Chapter 863: Another Believer

When Shi felt dizzy and paced back and forth in the room. He called kk and asked him to go to Gu You's house to confirm.

"Old Chen, if Miss Gu is placed third, I think there should still be time." Lin Dongxue comforted.

"But why is it Gu You? They had prepared so many 'candidates'."

Lin Dongxue found a piece of long hair from the pillow. "Ling Shuang seems to have stayed here. Do you think she’ll come here again? I will send a few people to stay and guard!"

Chen Shi nodded weakly.

Handing this place over to the other policemen, the two headed back first. Once back in the bureau, they took the suspect to the interrogation room as soon as possible. He sat on the chair and smiled disdainfully, regardless of Lin Qiupu's questions.

The suspect suddenly muttered towards the ceiling. Lin Qiupu listened carefully. He was saying, "Zhou Xiao, Miss Ling, I will not betray you. Absolutely not. You can rest assured."

Lin Qiupu slammed on the table angrily. "No one can save you here."

"Do I care? I don't motherfucking care about that!" Then, he shook his legs.

The door was suddenly pushed open and Old Zhang rushed in, shaking him by the collar. He shouted, "Where are my wife and daughter?! Come on!"

In the face of threat, the suspect smiled disdainfully. Old Zhang’s eyes were so wide, they were about to split. He clenched his fist and was about to beat him.

"Old Zhang..." Lin Qiupu said, "It's useless for you to hit these kinds of people. Calm down."

Just like Wang Sunxu who sat here previously. He expressed a kind of obsessive worship to Zhou Tiannan's gang, and the loyalty established by this allowed them not to fear any consequences of crime. They were true desperadoes!

Old Zhang stared at this grinning, bumpy face for a long time, threw him down, and walked out of the interrogation room crying.

The interrogation was unable to proceed. Lin Qiupu went out and Lin Dongxue delivered a document over, saying, "His identity has been figured out. His name is Qi Rui. He used to be a kidnapper, but he was only an accomplice. He was released from prison after ten years. He has never held a serious occupation... I saw some items used by couples at the scene. He may be Ling Shuang's boyfriend. Old Chen felt that he wasn’t responsible for the core work of the crime."

"His mouth can't be opened at all. Bring back everything from the scene. No, I will take people to the scene and look for any clues carefully."

"But Old Chen and I thought that Ling Shuang might head back and we left people there in wait."

"Even if Ling Shuang is arrested, what will she confess? These people have accepted Zhou Tiannan's crazy thoughts and have a firm will. There’s no difference between arresting them and killing them on the spot."

Chen Shi walked over and said, "Your brother's opinion is right. The benefits of waiting for her aren’t a lot. The most important thing is to save people. We have six hours to find Old Zhang's family."

"Okay then." Lin Dongxue conceded.

Lin Qiupu rubbed his temples. "Does Captain Peng know about this yet?"

Chen Shi said, "I told him. He’s alone right now..." He glanced at the surveillance window. "Can I go in and talk to this person?"

"Go ahead."

Chen Shi sat opposite Qi Rui. Qi Rui showed him a knowing smile. "Kamen Rider!"[1]

Fortunately, the recorder wasn’t turned on and no one had heard this sentence. Chen Shi said, "It seems you know, but I don't care. Let me remind you that this life and death struggle isn’t beneficial for your little gang."

"Don't worry. I won't talk because this is Mr. Zhou's arrangement."

"Mr. Zhou's arrangement?" Chen Shi felt amused. In Qi Rui's tone, Zhou Xiao or Zhou Tiannan was as superior as a god.

Chen Shi picked up the printed "diagnostic report". Qi Rui's eyes lit up and smiled expectantly. "How is it? Miss Ling's portraits are very accurate. That person must be indifferent knowing that his girlfriend was kidnapped."

"Don't you think you guys are cruel, exposing the dark side of others? What exactly do you want to prove? Your own superiority?! What about your own personalities? For example, you. You lack faith and self-confidence, have never been affirmed by others, and are full of jealousy towards others’ successes and happiness. You use twisted methods to prove your worth..."

"Shut up! Shut up!" Qi Rui seemed to have had his sore spots touched on and suddenly roared. He was about to bleed from gritting his teeth for so long. 

It can be seen how shameful this manner of exposing others’ hearts were. Little Li’s parents divorced and she suffered domestic violence when she was a child, so she escaped. Old Zhang’s problem was that he couldn’t balance his work and family, but subjectively, he doesn’t want to neglect his family. Peng Sijue was someone Chen Shi understood the most. His childhood was very unfortunate. They said he was indifferent and gloomy. In fact, Peng Sijue once tried to change himself but failed.

Everyone had their own problems and it was these pains that have created their current selves. Exposing these things in a naked-like manner was nothing more than a secondary injury.

"Why Gu You?!" Chen Shi asked, "The kidnapping of Gu You is something you didn't plan to do. Gu You really appreciates Ling Shuang's talent and feels sorry for her depravity. Did she go to find Ling Shuang to persuade her to correct her ways? Is that when you kidnapped her?"

The subtle changes in Qi Rui's face had revealed a bit of truth. Qi Rui immediately concealed it in a mocking tone, "So what? Can’t you find her?"

"What is the so-called ‘sacrifice’?"

"It’s okay if I tell you right now since you’ve spoiled the plot anyway. After Old Zhang's family died, I would send this diagnostic report along with a bottle of poison. The bottle of poison won’t kill anyone, but it will cause permanent blindness. If Peng Sijue dared to take it, we would let her go. If he didn’t take it, then Gu You would..." Qi Rui made a vicious gesture. "Haha, do you like this design? I asked Miss Ling at the beginning. What if he really does take the poison? Miss Ling said that he would definitely not take it because of his nature."

"You guys are pretty confident!"

"Miss Ling said that human nature is as unchangeable as objective laws. Just like you. You will always avoid. Always avoid and will never admit to the truth. What a sad man!"

Chen Shi clenched his fists and stabbed his nails into his flesh. He had hit the nail on the head.

After a moment of silence, Chen Shi began to counterattack. "Do you love Ling Shuang a lot?"

"It’s none of your damn business."

"However, as far as I know, Ling Shuang has no loyalty to her partners. Has she ever mentioned which number you are? Or are you even counted as one?"

"You’re not allowed to slander Miss Ling!" Qi Rui warned gloomily.

"Only two of them are left in their gang. Do you think Zhou Xiao has a relationship with her?"

At this moment, Qi Rui suddenly roared, "Go fuck yourself! Shut up!"

Chen Shi originally wanted to find flaws through provocation, but Qi Rui's reaction was different from his expectations. He didn’t get angry when Ling Shuang was mentioned, but he showed extra sensitivity to Zhou Xiao.

Chen Shi looked at Qi Rui up and down and suddenly realized, "You and Zhou Xiao are a couple?"

Qi Rui's eyes widened. The secret was revealed, so he simply no longer concealed it. He replied disdainfully again. "It’s none of your damn business."

Could this be a breakthrough? Chen Shi thought as he walked out of the interrogation room.

1. Masked rider who fights for justice against supervillains all while wearing a mask. Much like what Song Lang/Chen Shi is doing right now. 


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