Chapter 862: Unexpected Gains

After leaving the noodle company, the three of them rushed to the street where the workers lost their work clothes. In the morning, it was very deserted. They saw signs of massage, foot care, and health care stores along the street, as well as suspicious stickers on the signs. Lin Dongxue said, "Sure enough, it's the red light district."

"Don't look at how it seems deserted during the day. It’s very lively at night. I’ve sent passengers here before." Chen Shi said, "Have you noticed? There’s no security cameras here."

Lin Dongxue looked up and saw that the nearest camera was out on the road. She searched around. The only way to drive a truck in was on the right hand side of the entrance. "The thief left the car there, why?"

"It's like when a thief steals money. They will steal the entire wallet and go to a safe place to take the money out before throwing the wallet away." Xu Xiaodong speculated.

"A car is different from a wallet." Chen Shi looked around. "It's the security cameras. The thief drove the car to the intersection and realized that the truck was too conspicuous and would be traced. They spontaneously changed their minds and only took the things required."

Lin Dongxue gestured at the angle of the camera with her hand. "Do you think that the camera captured anything?"

"It couldn’t have. That's a traffic camera. It won't be able to capture something in such a deep alley."

"They chose such a place where even an eyewitness can't be found." Lin Dongxue said bitterly.

Chen Shi looked at the leasing advertisements on the telephone poles and the small buildings around him. “It was an accident that two workers from the noodle industry parked their car here. It’s impossible for the suspect to plan in advance and lay here in wait. I think stealing the clothes happened spontaneously."

"So, the suspect can see this alley from where they live?"

Chen Shi stared at a dark window in the distance and nodded. "Maybe they can see us right now!"

"Then I’ll call more people over to check if there’s anyone who rented a house here recently." Lin Dongxue said.

"Wear plain clothes and act low-key." Chen Shi urged.

Thus, the investigation began. When the police went door-to-door, and an aunt said, "I seemed to have seen two people walking out in the noodle company uniform two days ago. That's right, it was the 'Jiarimei Noodle Company'. "

Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi were excited. Lin Dongxue asked, "What about their gender?"

"It looked to be two men..."

"Where do they live?"

The aunt pointed. "In that alley. They got in a car when they came out. It was a black family car."

In the first case, a black SUV was also captured. It seems that this clue contained a lot of weight. The two thanked the aunt. Lin Dongxue called for reinforcements, but Chen Shi said, "Just call two or three people over. If a whole group of people come, it’ll alert them."

Lin Dongxue was on the phone when Chen Shi pushed her. They saw a man walking out of the alley. He was wearing a peaked hat with the brim of the hat pulled very low. His collar was also propped up. His hands were in his pockets, and his whole body exuded a suspicious aura.

Chen Shi made a gesture and the two followed him. The man suddenly ran away as if he had eyes behind him.

"Stop where you are!"

Lin Dongxue took out her gun and fired it decisively at the sky, attracting the other policemen around.

Hearing the gunshot, the man fled faster. His legs were so fast that they could barely be seen. A car almost ran into him as he was crossing the road. He jumped over the front of the car using his hand to press down on the front of the car. By the time the driver poked his head out and cursed at him, the man had already fled into the alley opposite them.

When Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi chased him into the narrow alleyway, they had been thrown off about five or six steps more. Lin Dongxue took out her gun and aimed, asking Chen Shi with her eyes. Chen Shi nodded. "Shoot!"

With a bang, the man stopped. He turned his head slightly, raised a middle finger at Lin Dongxue, grinned, and ran away.

Did I miss? Lin Dongxue's heart sank. When the man rushed out of the alley, another person flew out from his side and kicked him over. The two of them stared at each other in surprise and hurried over.

They saw Xu Xiaodong pressing the suspect on the ground and handcuffing him. Lin Dongxue said in surprise, "You came at just the right time!"

"I happened to be in this area and I ran up when I heard the gunshots. I saw this youngster and rushed out without much thought..."

The guy they caught wasn’t Zhou Xiao. He was the tall helper with the bumpy face. When he was lifted from the ground, he struggled ceaselessly with a beast-like smile and cursed at Lin Dongxue. "Slut!"

Chen Shi was angry and said to Xu Xiaodong, "Look over there."


While Xu Xiaodong turned around, Chen Shi planned to teach the suspect a lesson as an ordinary citizen, but was stopped by Lin Dongxue. "Don't do such impulsive things."

Chen Shi could only give up. They found keys, a phone, and a wallet from the man, and asked Xu Xiaodong to take the man back to the police car first. He and Lin Dongxue went to check the man’s residence.

Going back to the previous alley, after some inquiring, they found the place that the man was renting. They opened the door and saw that there was a table and a bed in the house, a small refrigerator beside the bed, and a few psychology books on the refrigerator.

The table was covered with a piece of polyester cloth. When Chen Shi lifted it, the two of them were taken aback. Underneath it were all photos.

"This is Xiaodong's mother. This is Little Li's father... The relatives of all the policemen in the second team have been secretly photographed. How scary!"

Chen Shi opened an envelope. It contained the files of all the policemen of the second team. Several columns were ticked. Then, looking at the facilities in the house, Chen Shi said, "This man wasn’t responsible for the murders. He was responsible for collecting information and sending the ‘diagnostic reports’."

The computer was running and the screen was black. Chen Shi shook the mouse. There were three document folders on the cluttered computer desktop named "Diagnosis Report 1", "Diagnosis Report 2", and "Diagnosis Report 3".

"1" and "2" were received by Little Li and Old Zhang. Chen Shi clicked on the third one with anxiety and saw the words inside.

"Patient: Peng Sijue;

Sex: Male;

Age: 34;

Symptoms: Selfishness.

Because of his childhood experience, the patient lacks the ability to love and be loved. In order not to become a stranger in the eyes of others, he uses rigidness, seriousness, meticulousness, and other superficial qualities to hide his selfish and cold nature. He often has a deep sense of dislike for himself, but another part of him is unwilling to make any changes, thinking that he is just a victim of his childhood. He doesn’t have to take any responsibility for the formation of his own character. He wraps himself in the comfort zone of loneliness and watches the joys and sorrows of others with his cold eyes.

Suggested way of medical treatment: Self-sacrifice to awaken his ability to love "

Chen Shi felt as though he was struck by lightning and brought down the chair behind him when he stood up. He said in shock, "Why Old Peng?! He doesn’t even count as a policeman in the second team! Who is the kidnapped person?!"

"Could it be..." Lin Dongxue was also shocked.

Chen Shi took out his phone with a trembling hand. He called Gu You, but all he heard were ominous beeps...


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