Chapter 885: Succession Plan

Tao Yueyue looked at Zhou Xiao in bewilderment. "I... I don't understand. What is the relationship between me and Zhou Tiannan?"

"Take a guess!"

Tao Yueyue's first thought was that she didn't have a father and that her mother was a prostitute. Could it be that Zhou Tiannan was her...? No. It was impossible. There wouldn't be so many bizarre things.

Tao Yueyue shook her head.

"Do you remember the orphanage?"

Tao Yueyue's eyes widened. After she had become an orphan, she did stay in an orphanage, but that hadn't lasted long. Soon after, she was adopted by a driver who claimed to be "Song Lang's friend".

"The orphanage was secretly sponsored by the teacher." Zhou Xiao calmly told her the shocking truth. "I let you go on a whim and the teacher scolded me severely. However, it would be too difficult to get rid of this loose end by then. You were protected by the police, and the teacher secretly operated to ask the people in the orphanage to take you away. A child in the orphanage dying in an accident wouldn’t be suspected by outsiders anyway. However... you showed amazing talents in the orphanage. Those children teamed up to bully you, but you countered them with tricks. All the children who bullied you suffered. The teacher saw all this. He discovered a treasure and changed his mind. He didn’t want you to die. He wanted to train you to be one of us!"

Tao Yueyue suddenly thought about the orphanage. After she retaliated against her classmates, there would always be an uncle who would talk to her and his words implied vicious meanings, suggesting that she could use more extreme methods.

At the time, she was too young, and her memory was incomplete. She only remembered the sunlight coming through the office window, the white teeth that the uncle showed when he smiled, as well as the cigar that he always held in his hand.

Zhou Xiao spread his hands. "However, a meddlesome driver came and wanted to adopt you. His procedures were legal. We could only let you go. However, the teacher intended to make you an orphan again! We secretly observed the driver and using some clues, we discovered that he was actually Song Lang who was made miserable by us framing him back then. No wonder he had to adopt you. He wanted to protect you, a little witness, by his side! It can only be said that Song Lang was fortunate. He didn’t just become a driver, but he helped the police crack cases. He was too close to the police and we couldn’t take action. A 'low-key life' had always been a principle the teacher followed. However, you didn’t let the teacher down. You’re still a little poisonous snake even in junior high, and you have extraordinary talents. Out of love for you, the teacher even quit his original school and transferred to your school, ready to personally enlighten you. Unfortunately, the teacher suffered misfortune and this plan to cultivate his successor was shelved."

Listening to this, Tao Yueyue's clenched fists kept sweating. This group of people secretly participated in the process of her growth.

Zhou Xiao said with piercing eyes, "Tao Yueyue, you and I both know what your nature is. Your talent is very good. Kindness is just a hypocritical contract that the weak abide by. A truly strong person wouldn’t abide by such boring things. Do you want to be a sheep or a wolf? Only I can guide you to be the character you want to be!"

Tao Yueyue finally spoke. She was so tense her voice changed. "Are you trying to turn me into your accomplice?"

"Not just that."

"I'm currently missing. Uncle Chen doesn't know that I’ve come into contact with you. Are you going to let me go back as your undercover agent?"

Zhou Xiao said towards the sky, "Teacher, this kid is really smart. She understands as soon as I start talking. You didn't choose the wrong person!"

Tao Yueyue trembled at Zhou Xiao's motive, but she still had the hope of going home. She said, "What are you going to teach me... I can't stay outside for too long. Otherwise, Uncle Chen will be suspicious."

"Don't be impatient. Teacher Zhou's lessons have to be digested slowly. Why did you run away from home?"

"I... I killed a classmate."

Zhou Xiao raised his eyebrows. "Let's talk about it!"

Tao Yueyue talked about it briefly. She was very nervous talking to this person, so nervous that there was no feeling in her voice.

After listening, Zhou Xiao said, "You’re going back now because you saw the news and knew that he wasn’t actually killed by you?"


"Then do you know who pushed this Liang Zuoming into the middle of the road?"


"I had to because your plan was too stupid. I needed to stop it, so I had to kill the person you wanted to kill first."

Tao Yueyue smelled the scent of lies from his exaggerated body movements. It couldn’t be him at all because Zhou Xiao was busy committing crimes over the past two days. He didn't have the time to pay attention to a child's childish revenge.

"Thank you." She said stiffly.

Zhou Xiao walked over, which scared Tao Yueyue so much she shrank her neck back. Zhou Xiao rubbed her head. "Yueyue is such a good girl. No wonder the teacher likes you so much." Then, he put his arm around Tao Yueyue's shoulders and whispered to her, "The class I want to give you will benefit you a lot and let you discover your true self. Aren’t you looking forward to it?"

Tao Yueyue was so nervous that every pore on her shrank. Her hand touched a stone under the sand, but she didn’t dare to resist at this time because the other party was not an ordinary bad person. He was a real demon.

Zhou Xiao stood up, kicked the sand over to extinguish the fire, and said, "Let's go! I'll take you back."

Tao Yueyue could only follow him into the dilapidated van, and her tears fell as she looked at the numerous house lights outside the window. She wanted to go home, but she knew that she had to bear it and wait for the right opportunity.

Perhaps this catastrophe was God's punishment for herself. For what she had done to Liang Zuoming.

With a cigarette in his mouth, Zhou Xiao’s van passed along streets both familiar and unfamiliar. Tao Yueyue saw the police patrolling on the way, but they didn’t suspect the dilapidated van. Zhou Xiao asked, "Do you know how much my bounty is?"

"The news said it was 200,000..."

"That's just a reward from the police. The family members of the people I killed have set up a reward on the Internet. They’re providing 400,000 for clues and catching me will have a reward of 2,000,000... This amounts to nothing. The bounty I have on me in the underworld is astronomical. I want to earn this money myself, hahaha!"

Talking about his situation, Zhou Xiao's tone was very excited, as if it was a manifestation of his life value.

It was late at night and they got to a street that was still lively. Zhou Xiao parked the car on the side of the road and told Tao Yueyue to follow him.

Tao Yueyue followed Zhou Xiao and strangers brushed past. In their eyes, these two people might just be an ordinary pair of father and daughter. Tao Yueyue looked at the dark alley on the side of the road, wondering if she could run and get rid of Zhou Xiao.

When Zhou Xiao passed by a fruit stand, he casually picked up an apple, rubbed it on his clothes, bit it, and said without looking back, "If you run, many people will die here!"

"I... I won't run."

Zhou Xiao squatted down in front of a stall selling little mice, teased the round and stupid little mice in the cage with his fingers, and threw the apple core in for them. He turned his head around and said to Tao Yueyue, "Come here. Pick four mice!"


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