Chapter 887: Escape At Midnight

Tao Yueyue looked at the unfamiliar ceiling, her tears had dried and flowed repeatedly. The night outside the window was dark and gloomy, and the scattered windows with their lights on outside were like lanterns floating in the vast night sky.

After a long inner struggle, her eyes finally became firm. Fantasy and regret wouldn't save her. If she wanted to go home, she would have to rely on herself!

She walked to the window, pushed it open, and looked down. This was a ten-story high-rise building. She had no way of escaping from the window. Of course, she could choose to jump, but that was meaningless. She had to survive!

The bedroom door had a metal ball-shaped handle which could only be locked from the inside. Was Zhou Xiao not worried about her running away late at night?

Tao Yueyue reached for the doorknob with her hand. In the silence, she heard a “zzz” sound. It was very subtle, like a wire was leaking electricity somewhere. She suddenly had a hunch. She found a nail in the house and inserted it in a piece of rubber. She pinched the rubber and stretched the tip of the nail to the metal handle.

A small arc of electricity noisily appeared between the nail and the handle.

Sure enough, the door handle had electricity running through it.

Tao Yueyue searched the bedroom, took apart a teddy bear, wrapped its lining and pillow towel around her hand to act as an insulator, and then carefully touched the doorknob to make sure that there would be no electric shock before holding it tightly and opening the door.

The other side of the door handle was wrapped with an uninsulated wire, and the plug at the other end of the wire was directly inserted into the socket. The electrical current would have definitely made her fall to the ground instantly or caused her to scream.

Not only that, there were two beer bottles placed upside down by the door with a thin thread tied between them.

Tao Yueyue avoided these sinister traps and went to the living room. Zhou Xiao’s snoring sound came from the master bedroom where he was sleeping. Tao Yueyue used the lightest of steps to get to the security door. The door chain would make a sound when you moved it.

This would inevitably alarm Zhou Xiao. He was a wanted criminal who had escaped for over a decade. His vigilance could only be high.

After taking a few deep breaths, Tao Yueyue observed her surroundings for what could be used.

Maybe she could use Zhou Xiao to deal with her own things and then deal with him in turn by setting up barriers in front of his bedroom so that he couldn't rush out to catch her immediately.

Tao Yueyue unplugged the wire from the socket and walked to Zhou Xiao’s bedroom. Zhou Xiao lay on the bed shirtless, making whistling snoring sounds. On the wall of the bed, there was a photo of a family of three, smiling happily and sweetly.

Tao Yueyue clenched her fists. She should wrap the wire around Zhou Xiao's neck and give the beast an electric shock!

Of course, she was only thinking about this. She didn't have that kind of courage, let alone the strength needed.

If the door were closed, it might alarm him.

Pour a layer of water on the ground and turn it on again? No, as long as Zhou Xiao wore shoes, it would be useless. Furthermore, the water would flow everywhere and she would suffer too.

Or should she simply block the door with something, like a sofa?

She immediately denied this plan. Whether it was a cabinet or a sofa, Zhou Xiao could easily push away things that she had to put in a lot of effort to push over. The two were vastly different in strength.


Suddenly, there was such a sound in the bedroom. Tao Yueyue's heart shrank in fright, she popped her head into the bedroom where Zhou Xiao was and saw a sack under the window. A moving sack.

Tao Yueyue turned and walked into the kitchen, opened the upper level of the refrigerator, and held her breath to observe the corpses inside. There were two fluffy heads in the freezing unit, which meant that there was still one person alive in this family of three. That little boy?!

Zhou Xiao had explained that he would continue to give her "classes" tomorrow. Had he prepared the "textbook" long ago?

After thinking of this, Tao Yueyue felt her stomach turn. She quickly closed the refrigerator, squatted down by the wall, and covered her mouth while trembling as tears began to swirl in her eyes...

Escape by herself and then call the police to save the child?

No, this was just self-deception. As long as Zhou Xiao found out that Tao Yueyue was missing, he would immediately kill the child and move away.

If she abandoned this child, this child would undoubtedly die!

Tao Yueyue's chest was constantly rising and falling, frequently taking in oxygen. She finally made up her mind and walked to the anti-theft door. She opened the latch, the door chain and the door lock in turn. The movements sounded particularly shocking against the silent night.

She opened the door and looked back at the bedroom. Zhou Xiao had already started to move. He was woken. After a few seconds of confusion, he would be completely awake.

Tao Yueyue ripped the door open and slammed it against the wall. At the same time, she rushed to hide behind the sofa, counting silently. One, two, three...

When she counted to fifteen, Zhou Xiao rushed out shirtless. He glanced at Tao Yueyue’s bedroom, cursed "fuck", kicked the trash can to vent, and then rushed back to the bedroom. In less than half a minute, he came out again. His clothes were on and he hid a knife behind him as he walked out.

Tao Yueyue's heart was beating wildly. After hearing Zhou Xiao's movement downstairs, she ran into Zhou Xiao's bedroom and untied the opening of the sack. Inside the sack was a thin boy, about ten years old, and he was completely naked. His body was blue and purple, his hands and feet were tightly wrapped in tape, and his mouth was bandaged.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here to save you!"

After saying these words, Tao Yueyue ran into the kitchen, hurriedly found a knife, and went back.

The boy was overwhelmed. Seeing the bright knife stretched before him, he twisted his body desperately, making a whining sound. Tao Yueyue instructed anxiously, "Don't move, I'm not a bad person!"

Every second, Zhou Xiao may realize that he had been fooled and run back!

When she cut the tape on the boy's hands and feet, the boy hit her in the face with a punch, and crawled to the corner of the wall with his hands and feet, hugging his body as he shrank into a ball. Fear had completely disabled him from thinking.

Tao Yueyue couldn't take care of her bleeding nose and urged, "Hurry and follow me! The bad guy will be coming back soon!"

The boy was crying while holding his ears and shook his head desperately, as if that corner was the safest place.


Tao Yueyue grabbed his hand, but the boy fought back fiercely like a stressed cat, scratching her arm. Tao Yueyue was so anxious that she pulled him up and ran out with a force that almost dislocated the boy's arm. The boy screamed, which revealed their whereabouts.

Coming to the door, Tao Yueyue had already heard Zhou Xiao's rapid footsteps turning back below. They could only run upstairs.

Dragging the soulless little boy to escape upstairs, Tao Yueyue desperately smashed the door of a family and shouted, "Open the door! Someone wants to kill us! Please!"

No response.

She continued to knock on the door of a second household and shouted the same words, but there was still no response.

The shouts had turned on the voice-activated lights of the entire building, and Zhou Xiao’s footsteps were getting closer and closer. Tao Yueyue suddenly realized that it wasn’t that the residents hadn’t heard her. They just didn’t dare to open their doors...


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