Chapter 866: Gu You's Passing

After saying this, Chen Shi went to an empty conference room alone, sat down on the sofa, and buried his face in his hands as he felt a stabbing pain in his heart.

In fact, he had just buried Gu You quietly in the countryside half an hour ago...

At about 9:00 in the evening, Chen Shi received a call from Sun Zhen asking him to go to the office, and that he had to explain things face to face.

Chen Shi guessed that it must have something to do with Gu You, and it must not be good news.

At 10:30, Chen Shi got to the bottom of the office and went upstairs. Chen Shi could smell a choking cigarette smell coming from the room. kk and Sun Zhen sat face to face, looking a little depressed.

"Brother Chen!" kk stood up, "I went to Sister Gu's place during the day and went to her consultation clinic as well. Sister Gu really is missing."

"Did you find any clues?"

kk looked at Sun Zhen, and Sun Zhen said, "kk brought her laptop back from the consultation clinic. The browser records showed that she logged in to her previous account in 'Black Honey' that night and talked to another person. That person's account used to belong to Ling Shuang."

"What did she say?"

"I can't understand it. It seems to be coded language, but Ling Shuang exposed her IP address. I found that she’s in the city... We dare not go to that place at night, so we asked you to come..."

Chen Shi furrowed his brows. "Let's head there now!"

"Aren’t you going to call the police?"

"They’re already in a mess. The three of us should be fine. If you aren’t assured, you guys can wait for me outside when we get there."

The three rushed there. The address Sun Zhen found was a hostel. At this time, the door of the hostel was locked. kk opened the lock and walked into the dark hall. Sun Zhen said, "The IP address Ling Shuang used was from this wireless network."

"Can you be more precise?"


There was an old computer at the front desk. Sun Zhen turned it on to check the check-in records. In the duty room next to them, an uncle was snoring soundly.

"Ling Shuang must have used a fake ID. Even if it’s fake, the age and gender should be similar."

"Uh, I don't know if this is it: Room 317."

"Let’s go and see!"

Sun Zhen turned off the computer’s display and darkness returned to the hall. They cautiously went upstairs and got to Room 317. The door was equipped with an electronic sensor lock. Sun Zhen said, “kk, go and steal that uncle’s room card."

"Don't be so troublesome. An electronic lock is also a lock." kk took out a lighter and prepared to burn the sensor.

"Hey!" Chen Shi stopped him. "How would we explain this to the police if they come here?"

"Okay, wait for me!"

kk went down and came up after a while. He pressed the staff's room card on the sensor and the door opened.

The three people smelled blood the moment they entered the room. Chen Shi knew that they must have found the right place, but he was afraid to face the next scene. When the light was turned on, he saw Gu You laying at the end of a blanket. She was tightly tied up and blood seeped into the bed sheets below. She seemed to be unconscious and her face was as pale as paper. Even her lips were white.

"Miss Gu!" Sun Zhen cried immediately.

Chen Shi walked over and tested her breathing under her nose. He found that Gu You was still faintly breathing. He said, "Hurry up and call 120!"

"Don't!" Gu You opened her eyes, but her pupils were out of focus. "You guys are finally here."

Due to excessive blood loss, Gu You seemed to have lost her vision. Chen Shi said, "It's me, Little Worm and kk. The police and Old Peng aren’t here."

"That’s good. He shouldn’t see me like this..." Gu You squeezed out a smile. "Please bury me quietly and let him think I’m missing. Otherwise, he will have to face my corpse. The way I am now really…"

"Stop talking!"

Chen Shi put his hand on Gu You's forehead. Her skin was cold. Sun Zhen was at her side crying so much that it seemed like he was about to lose his voice.

Gu You stretched out a hand from under the blanket and grabbed Chen Shi's hand. "Mr. Chen, I'm sorry! Actually, I lied to you. In that villa back then, I made a choice against my conscience... I’m one of Zhou Tiannan's people..."

Chen Shi was startled momentarily. "What does it matter? I know you’re a good person."

Gu You smiled miserably. "When I approached you in the beginning, it was per Zhou Tiannan's instructions. The purpose was to obtain information. I betrayed you and leaked information so that Zhou Xiao could escape smoothly... I hated my 'mission'. I got acquainted with you all day by day. I liked the time I spent with you guys. Being honest with each other without needing to be suspicious. The warm and upright power you all had infected me. Especially his. A despicable person like me could actually obtain his love. I feel very ashamed. I’ve never really drawn a line from Zhou Tiannan. Even after he died, he still strangled my neck like a ghost, just like how he was controlling other people! But I swear that ever since he died, I haven’t really helped them, and I didn’t provide them with correct information again. Zhou Xiao had already noticed my betrayal. Maybe he was 'too busy', but he was never free enough to get rid of me. Every day, I’d be fearing for my life. I once thought about leaving without saying goodbye, but escaping wouldn't save me."

"Mr. Chen, I have always wanted to find a chance to confess all this to you. You and I are both people who are teased by fate. You may understand me. I want to walk back into the sun and accept myself. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to wait for the opportunity. If I don’t talk about it now... I made a subjective mistake. I thought people’s hearts can be shared. I thought Ling Shuang, who had been forced to join the gang like me, could be persuaded. She promised to meet me, but what was waiting for me was a trap. Her heart had already fallen into the darkness long ago. Don’t you think I’m stupid? But, I think this is good too. A sinner can purify his soul with sacrifice. The gates of heaven may open a tiny gap for me. Mr. Chen, I’ve put all the information I know about them under the pot of winter jasmine flowers in my house. I hope it can help you..."

After a fit of coughing, Gu You held Chen Shi's hand tightly. Chen Shi felt like his heart was getting stabbed, knowing that this was Gu You's terminal lucidity.

"Also, Yueyue. I really like this child. Her cleverness is destined to cause her to become an abnormal person in her life. Please pay attention to her. You may not know but she’s been worrying about something recently. Even if it’s intrusive when it comes to privacy, please take exceptional care of her. This is really important for a girl who has had a tragic past!"

Gu You squeezed out a smile. Her hands suddenly became heavy and slipped from Chen Shi's.

Warm liquid was flowing on Chen Shi's face, and Sun Zhen knelt next to them, covering his mouth as he cried. kk couldn't watch this scene. He walked to the window and kept sniffing.

After closing Gu You's eyelids, Chen Shi said, "Let's bury her and clean the scene!"

He wanted to fulfill her last wish and let her disappear using the method of making her go missing.


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