Chapter 891: Be Careful

Zhou Xiao brought a plate of dumplings over and threw it on the table roughly. The boss with a bandage on his head shuddered. The four people in the shop knew what fillings the dumplings were made of. The dwarf who temporarily acted as a peacemaker said, "Brother Zhou, why bother? The ear has been cut off and he’s apologized. Are you still unhappy?"

As the dwarf said these empty words, he poured the vinegar and pushed it over to the boss, who gave him a surprised look.

Tao Yueyue was happily watching the drama unfold. Although Zhou Xiao wasn’t a good person, the boss was even more disgusting. They were like the difference between cyanide and feces. This is what it means to say a wicked person will suffer in the hands of wicked people.

Zhou Xiao pointed his finger at the boss. "Never do that kind of thing to children!" Then, he pointed to the dumplings, "Eat it and it's over for today."

The boss looked awkward and said to the dwarf, "Mr. Qin, you should call Shu Ke..."

"You keep calling. Shu Ke will think you’re a bother."

"Eat!!" Zhou Xiao shouted.

The boss picked up the chopsticks, sighed, picked up the dumplings, dipped them in vinegar, and delivered them to his mouth. The first few were okay. But when one of them was eaten, his brows suddenly wrinkled. Then, he chewed hard. His mouth made crunching sounds.

The dwarf was curious. "What does it taste like?"

"You should try one!" The boss pushed the dumplings irritably.

"Let's go!" Zhou Xiao stood up.

As she walked out, Tao Yueyue glanced back at the boss. She kicked the large aluminum pot in front of the door. Hot soup and dumplings scattered everywhere, and then she mouthed the word "scum".

In response, Zhou Xiao cast an approving look.

Seeing the two driving away, the boss's breathing became heavier. The dumplings in his mouth hadn’t been swallowed, but it was impossible to swallow them. He said to the dwarf, "Mr. Qin, I want to hire a killer privately!"

"Just for this?" The dwarf pointed to the plate. "Forget it. You finally saved up your retirement funds. It's better to get an external ear shaping."

The boss picked up a dumpling and shook it in his hand. "This is not a matter regarding an ear; it's dignity. Zhou Xiao now has no backers. I want him dead!"

The dwarf groaned. "If you want to kill him, you have to hire a skilled expert."

In the car, Zhou Xiao asked, "Do you know why I wanted to help you?"

Tao Yueyue shook her head.

"There used to be a perverted uncle in the village who forced me to lick his cock. When I resisted, he found a group of people to retaliate against me. I didn't even dare to leave my house. I had no choice but to go to work out of town. I was only a teenager... I’m still so upset about this, so I can’t stand this kind of thing."

"Then have you taken revenge?"

"It's ridiculous to say when I’ve killed so many people, but I haven’t avenged myself, and that bad old man is still ruling in my hometown." Zhou Xiao put a cigarette in his mouth, but he couldn't find the lighter.

Tao Yueyue picked up the lighter that fell under the seat, lit it, and tilted it closer to Zhou Xiao's mouth. She said, "Thank you. If it weren't for your help, this matter would probably become psychological trauma for the rest of my life."

"Tao Yueyue, are you a virgin?" Zhou Xiao stared at her and asked. There was no lust in his eyes.

"Y… Yes!"

"The teacher said that sexual intercourse and killing are the ultimate two things for human beings, just like the North Pole and the South Pole. After experiencing these two ultimate things, life is then vast. Do you understand?"

Tao Yueyue shook her head desperately.

"Haha, I don't understand what the teacher said either, but I think his words have a kind of magical power."

"Zhou Tian... Is Teacher Zhou that influential?"

"Of course! Without him, there would be no underworld pattern in Long’an. We’re not an underworld crime-syndicate that engages in prostitutes, gambling and drugs, but the whole underworld respects us! That’s because our business is only one thing – murder. We’re the fastest knife in Long’an. All the people who offended Teacher Zhou wouldn’t meet with good ends." Zhou Xiao sighed. "As a result, he suddenly left us. I once wanted to avenge the teacher. Now, I’ve let it go. We should start our own business and pass on the teacher’s incense."

There was a police officer in front of them checking cars. Zhou Xiao made a gesture to Tao Yueyue to keep silent. The police came over to salute and asked to check Zhou Xiao’s driver's license. Zhou Xiao smiled calmly.

Tao Yueyue was shocked. It stands to reason that the police should have all been issued Zhou Xiao's wanted warrants. She immediately figured out that Zhou Xiao seemed to have undergone cosmetic surgery. That is, the police didn’t know what he looked like now.

"Wait, sir, your driver's license..." The police repeatedly looked at Zhou Xiao's face. "It's about to expire!"

"Oh, I plan to go to the driving school to retake the exam in a few days. I’ve been too busy these days."

"Is that your daughter?"


The police were still a little skeptical and asked Tao Yueyue, "Is he your father?"

Tao Yueyue hesitated for a second and replied, "Yes!"

The police's professional habit of being suspecting subsided as he saluted again. "You can go now."

Zhou Xiao also saluted and glanced at Tao Yueyue. In his opinion, this little girl was slowly transforming, which was a good sign.

He always believed in his heart that the child Zhou Tiannan chose would definitely be a good seed.

After a while, Tao Yueyue said, "Uncle Zhou, I'm so bored. I'll go buy some snacks, drinks, comic books, etc.. You've run out of cigarettes, right?"

"I have no money." Zhou Xiao looked forward. "I didn't bring anything when I ran out last night."

"Then drive to a crowded place and I'll steal a wallet." Tao Yueyue squeezed out a small smile.

Zhou Xiao stared at Tao Yueyue for a few seconds, shook his head, and smiled. "I don't trust you to that degree."

After smoking his last cigarette, Zhou Xiao became inexplicably irritable and kept wiping his face as he yawned. Tao Yueyue looked out the window. She had gone shopping with Chen Shi on that particular street, and she had watched movies with "Miso" in that particular movie theater. It was the old-fashioned middle-aged woman who sold tickets at the door.

Tao Yueyue felt sad. Freedom was so close yet so far away.

When passing by an elementary school, a group of junior high school students chatted with each other to get acquainted with the examination area. Tao Yueyue really hoped to see her classmates among them, but was afraid to see them at the same time.

Going around, they arrived at a neighborhood. Zhou Xiao saw the license plate of a car and suddenly reversed. Tao Yueyue asked what was wrong. Zhou Xiao said, "That's a police car. My hiding spot is exposed. It doesn't matter though. I have ten thousand hiding spots in Long’an!"

In the afternoon, they arrived in the countryside. The reason why they drove for so long was because Zhou Xiao was very cautious along the way. Once he found a vehicle of unknown origin behind him, he would change his itinerary and go around in circles until he lost his tail.

He would tell Tao Yueyue to lower her head whenever he passed under the traffic security cameras.

Tao Yueyue thought that he was really cautious. Super cautious. There was a reason why the police couldn’t catch him for so long.

When they got to the front of an old three-story building, Tao Yueyue was so thirsty that her throat was about to explode. Zhou Xiao parked the car behind the building and motioned for her to get off. The two of them got to the interior of the building, which seemed to have been a company before. Advertising bills of a certain brand of puffer jackets could be seen everywhere on the ground, and the tables and chairs were covered with dust.

Zhou Xiao took Tao Yueyue to a windowless storage room, pushed her in, and prepared to lock the door. Tao Yueyue said, "I really won't run. Don't lock me in, please."

"I told you that I don't trust you yet."

"I want to drink water!" Tao Yueyue could only retreat to her second desire.


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