Chapter 88: Heavenly Luck

In those few months, the two felt extremely pained with Xiao Mei’s family’s constant badgering, so they had the idea of committing suicide.

Cheng Chao knew that this was very selfish, but Xiao Mei said that if she had to leave him, she would not be able to live a day. She felt that it was better to die like this.

Cheng Chao bought a syringe and a drug called succinylcholine from the Internet. The two went to the barren hills of Cao Ji on a sunny day. When they were in college, Cheng Chao and his friends came here to play once before, so he knew there was a hidden cave here that was perfect for their burial.

Finally, the two lovebirds went to the cave and hugged each other, hoping that they could be together in their next life. Cheng Chao clenched his teeth and used a syringe to stab Xiao Mei’s body, then injected the remaining poison onto himself.

Having said that, he rolled up his sleeves and showed the needle wound to Chen Shi.

He couldn’t remember what dream he had, but then he woke up and climbed to the side of the cave and vomited. Cheng Chao thought that he was already in hell. However, when he turned back and saw Xiao Mei's stiff body, he knew that he was still alive.

Xiao Mei has stopped breathing a long time ago.

Cheng Chao wanted to cry. Why had he failed to succeed at even death? He planned to jump off the cliff, but he was not willing to separate from Xiao Mei after death. 

He sat in the cave for a whole hour before suddenly receiving a message that he had won the first prize in a lottery ticket he bought two days ago – A big prize of 20 million yuan!

He knelt and bawled his eyes out. Why was God so cruel? He had to play such a big joke on him. When he finally had the capital to marry Xiao Mei, Xiao Mei was no longer alive.

He got up and went to redeem his prize. He wanted to ruthlessly retaliate against all those who looked down on him.  

At this time, a man dressed as a mountain-climber entered the cave and saw the woman on the ground. He was surprised and asked the reason for this. Cheng Chao lied that his girlfriend was sick and fell asleep.

The man was very considerate and prepared to call the ambulance with his phone. At this time, Cheng Chao had a sudden thought that once the matter here was known to the outside world, he would be accused of murder, and the 20 million yuan would no longer be in his reach.

So, at the moment the man dialed for the ambulance, he took a stone and slammed it into his face. He then pressed him to the ground and continued to smash his face over and over again until the man stopped moving.

That memory, in his own words, was like a blank memory, as if a beast had possessed him.

Looking back, the wood had already become a boat[1]. An unrecognizable body lay on the ground, and Cheng Chao pulled at his hair as he thought about how to deal with the situation...

And many other things too!

This man was almost the same size as himself. With Xiao Mei’s body, didn’t they seem like lovers who committed double-suicide?

Thinking of this, he exchanged clothes with the man and pulled him and Xiao Mei close together. Considering that the later the police determined the identity of the deceased, the harder it was to solve the case, he decided that he must also destroy Xiao Mei’s face. He shed tears as he destroyed and smashed her face. 

After forging the scene of crime, he left in the night in order to redeem the 20 million that belonged to him.

The feeling of having money was like a dream. That night, he drank, bar-hopped, looked for woman, and spent stacks of money. The world that was once full of malice towards him showed a bright smile in an instant. It turned out that this was the world of rich people. The world of rich people was just too wonderful.

After waking up with a hangover, he thought of a terrible thing. The police have DNA technology, so they’d be able to know that the corpse wasn’t his in an instant.

He thought about it long and hard and then rushed back to the cave again. The bodies were still there and hadn’t been found by anyone, so he pulled off some of the man’s hair and scraped some dandruff off his scalp. He took it back to his house and scattered it for the police to discover. 

Since Cheng Chao had disappeared, he did not intend to come back here again. When he was about to leave, he ran into the angry face of An Xu.

An Xu pushed him to the wall and demanded he tell where Xiao Mei was. She had been missing for a day, and her family was already going crazy searching for her.

Cheng Chao had always been very afraid of An Xu. Under the threat of his strength, he actually pathetically told him about Xiao Mei’s death. When An Xu raised a fist to his face, he suddenly said, “I will give you money, okay? Please keep it confidential."

An Xu snorted, "Broke ass, how much can you even give me?"

"How about one million?"

An Xu couldn't believe it when Cheng Chao really transferred him a million yuan. The man's attitude changed by 180 degrees. He was not only willing to help Cheng Chao cover up his crime, but he also made some suggestions. The suggestions included putting the money into a card that wasn’t registered under his name to prevent it from being detected by the police. 

The feeling of wielding money was really good! It was like being the protagonist in a comic!

Cheng Chao felt that he had been unlucky for more than 20 years, but finally his luck had reversed. While Xiao Mei’s body slowly rotted in the mountains, he spent a lot of money in a gorgeous corner of the city, enjoying the stimulation of the senses.

Of course, during this period An Xu also played with him several times. This guy knew a lot of good places and he would always go to Cheng Chao to ask for money.

Now in this extravagant dream, there was another new face that cropped-up...

"How much do you plan to ask for?" Cheng Chao sneered and asked.

"Do you think that money can buy me?" Chen Shi asked.

Cheng Chao pointed his finger at An Xu, "Look at him. Think of his attitude difference between in the past and what it is now. I see everything clearly now. Everything is fake; only money is true. Love can go fuck itself. In the past, I thought Xiao Mei was amazing because I only had her. Now I just pay a random handful of money and women would just stick to me."

"Child, if you spend money like this, even 20 million won’t be enough."

"It doesn't matter. I will die after it all. At least I got my money’s worth."

Chen Shi heard the sound of cars in the distance. He took out the "Police Officer Card" and opened it. It was empty. He said, "In fact, I am not a policeman at all."

Cheng Chao’s mouth slowly opened, then opened he threw his hands up at the sky and laughed. “My luck is really invincible! I’m heaven’s elected son! The heavens have selected me as their son!” An Xu, who was on the side, saw the look on his face and threw his cigarette butt on the ground in anger.

Cheng Chao asked after his fit of laughter, "Okay, just say it. How much do you want? If it’s less than one million, I’ll give it to you right now.”

"Child, you’ve misunderstood. I mean the real police are on the way. I just stalled for time."

The car noises were getting closer and closer, so An Xu panicked and shouted, "Go, go, go!" and fled back to the car with Cheng Chao. Chen Shi also rushed back into his car. Before they started their car, they were hit from behind with great force. The car flew a few meters away and went off the pavement. 

An Xu fumed. He put one foot on the accelerator and one on the brakes, then he released the two at the same time. The rotating wheels were turning at full throttle upon release and launched the gravel on the ground upwards. The car flew backwards and hit Chen Shi’s car. The windshield broke with a pang and the airbag popped out. The huge tremor caused his head to slam into the airbag and his forehead was also cut by the broken glass. 

However, Chen Shi did not give up. He stepped on the accelerator and smashed into their car again, this time sending their car spinning around. 

At this time, the police cars surrounded them on both sides, completely barricading them in. Chen Shi gave a huge sigh of relief and rested his head on the airbag, fainting in peace...

1. There was no turning back. What is done cannot be undone. 

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