Chapter 890: The Villain’s Dignity

Tao Yueyue was shocked and didn't know what Zhou Xiao was playing at.

The boss walked over, looked at the banknotes in Zhou Xiao’s hand, and at Tao Yueyue, deliberately bluffing, “Okay, how courageous. How do you want to compensate me? Go! Go to the back and wash the dishes for me!"

Zhou Xiao clapped his hands on his thigh and laughed. Tao Yueyue only realized then that the two people knew each other.

"Just now I teased her saying that I’ll kill the boss since I had no money to pay for the wontons. This silly girl took it seriously."

"Haha, so it turns out that I have to thank her. Brother Zhou, who is this little girl?"

Zhou Xiao didn't answer, but glanced outside. His smile suddenly faded. "Yueyue, you and the boss should go to the back. Let him find something for you to do."

"Don't freeze up and come with me!"

The boss took Tao Yueyue’s arm and brought her to the kitchen. At this time, a dwarf in a suit and leather shoes walked into the store. His face seemed to be dented in the middle. The dwarf walked straight to the opposite of Zhou Xiao and climbed up to sit on the chair that Tao Yueyue was just sitting at.

Tao Yueyue was taken into the kitchen. The boss pointed to the greasy chopping board. "Help me cut the pork into strips."

Tao Yueyue picked up the heavy meat cleaver. The knife was so big and heavy that she could hardly grasp it. Then, she held down a piece of hind leg meat with her hand and pulled the knife back and forth on it. It took a long time for her to cut a thick strip off. While she was working, she overheard the conversation outside. She heard the dwarf saying, "Five people. Four million. Think about it."

Zhou Xiao replied, "I don't want to pick up jobs over these next few days. You should find someone else!"

Seeing her stop, the boss smacked her bum crisply and urged, "Don't stop. Continue cutting."

A burst of nausea passed from Tao Yueyue’s tailbone to the back of her head. She could only grit her teeth and continued to rub the meat cleaver on the meat. The boss was impatient and said, "Cutting like you’re doing, it wouldn’t even be finished when XX is recovered. Give me the knife."

The boss grabbed the knife and quickly scraped it a few times on a sharpening rod. Then, he quickly chopped a whole hind leg’s worth of meat into small strips with some “dongdongdongdong” sounds. The cut meat strips automatically flew to the cutting board to the right.

"Stuff these into the meat grinder." The boss ordered.

Tao Yueyue silently stuffed the meat one by one into an electric meat grinder next to them. When she was halfway through, the meat grinder suddenly started. Tao Yueyue retreated in fright. The cunning boss attacked her from behind. Two generous and heavy palms held her waist. A stubble-bearded face appeared next to one of her shoulders and a warm, bad breath exhaled from his mouth. "Haha, were you frightened?"

Perceiving the other party's nasty intentions, Tao Yueyue struggled to get rid of him and prepared to escape, but the boss kicked the door closed with his feet, raising his eyebrows. "Brother Zhou asked you to work here. He’s talking about things with someone else! What are you afraid of? Uncle here isn’t going to eat you."

Tao Yueyue had goosebumps all over her body, and the buzzing sound of the electric meat grinder became the best cover. The boss slowly approached her with a wretched smile on his face. He reached out and tried to touch Tao Yueyue’s face. "This little girl is so cute. Will you be a goddaughter for uncle?"

"Zhou Xiao will kill you!" Tao Yueyue warned.

"Oh, I'm so scared!" The boss smiled nonchalantly. "What are you doing against the wall? Come here. Your clothes will get dirty!"

The huge body of the boss brought about a full sense of oppression. Tao Yueyue took a few deep breaths and suddenly went to pull the door open. The boss took advantage of his geographical advantage to block the door with his foot.  He grabbed Tao Yueyue’s arm and put the back of her hand under his nose that was overflowing with nose hairs. Then, he inhaled hard. "Wow, you’re so fragrant. This beautiful little hand is wasted cutting meat. Why don't we do something interesting instead? What do you think?"

"Stay away from me!" Tao Yueyue shouted and slapped the boss.

The boss touched his cheek and smiled even more.

Tao Yueyue remembered what Chen Shi had said about where men were most afraid of being hit and slammed her knees against the boss' crotch.

Only then did the boss taste pain. He clutched at his crotch and spun around for two and a half times. Tao Yueyue took this opportunity to pull the door open again, but it was held down again by the boss. This time the movement was a bit loud.

The boss wasn’t angry. "You broke uncle's place. You have to blow for your uncle now."

"Go away! Damn fat pig!" Tao Yueyue gritted her teeth. She looked at the knife stuck in the chopping board and evil thoughts arose in her heart.

The word "fat pig" truly angered the boss. His smile was fixed on his face, and he pointed Tao Yueyue's nose with a sausage-like index finger. He was about to spit out a few threatening words. At this time, the door opened. Zhou Xiao was standing at the door with a hostile expression.

The moment she saw him, Tao Yueyue felt a sense of relief. Her reason warned her not to let this feeling develop, otherwise it would develop into hopeless Stockholm syndrome.

"What's the matter?" Zhou Xiao asked coldly.

"This little girl is too impolite, hitting and swearing. I was just joking around." The boss looked innocent.

"Just joking around?"

Zhou Xiao suddenly punched the boss in the abdomen and pressed his head on the greasy chopping board, sticking the meat cleaver next to his ear. "So a phoenix with its feathers plucked is no better than a chicken? Nowadays, nobody is taking me seriously, like I’m a dog. You dare to touch my people?"

"Brother Zhou, Brother Zhou, Brother Zhou..."

"It's useless even if you sing!"

The boss suddenly yelled out. It turned out that the knife had already started cutting his ear, and a small shallow wound was present. The boss shouted, "You can't touch me! I'm part of Shu Ke’s gang! If you touch me, you’re dead... Mr. Qin, Mr. Qin, come and help me!"

The dwarf in the suit came in and soothed, "Brother Zhou, calm down. You can't cut his ears off. He’s someone from Shu Ke’s gang."

"Then don't you know who I am?!" Zhou Xiao roared.

"You’re a bereavement dog. Who doesn't fucking know that you don't have a backer right now?" After bringing up his backer, the boss's confidence suddenly rose.

Zhou Xiao hit the boss's ass from behind and the boss screamed, "You’re hitting me again! You who’s surnamed Zhou, I will never let you off... unless you let that little girl stay with me tonight."

Tao Yueyue trembled all over. The person who was getting threatened by the knife was actually threatening the person who threatened him with the knife. It was really absurd.

She was afraid that Zhou Xiao would succumb to this force and make her spend the night with this disgusting fat man.

Zhou Xiao laughed with anger. "I’ll cut your ear off for sure today."

"Mr. Qin, Mr. Qin, call my boss quickly." The boss cried out for help.

The dwarf stretched out a hand. "Zhou Xiao, calm down. I'll contact Shu Ke. Let's try our best to reduce big troubles into small ones and small ones into nothing, okay?"

The dwarf took out his cell phone and after dialing, his attitude suddenly became respectful. "Mr. Shu, your subordinate and Zhou Xiao are having a little dispute..." After a brief explanation, he turned his face over. "Shu Ke said, ‘You killed Old Lie and now half of the underworld is chasing you down. I only turned a blind eye because of the friendship I had with Mr. Zhou, but you’re acting so fucking arrogant in my territory! Let him go!’"

The boss breathed a sigh of relief. "Mr. Qin, please add that I want this little girl to stay with me for one night as an apology."

The dwarf said, "Don't worry about that. If it weren’t for you not controlling your dick, would it have come to this?"

Zhou Xiao said, "You tell Shu Ke that I’m going to take this ear no matter what. In exchange, I can help him get rid of the kid who sneakily sold ecstasy in Night Paris."

The dwarf sighed, explained to the other end of the phone, and then conveyed the other party's meaning, "Shu Ke said, ‘If you can kill the kid and his whole family, I can agree.’"

"No. We can exchange one ear for one life, but I can make that kid die a bit more miserably."

The dwarf conveyed this, and then said, "Shu Ke said, ‘Deal!’"

Zhou Xiao grinned. Amid the boss's screams, something bloody flew into the meat grinder...


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