Chapter 874: Killing Intent Arises

The next morning, Lin Dongxue found many body bags piled up under the stairs south of the corridor. When she learned that one of the corpses was Lie Guoxiao, her frame of mind was indescribable.

A police officer from the third team told her what had transpired last night. Lin Dongxue then relayed to Chen Shi that gunshots had been heard from Lie Guoxiao’s villa in the suburbs last night. When the police arrived, they found Lie Guoxiao and a dozen of his men lying in pools of blood. In particular, there were dozens of knife wounds on Lie Guo Xiao's body.

At first, they thought it was a gunfight due to underworld clashes and so on, but the initial autopsies found that all of the deceased had died of knife wounds. However, they grasped pistols in their hands, which should have been bought by Lie Guoxiao through smuggling channels.

The conclusion drawn by the police was quite shocking. One person had rushed into the house and killed everyone while facing a dozen guns!

"I think it was Zhou Xiao who did it. It was probably because Lie Guoxiao was no longer useful." Chen Shi speculated.

"The investigation should clear things up soon. Regardless, we will continue to look for Tao Yueyue."

"Hmm..." Chen Shi's heart became heavy again when this was mentioned.

"When Captain Peng arrives, should we go to your house to collect evidence or go to the school first?"

"No, let’s find a quiet place first. I need to show you something."

The bureau was extremely lively this morning, so the two of them went to Chen Shi’s car. Chen Shi took out that notebook, opened it, and told Lin Dongxue to start reading from a certain section.

May 22nd. Overcast.

It has been more than a month since I’ve started keeping a diary. In the beginning, it was Uncle Chen’s suggestion. He said that writing could help one sort out the thoughts of the day and achieve a new understanding of one’s heart. Some psychologists will advise patients to do free writing exercises. It’s just taking out a piece of white paper and writing whatever comes to mind without caring about the grammar or the topic. After a while, you’ll write out the desires and anxiety within your heart.

If "Miso" did the free writing exercise, I’m afraid it will eventually become a food menu, haha!

Uncle Chen also said that if I were to disappear one day, they can look for clues in the diary.

Uncle Chen, do you think that what you said befits a decent human being?

Today... As before, it was a calm and boring day. The physics teacher made some inappropriate jokes directed towards the female students in class. The boys burst into laughter. I can only sincerely wish him a lifetime of impotence.

For lunch, I ordered takeaway of fried chicken and fries to eat in the classroom. "Miso" saw it and made the usual banal comments: "Yueyue, how much pocket money do you actually have?" Finally, I had to use a whole box of popcorn chicken to shut her up.

Liang Zuoming said something weird, but I ignored him. In my heart, I thought about whether to break his other leg.

Oh, by the way, when school was over, "Miso" and I found a kitten on our usual route. It was white and swayed like a little monkey as it walked. It was so cute.

I really want to keep it. Unfortunately, I’m about to take the junior high school examination. Uncle Chen fights crimes everywhere every day. Even if I took it home, there would be no one to take care of it. Perhaps Maoqiu would bully it to death as well. Don't do anything you aren’t certain about.

I’ll bring some cat food over tomorrow!

May 23rd. Sunny.

When I was entering the classroom in the morning, Liang Zuoming deliberately bumped into me and mocked me for having a physical defect. He was referring to my chest.

Humph, what boring revenge. Would I care about this kind of thing?

The morning passed just like that. I’m still very fucking angry. I must break his other leg. This kind of person would be scum even when he becomes an adult. I should euthanize him right now!

Let’s not talk about these annoying things anymore. That little kitten is so cute. It ate all the cat food I brought. I regretted it a little. I should have brought it canned food. People in the forum said that a stray cat’s biggest problem isn’t having no food to eat, but not having water to drink. Many stray cats suffer from kidney stones.

Although I think it's pitiful, cats are generally lucky creatures. They can roam freely in the human world. Although they have natural enemies called "Guangdong People", the number of "Guangdong People" is relatively small, and they also eat other things.

"Miso" named it “Rongrong”. I didn't accept the name. She kept insisting on this all the way. In the end, I had to give in. "Okay, we’ll just call it ‘Rongrong’."

"Miso" was ecstatic. Haii, weak-minded children are really easy to please.

I’ll bring a can tomorrow!

I forgot - tomorrow is the weekend!

May 24th. Sunny.

Today, Uncle Chen took me to eat pizza. We ordered ice cream, french fries, and pizza. Uncle Chen said, “Yueyue, school’s been hard on you. Eat more sweets to provide energy for your brain.”

I said, “Thank you, Uncle Chen, why aren’t you eating any?”

Uncle Chen said, “I don't like to eat sweets. You can eat them all!”

I said, “Then I’ll grow fat.”

Uncle Chen said that when you’re going through puberty, all the nutrition is used for  body growth. I’ll look better if I gain a bit of weight as I look too skinny.

I said, “You should eat too. How boring it would be to eat all of it by myself?!”

Thus, we finished the pizza happily and went home happily. It was an unforgettable day.

——Please read this using the tone of a primary school student reciting an essay.

May 25th. Overcast.

Every Monday, "Miso" would complain about the recurrence of her Monday blues. I joked that she should ask the teacher for sick leave.

"Miso" was excited, but I poured cold water on the idea. Even if she didn't have to go to class on Monday, she’ll definitely get Tuesday blues.

If there’s a holiday on Tuesday, she will get Wednesday blues. To put it bluntly, she’s lazy!

Uncle Chen told me that human beings are slackers. People who talk about how labour contributes to humankind are just fooling people. Private ownership and class only appeared because human beings do not wish to work, but only wish to lie down and enjoy life. Labor-saving ways of working have been developed and new tools have been invented. At the end of the day, it is laziness that propels human society forward!

I also want to laze around at home all day as well!

When I went to see the kitten today, I saw Liang Zuoming coming out from that street on a bicycle. He smiled maliciously when he passed me.

We haven't seen each other for two days. Little cutie was very happy to see me. I opened the can. It mewed as it ate and licked the can clean.

But I was absent-minded, thinking about why Liang Zuoming had appeared here. He never walks this way after school. Does he want to hurt this cat?

No, no, no, I’m overthinking. He’s a gorilla, so he wouldn't think of such a roundabout way of doing things.

But should I have brought the cat back? Or should I look for it now?

Uncle Chen is already asleep. Forget it. I’ll go see it tomorrow!

May 26th.

I'm such an idiot!

I should have believed my intuition yesterday. Liang Zuoming wouldn’t appear there for no reason. He had a purpose!

Today, I went to see the cat with "Miso". The cat was gone. There was only a small paper bag with red liquid seeping out. When I opened it, "Miso" screamed. Inside was the cat's head. It should have just been cut off.

I was upset all night. I didn’t cry. I sent a text message to question Liang Zuoming. His reply was as follows:

"Did you cry, Smelly Yueyue?! Let me tell you the truth. The female cat in my household gave birth to that kitten. My mother said that we couldn’t keep so many cats. She had originally planned to throw it out. I put it there. Sure enough, you were tricked. Like a fool, you fed it every day. Haha, you girls are so stupid! How about it? Don’t you feel awful?"

The second text message:

"I vowed to teach you a lesson before graduation. I had originally wanted to get an upperclassman buddy to stop you on your way. You can be said to have gotten off lightly. You just suffered a soul-crushing blow. Hahahaha! I hope you will always remember this pitiful kitten! Meow~"


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