Chapter 889: Eating Wontons But Not Paying For Them

Watching the dull and plain night road, Tao Yueyue gradually became drowsy. Although the smell of smoke in the car was choking, she still fell asleep.

The shaking of the car awakened her. Zhou Xiao instructed, "Get off!"

Tao Yueyue rubbed her eyes and found herself in a building with a few dirty half-naked men holding tools such as wrenches and hammers with a dismembered car in the middle of the house.

Zhou Xiao said to a man with a crescent scar on his face, "Brother Dong, give me a replacement."

The scar-faced man came over and inspected Zhou Xiao’s car inside and out. “There is only one second-hand Jinbei in the garage, but you have to add more money.”

"Put it on credit first."

The scar-faced man sneered. "That won’t work. You’re a wanted criminal now. If you’re caught by the police, who would we go to for money? Oh, who is this little beauty?" His eyes fell on Tao Yueyue and she hid behind a pillar in fear.

Zhou Xiao pushed the scar-faced man. "I have been wanted for over a decade. Do you think I’ve been arrested? I will give you the money in two days. I never break my promises."

The scar-faced man turned around and took a cigarette handed to him by his little brother with his mouth, took a few puffs, and said grimly, "We’re a business. So Brother Zhou, don't make it hard for us."

A blue vein on Zhou Xiao's forehead was pulsing, and he asked gloomily, "What the fuck do you mean by that? Without Mr. Zhou, would your broken shop have a firm foothold in the underworld?"

"That was then. This is now. Mr. Zhou is no longer here. You’re a lone wolf now. After all, we are here to do business!"

"Mr. Zhou's kindness to you isn’t worth a car?"

"If it’s as you said, we also have our problems, Brother Zhou. There are young and old amongst us, and they rely on us to earn money to support their families. Please be considerate of us, Brother Zhou!"

"Hurry up and fucking swap me a car!"

"Pay first!"

The atmosphere gradually became tense, and the younger brothers around each took up their tools and gathered around. Their expressions weren’t good, and Tao Yueyue nervously grabbed his clothes.

The scar-faced man said, "But it's okay to give you a free license plate."

Zhou Xiao snorted but had no choice but to comply. "Help me get a fake driver's license as well!"

"No problem!"

The scar-faced man instructed a younger brother to open the drawers and take out a pair from the pile of old license plates, then replaced the ones on their car.

Zhou Xiao was asked to take a photo in front of a blue painted wall. The younger brother was sorting it on the computer and printed out the fake driver's license, stamped it, and put on a cover. The whole process was very familiar to him.

Tao Yueyue suddenly understood that this was a car dealership that was dedicated to providing services for bad guys.

Afterwards, the scar-faced man opened the rolling gate to send them away. It was already dawn outside, but there was no one on the street. After the car drove out, the rolling gate behind them closed with a bang. Tao Yueyue secretly took a mental note of this car dealership’s name.

Zhou Xiao backed the car and drove to the opposite sidewalk. The front of the car was facing the rolling gate of the car dealership. Both feet stepped on the brakes and accelerator at the same time, and the tires spun idly on the ground.

When she understood what Zhou Xiao was going to do, Tao Yueyue was so frightened that her heart began pounding. This man couldn't swallow down what had transpired just then and was about to crash the car and kill those people.

"Uncle Zhou, calm down!"

Tao Yueyue persuaded and Zhou Xiao was taken aback momentarily and almost released the brakes. He said, "Kids shouldn’t interfere in an adult’s business!"

"You’re wanted everywhere in the city. If you offend your 'friends' again, there will really be no place to hide." Tao Yueyue was only afraid that Zhou Xiao would be killed here, and she would also meet with misfortune.

Zhou Xiao sighed, first releasing the accelerator, then releasing the brakes. He slowly drove the car back to the road.

He lit a cigarette and asked, "You actually care about me?"

"I was a little afraid of you yesterday, but I have been with you for a while, so I’ve started to trust you a little."

"Smooth talker!" Zhou Xiao sneered. "Let's go to eat. What do you want to eat?"

"Anything is fine…"

Through this little episode, Zhou Xiao started talking more. “Ling Shuang was like you at the beginning, saying that she would do anything for us, except murder. The teacher locked her in with a man and gave her a knife. She screamed, cried, and begged inside it. Suddenly, there were no movements inside. I opened the door and saw that she was kneeling next to the man’s corpse as she kept stabbing the knife in. She looked up. I will never forget her expression at that time. She smiled very happily, like... just like the first time an old virgin knew what it was like to have sex. When you pierce a knife into another person's body, you will taste something that nothing else can replace."

Tao Yueyue shuddered, not only out of fear, but also because she actually sympathized with the scene described by Zhou Xiao.

She remembered Chen Shi's words: Everyone must be their own prison guard, and the prisoner who needs to be closely guarded is called "Own Nature"!

Zhou Xiao reached out and rubbed Tao Yueyue's head. He said gently, "Maybe you can replace Ling Shuang and become my good partner and friend. Of course, you have to pass the exam first."

"Uncle Zhou, I have to take the junior high examination the day after tomorrow. Can I go home tomorrow..."

"You can. It depends on your performance tonight!"

Gulp! Tao Yueyue swallowed nervously.

With the beginning of the day, the number of pedestrians and vehicles on the street gradually increased. While they were parked at a red light, the driver next to Zhou Xiao’s car borrowed his lighter. The driver saw Tao Yueyue and asked, "Sending your daughter to school? "

Zhou Xiao smiled and replied, "Yes! It’s estimated that we’ll be late again today. The road conditions are too terrible."

"It's because Road XX is getting repaired. Haii, I have to spend an extra hour at work now."

The two of them talked about the road conditions, and they smiled and said goodbye to each other when the green light came on.

Tao Yueyue thought to herself that the driver who spoke to him would never have imagined that this man was a wicked serial killer. Chen Shi said that most of the murderers gave the impression of being polite and orderly. Zhou Xiao, who was chatting with the driver, gave Tao Yueyue a very good demonstration class.

The two arrived at another secluded street. A wonton dumpling shop was open. The large aluminum pot at the door was steaming up, but there were no customers in the shop. The boss greeted them warmly, "What would you two like to eat?"

"Two bowls of wontons."

"Okay, please sit inside. There’s tea on the table."

After getting seated, Zhou Xiao lit up another cigarette. Tao Yueyue silently calculated that he had smoked 34 cigarettes from last night till now.

"Uncle Zhou, you should have no money. How are you going to pay?" Tao Yueyue asked in a low voice.

Zhou Xiao grabbed the chopsticks and dug at his ears. He said with a smile, "Isn’t that easy? After eating, we just need to drag the boss to the kitchen and kill him."

Tao Yueyue was so frightened that her palms turned cold. She turned her head and glanced at the boss who was making the wontons. The heat steamed his cheeks to be red. He was probably happy to have customers. Tao Yueyue said, "That doesn’t sound too good. It’ll alert the police."

"The police are like stupid pigs. They will only check who the man has fought with, which prostitute he’s used, and who can get his inheritance. They will never think that I don't want to pay for wontons. What of criminal psychology, crime re-enactment, criminal sociology? All of these are just for show. Most police would stand there looking at the fat man's body. Can they can infer that the motive for the murder was that I didn’t want to pay for the wontons? Hahaha, motherfuckers!

Tao Yueyue felt sorry for the boss. When the wontons were served, she ate them slowly, wondering if she could save the boss's life.

With an idea, she came to the desk with half-eaten wontons and said, "Uncle, can you add some soup?"

"Haha, just say so in your seat. Uncle will add it for you!" the boss said in a gentle tone for talking to children.

When the boss turned around to scoop up the soup, Tao Yueyue quickly stole fifty yuan from the cash register and held it in her palm. She grabbed the bowl, thanked him, and returned to her table, whispering to Zhou Xiao, "Uncle Zhou, you can pay for the bill now since we have money."

"You’re pretty clever!" Zhou Xiao took the banknotes. Then, his expression changed. "Boss, this little girl is stealing your money!"


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