Chapter 873: Lone Wolf

Volume 52: Tao Yueyue’s Murder Diary

Knock, knock, knock!

A spate of violent door knocking sounded at midnight, and the young man yawned as he went to open the door. A man covered in blood rushed in, held a blood-stained knife to his neck, and said in a low voice, "I'm looking for Doctor Yang!"

The other party's face was covered with blood and mud, and his body seemed to have suffered a lot of injuries. The young man gulped nervously and replied, "I will bring you to him right now."

Doctor Yang was surprised when he saw that Zhou Xiao had turned up looking like this. He repeatedly emphasized that he was just a plastic surgeon and wasn’t very good at other kinds of surgeries. Zhou Xiao didn't listen. He lay on the operating bed and said coldly, "It’s fine as long as you’re not a veterinarian."

Doctor Yang sighed and told his apprentice to start preparing some surgical supplies.

Long’an wasn’t peaceful tonight. Doctor Yang had already heard the rumors. A few hours ago, Lie Guoxiao and a dozen of his men were killed in his own villa. Gunshots were heard at the scene. This incident will trigger off an eighth magnitude earthquake shaking both the underworld and the police and a series of chain reactions.

Looking at the person in front of him, Doctor Yang had already guessed who had done it...

Doctor Yang prepared the syringe, squeezed the excess air out of it, wiped Zhou Xiao's skin on his elbow with alcohol, and was about to insert the needle. However, Zhou Xiao grabbed his wrist tightly, showing a grim look of distrust.

"Mr. Zhou, this is just diluted morphine plus some anti-inflammatory drugs. How would you be able to stand it when you’re sutured if you don’t have anesthetics injected?"

"I don't need anesthesia!"

"You will suffer terribly from the pain..."

"I’ve already said no. Take it away!"

"Well then, I'll get you some painkillers."

After bringing the painkillers, Zhou Xiao swallowed ten tablets at once. It could be seen that his whole body was in extreme pain, but he was unwilling to trust anyone right then.

The wounds on his body were ghastly. The skin around the place where the bullet had struck was scorched, and blood would gush out at the slightest pressure. There were three gunshot wounds, and one of the bullets had been left in the body. Dr. Yang didn’t have the confidence to take it out. He just cleaned up the infected flesh around his wounds, and then sterilized as well as sutured them.

When the infected flesh was being excised, Zhou Xiao's brows were tightly furrowed and big drops of sweat beaded on his forehead. His hands grasped the edges of the operating bed tightly, and he endured silently.

After the most troublesome vein was sutured, the apprentice heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Mr. Zhou, did you kill all of Lie Guoxiao's men by yourself? What a powerful guy you are!"

Zhou Xiao rolled his eyes over and stared at him gloomily. Doctor Yang interjected and changed the subject, "Were there any side-effects from the last operation?"

"This face is good."

"That's good."

"Did the police come here to investigate me?"

"Uh... Song Lang came once, but he doesn’t count as a policeman, right? But I didn't say anything. Don't worry, since I need this work to put food on the table, my lips are definitely the tightest in the industry... I’m done. I don’t have any blood bags here to do a transfusion for you. Your blood loss is so severe. I recommend that you rest for a few days."

Zhou Xiao pressed the bandage on his thigh with his hand, and a wave of burning soreness spread through the flesh. "Is the bullet still inside?"

Dr. Yang said fearfully, “We don’t have the equipment for surgery. If the vein is broken, it would be troublesome. You must take anti-inflammatory drugs for the next two days and rest more.” Dr. Yang handed a bottle of medicine to Zhou Xiao.

"How much should I pay you?"

"No need. We’re all friends here!" Doctor Yang attempted to be friendly, hoping that this beast would leave as soon as possible. Once he leaves, he would lock up all the latches and locks tightly, and will never open them until sunrise tomorrow.

Zhou Xiao nodded and said to the apprentice, "Give me a cigarette."

The apprentice took out a packet of Yuxi and placed a cigarette in Zhou Xiao’s mouth. Just as he reached out to light the cigarette, Zhou Xiao grabbed a scalpel with his right hand and quickly swiped across the apprentice’s neck. The young man staggered backwards, clutching his blood-spurting neck. When he bumped onto a shelf, he fell down onto the floor on his rear. The blood spurting out produced terrible gurgling sounds. His head quickly tilted to one side, and his eyes dulled.

Doctor Yang's legs trembled with fright, and urine ran down his pants.

The cigarette in Zhou Xiao's mouth was splashed with fresh blood. He inhaled heavily, inhaling tar, nicotine and blood into his lungs. Then he explained the reason for killing the apprentice. "Why did he inquire about me? Does he want to betray me?"

Zhou Xiao grabbed a coat and put it on, then turned to look at Doctor Yang. Doctor Yang knelt down terror-stricken and begged, "Mr. Zhou, please let me go. I won't say a single word to outsiders. You know this! I’ve always been tight-lipped!"

Zhou Xiao patted Doctor Yang on the head and said, "Okay, I will let you go."

Just as Doctor Yang breathed a sigh of relief, a pair of scissors pierced his neck violently, and Zhou Xiao smiled with a cigarette in his mouth. "I will release you forever from your cage of skin and flesh!"

After killing them, he kept in mind his teacher's teachings though he was exhausted - After killing someone, you must leave immediately, no matter how much you want to rest. That kind of false sense of security was the easiest way for one to suffer an unexpected failure.

He took some money, painkillers, cigarettes, and a scalpel from the scene. It turned out that the dagger’s blade had already been damaged. Then he limped away with his injured leg.

The cold outdoor wind made his feverish skin feel very cool. The police sirens were blaring in the distance. A large number of policemen were rushing towards the scene of the crime. He knew that after tonight, both the police and the underworld would be looking for him frantically and it would be very difficult to get out of the city. He had to lie low.

The limping man on the sidewalk attracted the attention of a passing policeman. The police car stopped in front of Zhou Xiao, and a young policeman jumped out. He was wearing a brand-new uniform with a shiny cap badge and a pistol belt hung on his waist as if he was showing off. His body was well-proportioned without any flab and his eyes were full of vigor. Zhou Xiao guessed that he must have just graduated from the police academy.

The police officer saluted. "Please let me take a look at your ID card!"

Zhou Xiao took out his ID card and the other party took it. He took out his police mobile to check the ID and he carefully compared the ID card with his phone as he frowned.

"Sun XX?"

"Yes, that's me."

"What's wrong with your face?"

Zhou Xiao wiped the blood on his cheek, and nonchalantly replied, "She actually scratched me just because of a quarrel over a trivial matter. Girls nowadays are so ill-bred. She even took my mobile phone away. I can’t even call for a ride. I can only walk home slowly... Officer, can you lend me some money to take a taxi?"

"Uh, I’ll give you a yuan to take the bus! You can still catch the last bus at this time."

"Thank you so much."

The policeman returned his ID card and saluted again. "Hurry home. It’s not peaceful outside tonight."


Zhou Xiao nodded and smiled, greedily sizing up the other party's perky butt.

Where should he go next? It was no longer possible for him to return to his hiding place. He was hungry now and wanted to eat something...


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