Chapter 888: Showing Weakness

Hearing the heavy footsteps approaching, Tao Yueyue gritted her teeth and encouraged the completely frightened child. "Don't be afraid and go knock on the doors!"

She pushed the boy up. When he got to the twentieth floor, the boy suddenly turned his head around and pushed Tao Yueyue down. As she rolled down the stairs, Tao Yueyue's brain was blank and her eyes that were revolving as tumbled down saw the boy's thin, scarred legs were quickly escaping upstairs.

Tao Yueyue slammed down into the corridor on the floor beneath, and the back of her head almost cracked on the wall. She remembered the saying: "I can't outrun a tiger, but I can outrun you". At this moment of life and death, the boy actually used her to buy time.

Of course, this was also "reasonable". To this boy, she was just a stranger.

Zhou Xiao’s angry face rose slowly from under the stairs. He glanced at Tao Yueyue, knocked her back to the ground with a backhand slap, and kicked her in the abdomen. Tao Yueyue screamed in pain. There seemed to be magma surging inside her stomach.

After giving a simple lesson to Tao Yueyue, Zhou Xiao rushed upstairs. There was a boy screaming, "Uncle, Auntie, open the door... ah don't come, don't come... ah!! Ahh!!!"

Each time the boy screamed, Tao Yueyue shivered until finally his voice disappeared and she knew it was her turn next.

She tried to get up, but the impact on the back of her head made her sway as if she were drunk. Knowing that she couldn’t escape, she rushed to the door closest to her, slammed on the door, and said, "The uncle inside, tell the police that the murderer is Zhou Xiao and I’m Tao Yueyue."

She repeated this three times until a low, frightened voice came from inside. "Don't be at my door. Go away fast. I have already called the police!"

The heavy footsteps brought the nightmare behind Tao Yueyue. Before she could turn her head around, she was pulled up by her hair and forced to look at Zhou Xiao’s face that was distorted with anger. The knife in Zhou Xiao's hand was still dripping with warm blood.

He pointed the knife at the door. "Do you think these cowards dare to open the door?"

Zhou Xiao threw Tao Yueyue down and kicked at the door wildly. The anti-theft door was kicked until it was dented. He shouted wildly, "The murderer is attacking outside. Open the door, cowards, hahahaha!"

His laughter made the voice-activated lights that had just been extinguished light up again. Tao Yueyue seemed to be able to see through the cold doors. The pale faces, and those tremblingly fingers calling 110.

"Who is the wolf?! Who is the mouse?! Do you want to be a wolf or a mouse?!" Zhou Xiao put his face in front of Tao Yueyue’s, and interrogated fiercely. Tao Yueyue was trembling while holding the handrail of the stairs in fright.

Zhou Xiao pulled Tao Yueyue's arm down the stairs. He hurried his steps. Tao Yueyue was dragged and forced to jog. They got into a car. Zhou Xiao took out his lock-picking tools, and ignored the sudden loud alarm. The door of the car was pried open forefully.

There were many people turning on their lights upstairs, but Zhou Xiao didn't care about this at all. Cowardice and selfishness are the normal states of ordinary people. After all, they didn’t have the power to resist evil.

Zhou Xiao finally started the car and ordered, "Get in the car!"

Tao Yueyue sat in the passenger seat obediently, and Zhou Xiao started the car. He placed the murderous knife under the windshield and lighted his cigarette while driving out of the housing community. Not long after leaving the housing community, the police sirens resounded behind them in the night sky, but instead of chasing them, the police rushed to the scene.

Tao Yueyue knew that once they arrived at their next hiding place, Zhou Xiao would definitely punish her severely for what happened tonight. She must show weakness. Must show weakness and use this man's character to survive.

"I'm sorry! I just didn't dare to kill the boy personally. I didn't intend to run!" Tao Yueyue looked at Zhou Xiao timidly.

Zhou Xiao stared at her, slightly taken aback. He knew that Tao Yueyue was purposely showing weakness, but he still ate it up and his anger was obviously reduced. He said, "Stop using flowery speech. I will definitely punish you for the things that happened tonight!"

"I... I will accept the punishment, but... but I might need a little more psychological preparation for murder!"

"Hmph, I told you to kill the mice and you dared not to kill them, saying that it was okay to just kill someone yourself. Now you want to go back on your word? I must warn you that I have no patience. Also, right now, I’m of a wanted status. You have to do whatever I say. Otherwise next time I will definitely kill you!"

Tao Yueyue breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that she was spared her this time. "I promise..."

Zhou Xiao popped the cigarette butt out of the window, "There’s no compromise in murder. I will believe you only when you have blood on your hands. If you dare not to even kill, then you are of no use to me. I will deal with things that aren’t useful immediately!"

Tao Yueyue bit her lip and nodded.

"Speak up and say ‘I dare to muder’!" Zhou Xiao shouted.

"I dare to murder."

"Good. Wery good!"

"But... Uncle Zhou, I'm really tired right now. I want to eat something and sleep. When I have a good rest and am mentally prepared, then... I will do this, okay? I promise that from now on, I will definitely listen to you!" Tao Yueyue pleaded quietly.

Zhou Xiao looked at her and sneered. He parked the car outside a closed clothing store and handed over the lock-picking tools. "Go and steal some clothes."

Tao Yueyue nodded obediently, took the lock-picking tools, and got out of the car.

She easily opened the small door on the rolling shutter. After sneaking into the store, Tao Yueyue took two sets of clothes and a small satchel. As she was leaving, she found a window on the wall that she could climb out of as long as she put something underneath as a footstool to get outside.

However, she gave up this idea and wanted to win the trust of Zhou Xiao, convincing him that she wouldn’t run away, and then escape at the best opportunity.

Back in the car, Zhou Xiao gave her a compliment. He took off his blood-stained T-shirt, put on new clothes, then wiped the blood on the knife with the old clothes. He put the knife in Tao Yueyue's hand. "Cut the label for me!"

He actually turned around and turned his back towards Tao Yueyue. Tao Yueyue was holding this sharp knife. It was a great opportunity that tempted her. Or perhaps it was another trap.

She took a deep breath, suppressed the evil thoughts spreading in her heart, grabbed the label, and gently cut it with the knife. Then, she held the knife upside down to Zhou Xiao.

Zhou Xiao glanced at the new clothes in her hand and said, "Why aren't you changing?"

"I... can I go to the back of the car to change?"

"Change here!"

"Uncle Zhou, you told me to cut the label, indicating that you trust me. Thus, you should also trust me. I won’t run."

Zhou Xiao narrowed his eyes and sneered. "You’re really good at talking. Okay, if you go to the back to change and you dare to run..."

"I won't run!" Tao Yueyue expressed her "loyalty" with firm eyes.

Zhou Xiao nodded and his tone eased. "Go ahead."

Tao Yueyue pushed the car door open, got to the rear of the car, took off her clothes, put on new clothes, and threw the old ones to the side of the road. She suddenly wondered if she could leave some messages for Chen Shi, but how would she leave them?


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