Chapter 893: Wild Demon

In the darkness, Green-hair slowly crawled in front of Tao Yueyue and suddenly reached out to grab her foot. Tao Yueyue was so frightened that she quickly fled to another corner.

Green-hair continued to implement his policy of instigating rebellion and persuaded her, "Don't be confused, little girl. You can't listen to that kind of person. Although I’m a seller of ecstasy, I wouldn’t commit murder or arson. Generally speaking, I’m a good person. What is Zhou Xiao? He’s a lunatic. You can't listen to him! One misstep and it’ll be too late for you to regret!"

"You... Why do you want the knife?!" Tao Yueyue questioned while trembling.

Green-hair was speechless for an instant. He never thought about what he wanted the knife for. In this environment, this knife was as threatening as a nuclear bomb. He couldn't let another unknown person grab the knife and point it at him. He had to hold it in his own hands.

So, he made up a reason. He lowered his voice and said, "I'll use it to pick the lock!"

"A knife can't pick a lock." Tao Yueyue exposed him mercilessly.

Green-hair smiled bitterly as he continued to crawl towards Tao Yueyue with his hands on the ground. The pain of tearing from his broken leg made him break out in cold sweat. He stretched out his hand and lowered his voice, "Let’s unite. Don’t be afraid of the lunatic. Hurry. Be obedient and give me the knife."

Tao Yueyue almost shrank in the corner of the wall. Green-hair suddenly jumped forward, grabbing Tao Yueyue's ankle. Tao Yueyue screamed and stepped over his body to flee to the opposite side. Green-hair turned around and pounced with all his strength.

Tao Yueyue fell to the ground, her chin knocked on the ground very painfully. The other party grabbed her pants and crawled on her desperately, shouting, "You think you can kill me?!"

Fear gave birth to an impulse in Tao Yueyue’s heart. She wanted to turn around and stab the man’s neck. The prisoner named "Own Nature" desperately shook her cage of sensibility and said to her with a grin, “Hurry, that's exactly what you want. Yes, listen to your heart!”

Tao Yueyue kicked the man in the chest and crawled away in escape. After distancing herself to a certain degree, she immediately turned around, using the sharp knife to block the distance between the two.

Green-hair panted hard and looked at her. "Little bitch, you still want to kill me?"

"Move back! Move back!" Tao Yueyue ordered with a crying voice. She wasn’t afraid of the other party, but herself.

"Haha, you haven't killed anyone before. Come on! Come on!" Green-hair provoked with a fierce light in his eyes.

Zhou Xiao said outside, "Tao Yueyue, if you don't do anything, you may really die inside."

Tao Yueyue’s whole body trembled and her eyes were blinded by tears. At this moment, Green-hair suddenly jumped up and crushed her down to the ground with his hands tightly clasped around Tao Yueyue's neck. The strong sense of suffocation made Tao Yueyue's brain instantly go blank, and she couldn't use any strength from below her neck. The knife in her hands fell.

The door was kicked open. Zhou Xiao rushed in, grabbed the man by the hair, threw him to the wall, and then smashed his face with a kick. The eerie sound of the skull colliding with the wall echoed in the room.

Zhou Xiao kicked Green-hair’s face time and time again. With every kick, green-hair’s body twitched. The twitches became smaller and smaller until finally, he didn’t move at all.

Zhou Xiao put his foot down. Green-hair was beaten so badly that his face was completely bloodied and there were no traces of his facial features left.

Zhou Xiao drew a knife from behind him, grabbed Green-hair by his hair, and stabbed it towards his neck and chest. Fresh blood splashed on his grinning face. The enthusiasm was released from each of his pores causing Tao Yueyue to shiver to her core.

Green-hair had already died long ago. Zhou Xiao was just enjoying the fun of destroying flesh and blood with a sharp weapon. After stabbing him over 20 times, he stopped and began panting for a long time while he looked at Tao Yueyue with eyes like a hungry wolf.

Zhou Xiao raised the blood-stained knife and walked over. Tao Yueyue was so frightened that she backed up desperately using her hands on the ground. In his consciousness, Zhou Xiao had just killed a person, but he hadn’t had his fill to curb his addiction. He suddenly discovered that there was another person in the room. Something that could breathe.

Zhou Xiao forced Tao Yueyue to the wall in one breath, and put a hot knife on Tao Yueyue's face, causing blood to drip on her clothes. Zhou Xiao panted like a leopard that had just finished hunting.

"Do you know what it feels like to kill a person? It's like... it's like sudden death during climax, as if the whole universe emerges from your soul... You actually don’t want to experience such a wonderful thing!"

Zhou Xiao grabbed Tao Yueyue’s hair and put the knife to her throat. Tao Yueyue was so frightened that her whole body froze. Tears squirmed down on her face. Through the tears, she saw the fervor in Zhou Xiao’s eyes. He was fighting his addiction.

This horrible confrontation lasted for a long time before Zhou Xiao let her go, slumped on the ground as he gradually changed from a beast to a human. "Ling Shuang and I liked to play a game where we tied a person up and took turns stabbing them. Whoever killed the person in the end would be responsible for disposing the corpse... In light of your performance today, I will punish you to dispose of the corpse."

Zhou Xiao stood up and walked out staggeringly. Tao Yueyue covered her mouth and cried non-stop. She wasn’t sure if she had become incontinent or whether it was the stench from a dead person's incontinence which spread in the air together with the smell of blood. The reason why the creators made blood have this strong smell was to warn companions to stay away from danger. Tao Yueyue was soaked in this smell, and the alarm in her head was loudly sounding.

Her stomach turned, and after turning her head around and vomiting, she slumped against the wall and collapsed. There was a burning and spicy smell in her mouth.

Zhou Xiao pushed a cart that was used for pulling goods to the door and ordered Tao Yueyue to carry the body with him, then send it to an abandoned bathroom. Zhou Xiao brought her a bag with knives, gloves, and steel wire balls inside. He said, "After you have had enough sleep during the day, you’ll cut the body into small pieces at night."

"Why?" Tao Yueyue had already recovered her calmness at this time. After the brain was stimulated until it was overloaded, she had no trouble facing the dead person with a distorted posture.

"I said it was punishment, but it’s also practice. Dismember the body well, and I will check it tomorrow morning."

Zhou Xiao went out, closed the door, and locked her in. Tao Yueyue knocked on the door, "Please, don't lock me in!"

Zhou Xiao's eyes poked out from the small window above the door. "If you don't kill someone, I won't believe you. Tonight, you can practice the feel of a dead person!"

Zhou Xiao left, leaving Tao Yueyue to look at the corpse that weighed over one hundred catties. She was caught by a strong sense of powerlessness.

Holding her knees for a long time, Tao Yueyue saw a ray of light amongst the desperate darkness. Yes, she could use the corpse to send a message!


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