Chapter 894: Visitors In The Night

After several chops, Tao Yueyue finally managed to cut off a finger of the corpse. Looking at the distorted corpse, she frowned. It was impossible to dismember the entire corpse overnight.

Besides, Zhou Xiao only gave her knives with no bags, buckets, or other containers. It couldn’t be that the dismembered body would be spread on the ground like how Northeastern people sold their popsicles?

According to Zhou Xiao's habit of committing crimes, he never deliberately destroyed a corpse, so this was just punishment, not a task at all.

Tao Yueyue took the severed finger and walked to the wall to write on it. "Uncle Chen, investigate the Old Wang’s dumplings in Zuoshui Lane, and the Elite 4S shop on Yangfei Road..."

The severed finger didn’t provide much "ink". Tao Yueyue had to walk to the corpse and repeatedly insert a knife into the corpse's belly, like slicing a watermelon. She immediately regretted doing so. The stench of the stomach and intestines spread and choked her so much that she couldn't open her eyes.

Dipping the finger in some blood, she continued to write on the wall, and then repeated this again.

After the message on the wall was finished, Tao Yueyue waited fearfully for three minutes. After the blood stains were completely solidified, she wiped them off with a damp cloth and the entire tiled wall became clean again.

Peng Sijue told her that the luminol reagent used by the police to detect blood was very sensitive. Wherever there was a small amount of blood remaining, the luminol reagent would oxidize with the hemoglobin after being sprayed on and then emit blue fluorescence.

As long as this wall was sprayed with luminol reagent, a large piece of writing would appear. Tao Yueyue smiled when thinking about the police's expression at the time.

But, she was worried that the police who came would be too clumsy and ignore the wall, so she dragged the corpse over, picked up the thickest knife, and severely chopped the corpse a few times, letting a few drops of blood splash on it.

After doing this, Tao Yueyue breathed a sigh of relief. The distress letter had been put into the glass bottle and placed in the lake, just waiting for an answer.

There was a little sound of movement in the silence. Tao Yueyue quickly rushed to the wall to turn off the light. She put her ear to the door to listen.

"Old Xie, am I imagining things? I seemed to see light from the door just then." A man was talking outside, his voice far away.

The sound of the rubbing of cloth on the wall and footsteps could be heard. Another person came in from somewhere, and said, "Probably the car lights on the opposite road!"

"Oh." The first man to speak cast aside his doubts.

"Oh, this place is nice. It's so spacious!" The third person's voice articulated.

The three intruders were touring the place, discussing a plan. "This place can be used! I will confirm the division of labor again. Tomorrow morning, I will go kidnapping with Little Jun. Bajie will stay here and clean up the hostage room. We’ll do a few more laps on the road and keep in touch throughout the whole process. You have to make sure that there are no outsiders coming in and out of here. Then, shoot the video and chop his finger off. The two things will then be packed in a courier box and delivered to his company. "



Tao Yueyue's heart was pounding wildly. There were actually other kinds of bad guys that came in. She wondered why Zhou Xiao slept so deeply. Wouldn’t their loud voices wake him up?

What was even worse was that this bathroom was locked from the outside, and she couldn't get away even if she wanted to run!

"Hush! There are people here!" The kidnapping leader named Old Xie smelled people inside.

"Fuck, it wouldn’t be a homeless person, right?"

"This way!"

The sound of the three people's footsteps went to the room where Zhou Xiao slept. Tao Yueyue wondered whether to kick the door heavily, and wake Zhou Xiao up.

But this was too risky. The kidnappers may be the ones alerted, not Zhou Xiao. 

In the silence suddenly came Zhou Xiao's violent roar, "Bastard, let me out!"

The three people laughed. "Stupid fool, you’re all locked up!", "Hurry and use this to barricade the door.", "Are you the only one here?", "You must be blind, coming here to sleep! Consider yourself unlucky."

"I'll kill you!!!" The door shook loudly.

Tao Yueyue couldn't believe that Zhou Xiao was trapped directly. Of course, even the fiercest person would be defenseless when asleep.

She quickly picked up a knife from the ground. She wanted to take the largest and heaviest one, but it was inconvenient to wield, so she picked the smallest knife. She asked silently in her heart: was she going to kill someone?

No, no, killing wasn’t in the scope of consideration. The other party consisted of three adults with bad intentions. Even if she had a dragon-slaying knife in her hand, she couldn't deal with it.

Right, take this opportunity to escape!

But she didn't know where they came from. Although she stayed in this place all day, she hadn’t explored the surroundings properly.

The most critical question was how to get out of this bathroom!

The three kidnappers began to kick open the doors one by one to "visit". Suddenly, Bajie exclaimed, "Why is there blood here? Fuck, do you guys smell this?" They got to the room where Zhou Xiao committed murder just then.

"Fuck, that guy wouldn’t be a murderer, right?"

"The smell seems to be coming from this direction."

As the footsteps approached, Tao Yueyue thought of something that was serious bad for her. Bajie had seen the light just then, and they probably guessed that there was someone inside.

There was no place to hide in the bathroom, and Tao Yueyue didn’t have the skill to hang from the ceiling with her bare hands. Her heartbeat was getting faster and faster and adrenaline secreted crazily. She had to find a way.

Looking at the rubber glove on her hand. Tao Yueyue used the small knife to cut the electric light wire on the wall. When she cut it, it made a small noise.

She looked around and came up with an idea to win even in danger. She pinned the knife behind her and then slumped down by the wall closer to the door. She wiped the blood from her hand on her face and acted out a stiff posture like a corpse.

She knew this trick was a gamble, but if she didn't gamble, she would become practice material for the kidnappers.

With a "boom", the people outside kicked the iron door heavily, and Tao Yueyue almost screamed in fright.

That was the kidnappers assessment. Old Xie said, "It seems that there’s no one inside."

"No, there was a light on in here just now. I'm sure there’s someone here!"

"Could it be haunted?"

"Fuck your mum!"

"Stop arguing. Grab a weapon guys!"

The rustling movement showed that they were picking up the bench legs and iron rods on the ground. The rusty bolt slid along the grooves and the door was opened. Tao Yueyue saw three black figures coming in. Their footsteps seemed tired, but their breathing was heavy.

"Fuck, is that a dead person on the ground?"

"Bajie, don't hide behind me!"

"Coward. What's so scary about dead people?"

Old Xie reached out to touch the light switch and found that it couldn't be turned on, so he took out his phone to illuminate their surroundings.

The snow-white light swept across the two "corpses." They were first shocked by the bloody corpse, and then looked at Tao Yueyue. Old Xie slowly squatted down while Ba Jie and Xiao Jun posed like lion dancers behind him. Their expressions were highly synchronized.

Tao Yueyue tried her best to keep her gaze dull, holding her breath. Old Xie looked closer and said, "Oh my God, they actually did this to such a small child."

At this moment, Tao Yueyue smiled with a terrifying expression.

"Ah!!!" Old Xie screamed and fell down.


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