Chapter 877: Filing An Official Case For Investigation

“Uncle Chen, by the time you read this, I'm probably 'missing'.

The regret of a murderer is the most worthless thing in the world. So even if I’m full of regret now, it won’t help at all. My only choice is to escape.

I thank you for saving me from my painful life and giving me a glimmer of precious light in my life. But I’ve never been a good child. Please don't come and look for me, pretend as if I’ve never existed!"

The diary ended here. Lin Dongxue had mixed feelings in her heart. She said sadly, "This silly child!"

"I’ve already asked the school..." Chen Shi said in a depressed tone. "The scene was handled by the traffic police and local civilian police. It wasn’t treated as a criminal case for investigation. After all, no one would have thought that this could be a murder. The child's body has been taken away by his family."

"In other words, if we don't investigate it, it's just an accident?" Lin Dongxue's shocking words revealed a subtle hint.

"Don't let her repeat her errors. File an investigation and find Tao Yueyue!" Chen Shi stared at Lin Dongxue's eyes and said, "This is my answer after careful consideration. In fact, I also blame myself very much. I didn't notice any signs over the last few days. When I saw her for the last time, I felt that Tao Yueyue seemed a little off, but I didn't think much about it. If I could have asked more questions and paid more attention, maybe things wouldn't have turned out like this!"

"What do you have to blame yourself for? How could you have had time over these past few days..." Lin Dongxue sighed and confirmed again, "Are we really going to investigate?"

"Investigate! Moreover, as the guardian, I will avoid this case. If the investigation finds that Tao Yueyue had really murdered that child, I will bear the consequences together with her."

Chen Shi knew what this meant. Once it’s investigated, this diary will also be submitted to the police. Things were written so clearly in the diary that it will definitely be detrimental to Tao Yueyue.

Lin Dongxue nodded. "I'll go through the formalities for filing an investigation now!"

Lin Dongxue went back to the bureau. After waiting for an hour, she and Little Li came out together and got into Chen Shi’s car. Lin Dongxue said, “Given my relationship with you, I should have also avoided this case, but right now, the second team really can’t spare anyone, so I asked Little Li to come together with me. She can be regarded as a supervisor."

Little Li said, "Since you’ve filed an investigation, I don't think you will hide anything."

Chen Shi sighed, "Maybe I still have a glimmer of hope. I hope that the truth is not what Tao Yueyue wrote... I won’t investigate the case with you guys. I’ll just be a volunteer chauffeur!"

Lin Dongxue planned to bring the body back for examination first. Considering that the child's body may be cremated soon, this matter was a top priority. She contacted Liang Zuoming's family.  When they heard that a judicial autopsy was required, Liang Zuoming’s grief-stricken father was extremely reluctant, and roared, "My son is already like this and you guys still want to cut him up? You didn't check earlier but only now when he’s about to be cremated? I XXXX!"

"Bang", the phone hung up.

"That’s too rude." Little Li said.

"It seems that they’re at the funeral home. We have to speed up!" Lin Dongxue said.

Chen Shi drove the car to the funeral home. On the way, Lin Dongxue tried to call again to explain the situation, but the other party didn’t answer at all.

In desperation, they had to request a colleague from the Information Department to query the location of Liang Zuoming's father's mobile phone, and it was indeed inside the funeral home.

As soon as they arrived at the funeral home, Lin Dongxue and Little Li rushed in and only came out after a long time. Seeing that they were empty-handed, Chen Shi asked what was wrong. Did the negotiation not go smoothly? Little Li replied, "I’ve never seen such a person. Do you know what the boy’s father said to us? ‘What? My son’s death may not have been an accident? You didn’t tell me earlier and now you’re just sending two girls here. What does that mean? You don’t take us civilians seriously!’ I apologized to him for our gender."

Lin Dongxue said, "Old Chen, maybe we shouldn’t investigate. These parents are shameless. They want us to send the best forensic pathologist over to do an autopsy on the spot and tell them the cause of death, otherwise they’re unwilling to cooperate."

"Aren’t your words spoken out of anger?"

"If not, what else could they be?" Lin Dongxue smiled bitterly.

Little Li said, "I read the diary on the way here. I think the problem lies with the bicycle. Maybe the corpse doesn’t need to be examined?"

"Of course it has to be examined. If there are no doubts, then that’s the best, but if there is a doubt... then that would be a major discovery!" Lin Dongxue took out her phone, "I’ll see if Captain Peng can send some people over."

After contacting Captain Peng, the three of them waited there.

With the sudden pause of Liang Zuoming's funeral, it was also very awkward for the roomful of relatives. The solemnity of the funeral gradually couldn't conceal the impatience of the people. Liang Zuoming's father felt that he had been tricked, so he directly dialed 110 and said, "Are you playing with me? My son is about to be cremated before your vehicle is sent over!"

The 110 police call center didn’t understand what he was talking about at all. After Liang Zuoming’s father’s "patient" explanation, the staff member understood what he was trying to express, and gave him Lin Dongxue's mobile phone number.

Father Liang was still full of contempt. "Can’t you send a man over? You guys don’t fucking take this seriously at all!"

After the two parties had talked over the phone, Father Liang realized that the police who had just arrived were still outside and ran out to look for them. When he saw Chen Shi, Father Liang was momentarily taken aback and pointed out after a long time, "Aren't you... so and so’s father? Why are you here?"

"I’m also a police consultant." Chen Shi chose an excuse that was less troublesome to explain.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Father Liang hurriedly handed over a cigarette. "How did my son die? Wasn’t it an accident? The police station closed the case, why did the investigation start up again?"

"We can't disclose this right now."

"Aii, all of you are like this. My hair is graying just from worry about my son's matter. If I find out who did it, I must kill them!" Father Liang gritted his teeth, tears shining in his eyes.

Although Chen Shi hated this man, he also knew that his anger and sadness were not an act. He tried to persuade, "The forensic vehicle will come over soon. The body cannot be examined here. Many relatives and friends must have come to the funeral. Should they see your son being dissected with their own eyes? Wouldn’t that be a travesty? Once we have a discovery, you parents will be the first people we’ll notify."

Father Liang nodded tearfully. "I understand this logic. What I said just then was out of anger, but I still want to ask something, I beg you. You police wouldn’t file an investigation into my son's death for no reason. There must be a suspect in mind. Otherwise, with so many people here to be cremated, why don't you cut them all up for autopsies?"

Chen Shi said, "You’re right. We do have clues. We are here to verify the authenticity of the clues before we can make them public."

Father Liang sighed in disappointment. His eyes shifted from Chen Shi to Lin Dongxue, and then back to Chen Shi. " A man like you comes straight to the point. If you were the one who talked to me just now, there wouldn’t have been any unpleasantness."

"The two of them are responsible for this case. I’m a consultant and cannot be considered a policeman."

"Ah? You’re not a policeman? Then what are you pretending here for?" Father Liang's eyes almost instantly filled with contempt and he left without saying goodbye.

Lin Dongxue smiled helplessly. Little Li displayed a disdainful expression towards Father Liang's back.


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