corpses’ faces, she thought of Gu You again. The visit that day was actually the last time she would ever see her again, so grief came over her as her tears rained down.

She worked until the dawn before she buried the four corpses. They lay under the thin soil, and eventually, they would be dug out by wild dogs. Chen Shi told her that 90% of the abandoned corpses that were buried in the countryside were all found by dogs, and the police should issue certificates to the dogs.

The thought of these clues that she left behind being found by the police and cameras, then being turned into a photo to be studied and discussed by a bunch of people, she suddenly felt a strange sense of accomplishment.

This was probably the feelings of murderers. Their psychotic desire for exhibitionism and murders were like the works they left to the world.

Tao Yueyue knew better than anyone that she was a born criminal. She thought of a foreign movie she had watched with Chen Shi. There was a man that was a devout Christian who hated homosexuality and often verbally abused the male protagonist. Then suddenly, one day, he hugged the male protagonist and they kissed deeply.

Chen Shi said to her at the time, “Yueyue, do you understand this? The things that people fear most are often the things they yearn for.”

Tao Yueyue asked, “Uncle Chen, what if I really yearn for those bad things.”

Chen Shi's answer was simple: “Transform it!”

Looking at the dawn in the sky, Tao Yueyue thought that it was precisely these words of Chen Shi in her heart that made her not lose her way amidst the darkness these days.

Back in the room, Tao Yueyue was surprised to find that Zhou Xiao was no longer there. There was a rattling sound from the bathroom. When she walked over, she saw a pile of clothes thrown by the bathroom door. Zhou Xiao was taking a cold shower.

He looked very despirited with one hand propped on the wall, letting cold water pour on his back. The water from the long-unused pipe was rusty, like blood.

Seeing that Tao Yueyue had come back, Zhou Xiao turned off the shower head, walked out, wiped his body casually with his coat, and then squatted down by the wall, looking exhausted. Tao Yueyue slowly stretched out her hand to check his forehead and found it very hot.

It turned out that he had a fever. The stabbing of his palm must have caused the infection.

Zhou Xiao looked at Tao Yueyue. "Give me my cigarettes!"

Tao Yueyue persuaded, "Don't smoke anymore. Go to your room and sleep. I will guard you."

"Guard me?" Zhou Xiao sneered, "Won’t you just lock the door and use the dead man's cell phone to call the police?"

"I... I won't!" Tao Yueyue had really planned to do so.

"Give me a cigarette!"

Tao Yueyue brought cigarettes and coke over. Zhou Xiao unscrewed the coke, poured it into his mouth and gulped down the bottle that was half full. Then, he lit the cigarette and smoked frantically.

Caffeine and nicotine held up his energy, but they also made him cough harder. He said, "Grab the stuff and let's go!"

"You should rest here!"

"There was too much movement here last night. It's not safe here. Go, I’ll drive while I still have the strength!"

Tao Yueyue had to pack their things and leave with Zhou Xiao. At this time, Zhou Xiao was very weak. He had to walk while holding the wall. He was still holding a knife tightly in his hand. Tao Yueyue knew that if she made her escape now, he wouldn’t be able to catch her at all.

However, after experiencing what happened last night, her thoughts have quietly changed. She could save herself by running away, but Zhou Xiao would kill more people in the future. He was now like a lone wolf out of control, wandering everywhere in and out the city. In order to survive, he didn’t have a limit.

She firmly believed that she needed to catch Zhou Xiao and make him stand trial!


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