Chapter 884: The Teacher's Will

Volume 53: Tao Yueyue’s Way Home

The last subway arrived at the station.

Tao Yueyue left the platform with the sparse crowd. Her face was filled with excitement, anxiety, and anticipation that couldn’t be concealed. For the past few days since running away from home, her heart had been suffering. Just like Gu You had said, there was no way to make up for killing someone. Liang Zuoming's appearance when he died repeatedly played in front of her like a compulsive thought.

She was only really freed from the cage of guilt when she watched the news. It turned out that Liang Zuoming hadn’t died because of her. God had given her a chance. Liang Zuoming had been killed by another person. Not her!

Leaving the subway station, the streets of early summer were very lively. Taking the subway had already used up the last bit of money in her pockets, so she decided to walk back the rest of the way.

She couldn't help speeding up her pace. Every step she took was closer to home and Chen Shi.

She finally saw the lights of the housing community. She couldn’t help but have tears wetting her eyes. She wiped them away with her hand, but then a thought broke into her heart. Is this a trap? Would the news just be a trap to lure me back?

However, she immediately denied this idea. Uncle Chen wouldn’t do such a thing. He would never take advantage of her trust.

Crossing the road, she was almost at the gate of the housing community. The sparsely-haired security guard stood at the door yawning, chatting with an aunt who sold roasted sweet potatoes. She wondered whether the security guard who greeted her every day would be surprised seeing her like this.

Tao Yueyue didn't think much of the van in front of her. She walked around from the rear of the car. When she walked to the middle of the road, the door behind her slammed open and the sudden approaching footsteps were rapid and sinister. Tao Yueyue didn’t even have time to turn her head around. A handkerchief covered with ether was pressed tightly over her mouth and nose from behind. Tao Yueyue looked up and saw an evil-grinning face before her eyes gradually lost focus.

When she woke up, Tao Yueyue couldn’t really open her eyes because of a dazzling fire. She was lying on a sandy ground without being bound. They were at a secluded river beach, and the bridge in the distance was like a light beam. By the river, the man who kidnapped her was sitting in front of a fire, using a tree branch to play with it. His face was both familiar and unfamiliar to her.

The effectiveness of the anesthetic hadn’t completely faded. Tao Yueyue could barely support her body upright. "Who are you?!"

"Even though I’ve undergone cosmetic surgery several times, you should know who I am because we met when you were very young..." The man drew a knife out. "'Little girl, choose one. You or your mother needs to die'!"

A huge panic filled her heart. Tao Yueyue seemed unable to breathe. She said a name out loud. "Zhou Xiao?!"

The other party grinned. This savage smile was like a beast showing its fangs. It evoked the memories Tao Yueyue didn’t want to face. She got up to run but fell down and gave herself a mouthful of sand. However, she still desperately clawed at the sand as she tried crawling forward. Even though there was a river in front of her, she had to flee. Even if it were a sea of flames, she still had to flee.

Zhou Xiao stuck the knife in the sand, walked over to pick up the skinny Tao Yueyue, and put her back where she started. He also sat back in the position he was in earlier. "Do I have to establish authority in a simple and primitive way? How does your Uncle Song normally treat you? As long as you’re obedient and don't run away, I won't beat you. Are you hungry yet?"

Tao Yueyue finally smelled the scent of meat in the fire, but she was uninterested. She stared at Zhou Xiao's eyes that were illuminated by the fire and asked, "Why did you kidnap me? You want to use me to blackmail Uncle Chen?!"

"Haha!" Zhou Xiao laughed up to the sky. "To threaten him? What does he matter?! He wasn’t our match from the beginning. A small policeman isn’t worthy of being our opponent."

Zhou Xiao fished out a tin foil bag that had been roasting in the fire. As soon as the cold wind blew, the hot tin foil cooled down. When it was opened, the inside had a leg of lamb. Zhou Xiao cut the meat on it with a knife and brought it to his mouth. He was very efficient and it could be seen that he was someone skilled and experienced with knives. Zhou Xiao indulged himself in eating, looking at all the lights in the distance from time to time.

Tao Yueyue observed her surroundings. A van was parked not too far away with the words "Purchasing old appliances and furniture" written on it. A steep path led to the road above, with cars passing by.

She grabbed a handful of sand and figured out an escape plan. She would throw the sand into Zhou Xiao's eyes and rush to the car!

She may not be able to drive the car, but she could hide inside and lock the door...

No, no, the best way was to rush to the road and call for help. As long as you stood in front of pedestrians or under a security camera, she would be safe. No matter how rampant Zhou Xiao was, he wouldn’t dare to do as he pleased in front of pedestrians.

Tao Yueyue was so nervous that her throat became dry. At this time, Zhou Xiao turned his face around and asked coldly, "Want to use sand to blind my eyes and run away?"


Tao Yueyue swallowed down her saliva and her eyes were flustered.

"You can try it, but let's make an agreement. Every time you fail to escape, I will cut off a part of you!" Zhou Xiao raised his knife and waved it around. "You'd better think about it more before you run away because the chances are limited!" Then, he grinned again.

Tao Yueyue turned her head and looked up. There was a pedestrian standing on the side of the road looking over. Zhou Xiao saw through Tao Yueyue's thoughts as though he had mind-reading abilities and said, "There’s no use calling for help."

Zhou Xiao cut off a piece of lamb and brought it over to Tao Yueyue's mouth.

The thought of not being able to go home and see Chen Shi caused a huge psychological gap which made Tao Yueyue extremely angry. She wanted to get rid of this piece of meat, or spit on it, but at the same time, she also anticipated the results of her resistance. Although she was smart, she was also very timid. She was afraid of suffering.

Be patient! Find a chance to escape!

Thus, she opened her mouth and ate the piece of meat. Zhou Xiao praised, "What a good girl!"

"Why did you kidnap me?"

"Take a guess!"

"I’m the only person alive who has seen your face? So you want to kill me to seal my lips forever?"

"If that's the case, what I’d be eating now would be your meat..." Zhou Xiao raised the leg of lamb in his hand. "I’ve been wanted for so many years and have changed my face three or four times. Would I care about that? As long as I’m willing, I can walk on the roads, passing by the police, and even say hello! Other wanted criminals flee abroad and pretend to be wild men in the mountains, but I live well in Long'an. The streets and alleys here are so familiar to me that it’s like the hair on the top of my hand. This is my home, and the police can't find me even if they die trying."

Tao Yueyue looked at this boastful smiling face across the fire. "I can't guess why."

Zhou Xiao held the leg of lamb and tore the meat off with his teeth. He chewed and the tendons creaked in his teeth. His smile slowly faded. "I suffered some shocks. At first, I thought I had already surpassed my teacher, but I was slammed onto the ground severely by reality. Even though my teacher is no longer here, his teachings are still so meaningful! I should listen to him. I should carry out his will well. Tao Yueyue, you’re one of Teacher’s wills!"


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