Chapter 89: Tao Yueyue’s Recovery

Chen Shi woke up in a hospital bed and found that fresh flowers surrounding him. The sweet scent of flowers filled his nostrils. Amongst the flowers was Lin Dongxue's cute and lovely smile. When she saw that he woke up, she reached out and wiped the sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief. She smiled, "Finally woke up, big hero?”

"Even if you didn’t want to send me home, at least don’t throw me in a flower shop!”

"Go to hell, these are the flowers that everyone sent you. There are ones from our team and ones from the families of the victims. Oh, and the chief also sent people to give you some… Your face must be really big now.” 

"What about yours?"

"Why should I send you flowers? You haven't sent me any yet either!"

Chen Shi picked up a random bloom and handed it to her. He also raised his eyebrows as if implying something. Lin Dongxue’s face flushed red. “Get lost. I don’t want it. You’re so frugal.” 

"Okay then, I’ll keep them myself... How is the case?"

"The interrogation is over. Would you like to hear about it?"

"I have already asked about it before."

"In addition to the lottery, your reasoning was basically completely correct. I really can't believe that An Xu was actually bribed."

"If you have money, you could even ask a ghost to do labor for you."

"The kid seems to have been ruining his life. He has been eating, drinking, gambling and going to find escorts in the past few days. He has also addicted to drugs because of An Xu. He mentioned that although he has been poor for most of his life, he has at least enjoyed himself for the past seven days. He decided it was enough for him, so much that even if he gets executed, it would still be worth it… I really don’t understand how a person who seemed to have a good conscience in the past suddenly fall into the dark path like this."

 “There’s been a sociologist who has said that although the world is very bad, if the poor and the rich were flipped around, it would only get worse... Maybe he is good in nature, but he had never experienced temptation, just like plants which have their roots rot due to overnutrition.”

"The lottery is really not a good thing!"

"It depends who wins it. If it were me, my nature would not change."

"Psh, who’s going to believe that?!"

Chen Shi suddenly sat up, "What about my car?"

"Don’t worry. We’ve sent it to get repaired and guarantee that it will look good as new in a couple of days."

"It feels so awful lying here like this. Why did they wrap me in so many bandages? It’s like I’m a mummy. Go and ask a nurse to come and take them off for me.”

"But the doctor said..."

"Don't trust the doctor’s words."

Lin Dongxue couldn’t help but look for a doctor. After the doctor did his checks, he concluded that Chen Shi could go home and rest there. He partially took off the bandages. Chen Shi put on his clothes and prepared to pay for the medical expenses he incurred. Lin Dongxue smiled. "You still think you need to pay? The team has already paid it for you.”

"It seems that it was well worth getting hurt then."

"My brother told me to tell you that you will not be allowed to act alone next time. If anything happens to your life, who would be responsible for that?”

At this time, Chen Shi’s cell phone rang. He put his mobile phone next to his ear and widened his eyes the more he listened. Lin Dongxue thought that something happened in his family. When he hung up, Chen Shi suddenly picked her up and twirled around. He shouted, "It’s great!"

Then he rushed off. His frenzied look resembled Fan Jinzhong[1].

"Hey! Hey!"

Lin Dongxue’s protests couldn’t stop him in his tracks, so she smiled helplessly. Being held by him just then… It seemed like she liked it.

Half an hour later, Chen Shi was in another hospital in the city holding Tao Yueyue's hand in front of the doctor. He kept repeating, "You mean, she will never have a relapse, right?"

The doctor agreed, "Yes, the cancerous index has fallen sharply. To have improved so much could have been because she is young and has a more robust body, or because she sought treatment early enough. However, she still has to come back for check-ups regularly and  eat her medication.” 

"Thank you so, so much." Chen Shi looked at Tao Yueyue and asked, "Yueyue, what do you want to eat?"

"Uncle Chen, I want to eat beef noodles."

"Let’s go!"

After sending away a rehabilitated cancer patient, the doctor smiled heartily before suddenly remembering something. He yelled at the vanishing silhouettes, "Hey, you can't eat foods that are too spicy or greasy during the recovery period!"

When they got outside, Tao Yueyue got to breathe fresh air and see a scenery she hadn’t seen in a long time. She was very happy, but there was one regret that she had.

She touched her bald little head bleakly. "The hair is all gone, just like the nuns in the temples."

"Hey, want to see what Uncle Chen prepared for you?" Chen Shi took out a goose-yellow woven hat, with two synthetic hair braids on each side.

After wearing it, Tao Yueyue was ecstatic. "Thank you, Uncle Chen!"

"Let's go; we should go and eat."

"Why didn't you drive today? Was it sold to cure my illness?"

"The car is being repaired. You are so small that the doctor said that they will charge me half price."

"Liar, I have heard about it. A lot of money was spent to give me medical treatment..." Tao Yueyue suddenly didn't smile. "Uncle Chen, I will pay you back all this money when I grow up.”

"Okay then, I will wait for you to grow up." Chen Shi reached out and poked her nose.

When crossing the road, Chen Shi held Tao Yueyue in his arms. After a few years of illness, she didn’t seem to have gained weight at all.

Holding this little girl at the moment, Chen Shi’s thoughts jumped back to a few years ago. At that time, Tao Yueyue, who was only five years old, sat in the closet silently as she witnessed her mother being killed. She was the only eye-witness in the Zhou Xiao case. The police never announced her existence, so she could be said to be a trump card.

Later, when she fell ill with cancer, Chen Shi once thought that God had abandoned him. He tried his best to save her until finally, he had his wishes granted.

It seems that people will not be unlucky or lucky all the time. Perhaps it’s as some pseudoscientists have said: a person's luck has been calculated to begin with.

He thought that Tao Yueyue’s recovery would become a turning point. However, living in Chen Shi’s identity for so long, he has already regarded himself as Chen Shi. The person named Song Lang seemed to have been a distant past. He really didn’t know which identity he would choose to live when this was all over. 

Tao Yueyue asked, "Uncle Chen, where will I live in the future?"

"You’ll live in my house!"

"Won’t aunty be upset?"

"Aunty? There aren’t any aunties there. After a while, you should go to school as well. You’re fairly behind in school.” 

Tao Yueyue pouted unhappily. "But I don't want to go to school."

"That's not okay!"

The case calmly came to a close. Deep into the night that day, the entire bureau went left the building, and only the forensics squad’s lights were on.

The blood sample in the hands of Peng Sijue was collected from the car after Chen Shi crashed that day. He felt very anxious at that moment and kept clenching and letting go of both his fists. 

The buzz of the testing instrument stopped, and the DNA information was slowly printed out on the computer. The two sets of samples matched. The light of the screen was reflected on Peng Sijue’s glasses lens. The words "100% match" jumped out at him. 

Peng Sijue's eyes widened and he couldn't believe the result. His fists slowly tightened and he kept muttered, "Song Lang, it really is you! It really is you!"

Tears slowly filled his eyes...

1. There was a man who went to the juren exams and became a scholar. Everyone in his village got excited and exaggerated everything in a dramatic way after much delight.  

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