Chapter 875: Psychological Activity

May 27th. Overcast.

I thought about a lot of things last night. Should I tell Uncle Chen about this? However, he seems to be very busy lately. Even if I tell him, he will use his ways to persuade me to calm down.

I’m calm right now. This is definitely not just a story about me grieving and wanting to do something about a cute kitten being tortured and killed!

Liang Zuoming must pay the price!

What? It’s just a cat?

If he doesn’t need to be punished because it’s just a cat, it’s tantamount to admitting that the value of each life differs and negating all human efforts towards justice and equality!

He deprived a kitten of the right to survive just to retaliate against me!

This way of thinking is in itself abnormal. I am absolutely certain that Liang Zuoming will do more things to hurt others because of his own selfish desires in ten or twenty years, because he cannot change himself.

The most important thing is that the law won’t punish him. The school won’t punish him and society won’t punish him either. Who will punish him?!

In everyone's eyes, a kitten is insignificant, and no one can understand its pain.

If I don't punish him, no one in this world will bring this kitten justice!

When I saw Liang Zuoming acting so proud of himself in class, using meaningful glances and twitching his eyebrows to hint at his victory, I became even more determined that I must kill him!

Yes, I need to kill this disgusting bastard!

I’m not just talking about it. In fact, I should have killed him long ago. This time, I’m serious.

A perfect murder starts with self-examination. Before buying poison and knives, a smart murderer would imagine in their minds that the murder has already happened - the body is found, the police have arrived, put up a cordon and are asking various questions. The classmates would be taken to the office for individual questioning in groups. Facing the gravity that police radiate from their pores, few would dare to lie.

They would ask, "Who did Liang Zuoming normally have conflicts with?"

Some silly X would reply, "Tao Yueyue."

"Who is Tao Yueyue?"

The teacher would reply, "She’s a girl in the class who only transferred here in her second year. She has excellent grades in all subjects. It’s true that there were some small conflicts between her and Liang Zuoming, but that was last year."

Thus, the police would start to consider the possibility that I’m the murderer, and start investigating some recent incidents. The kitten’s matter will probably become known. That’s not important. What’s important is that I would have no alibi. My recent abnormal behaviors, things I’ve bought, where I have been - all the clues would be put together, and the truth will gradually emerge. I would become an irrefutable criminal suspect.

To avoid all this, everything must be planned from the beginning.

PLAN A: Exquisite acting skills.

Facing the police, I will pretend to be very weak and pitiful. I will say, "Officer Uncle, I did cause Liang Zuoming to take a tumble last year. Then my uncle took me to his house to apologize. I was very sad and I vowed not to do this kind of thing again. What? Liang Zuoming was the one who killed that kitten? How could I kill someone for this kind of thing? ... Besides, I was out with 'Miso' at the time and I never saw Liang Zuoming!"


It's totally a fantasy to think that you can deceive the police. Besides, I don't have that kind of acting ability. Only a loser would think about fighting for a commuted sentence or probation by appealing to sympathy.

In a successful murder, the police would never even take note of you...

PLAN B: Poisoning

Although most substances can kill people as long as a certain dosage is reached, what can be called a "poison" must have two attributes: First, a small dose is sufficient to kill. Second, it takes effect quickly, before the victim can be sent to the hospital.

For example, the lethal dose of salt is 40 grams. Although this is true, no idiot would put 40 grams of salt into someone else's cup. It is unlikely that the other party would happen to have no sense of taste, drink all of it, and then die before they could be rescued.

So, what poison can I get?

There are a lot of dangerous things in Uncle Peng’s laboratory. I can understand their chemical formulas, but I will definitely get caught if I go there to get some poison. How could I go inside a police station to get the poison? The difficulty of the matter itself goes beyond committing a perfect murder.

What about substances common in daily life such as mercury, desiccants, disinfectants, lithium, and verdigris?

No, it is very difficult for these things to kill people right away, and there is no point if he cannot be killed!!!


PLAN C: Accident

This seems to be the most feasible method at present. To create an accident so that the police won’t intervene and investigate at all.

The accidents that can be used are classified into car accidents, falling off a building, drowning, fires, and electric shocks.

I know that Liang Zuoming has started riding a bicycle home these days, not because he’s concerned about the environment, but because his mother had bought him a fixed-gear bike. I’ve seen the way he rides his bicycle, darting in and out of the traffic, and even using his hands to turn people’s side mirrors. It’s so despicable.

After school, I originally wanted to observe the target by myself, but considering that any abnormal behavior would be traced by the police in the future, I went home with "Miso". I went to a convenience store on another street under the pretext of buying sanitary napkins. It’s also the route that Liang Zuoming must take after school.

Sure enough, he appeared on the fixed-gear bike, showed off his riding skills on the sidewalk, made fun of a male classmate, snatched a cookie from the hand of another female classmate, and rushed onto the road, dangerously dashing across right in front of a car. The frightened driver broke out in a cold sweat and cursed Liang Zuoming loudly, saying that he was blind and the son of a bitch.

"Miso" commented, facing the window, "He’ll be hit by a car sooner or later!"

"Miso" still doesn't know who the murderer of the cat is. I didn't tell her.

I said indifferently, "Whoever kills him would be unlucky. His parents are so shameless that they’ll definitely ask for a huge sum of money."

"How much is a large sum of money?"

"At least a million yuan!"

"Haha, is Liang Zuoming worth that amount... Hey, what would you do if you had one million?" Every time the idiot talked about this kind of topic, she would start imagining unrealistic fantasies, and I could only follow along, adding a word or two.

I imagined that a few days later, the police would call "Miso" outside and ask her if there were any unusual incidents these past few days. She would probably blink her watery eyes and say, "No, I go home together with Yueyue every day after school."


"Miso" is with me every day. She’s undoubtedly the best provider of my alibi, but how do I create an alibi in front of "Miso"?

It’s impossible for me to push Liang Zuoming into traffic using telekinesis. How should this seemingly ordinary accident happen?

Bicycle breakdown? But I don’t understand how bicycles work at all!

I really wish I could discuss it with Uncle Chen. He’s always very enthusiastic every time we talk about the topic of murder. This is our favorite topic, but...

If we talk about a certain murder method and subsequently a boy in the class died in the same way, it would be impossible for him not to notice!

I must think of how to kill Liang Zuoming myself!

I sent a text message to Uncle Chen. It seems that he won’t be coming back tonight. After bidding goodbye to "Miso", I dragged myself home. I scanned a public bicycle near my house and rode it to the nearby square. There were many people strolling there in the evening and it was very lively. Finding a quiet place was really difficult!

I turned the bike over, carefully checking its structure. How could I cause an accident? Cut a hole in the chain?!

No, Liang Zuoming would break the chain as soon as he used some force. If that’s the case, he would call "Mummy" and ask her to drive over and pick him up.

Tires! Spokes! Frame! Brakes!

Which part should I damage to make it suddenly break down on the road? It’s best if the effect is delayed, and it’s best if it cannot be detected afterwards!

A child saw me turning the bicycle over, rocking the wheels. He came over and inserted a branch into the spinning spokes. His mother walked over, hit the child's palm and dragged him away.

This little episode inspired me. I’ve figured it out - The perfect murder method!!!


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