Chapter 86: Kiss

Lin Dongxue said, "You are suspecting that the DNA sample we found in the room of Cheng Chao is actually not his own?"

"What did Old Peng say?"

She recalled and repeated the words of Peng Sijue's that afternoon. "The DNA found in the room matches the male victim."

"Old Peng is a very strict person. He would not easily say that the deceased was Cheng Chao because we have encountered this kind of trick before. Someone may have put dandruff and hair at the deceased’s house and deliberately let the police discover it."

“‘We’? ‘Before’?” Lin Dongxue caught this mistake. “What do you mean? Who do you mean by ‘we’?”

Chen Shi, who had always been calm, actually panicked for a moment. "Oh nothing, ‘we’ means ‘I’. Doesn’t the show hosts on TV often say, ‘Let us reveal this secret’?”

"Really?" Lin Dongxue looked suspicious. Did Chen Shi just inadvertently reveal his past? 

"Let's continue!"

"Ah... Okay!" Lin Dongxue’s face was red again. The kiss that she gave Chen Shi just then was very light. Maybe he didn’t feel it. She was afraid of him bringing it up, but she was also afraid that he would have no feelings at all.

The simulation this time started after the death of the female victim. Chen Shi stood in the "cave", and Lin Dongxue stood outside the “cave”. Chen Shi continued, "If it’s as you’ve reasoned, what is the male victim doing at this time?"

"Oh... Maybe he didn't have the courage to commit suicide, or maybe he was watching his dead girlfriend?"

"He looked at her for a few hours? You told me that the male had eaten two hours prior to death. That is to say that after the death of the female, the male was mentally preparing to commit suicide, and then stupidly had a meal?”

Lin Dongxue's widened her eyes. There is indeed a flaw in my reasoning.

"Maybe... Maybe he didn’t want to die all of a sudden?"

"If he didn’t want to die, then he is guilty of murder. He should know the consequences. Try to reverse your thoughts. At this time, the male victim was not at the cave at all, because he is not the person part of the passionate suicide to begin with."

Lin Dongxue was stunned. She involuntarily swallowed some saliva and hurriedly followed Chen Shi’s train of thoughts. “The lover did not have the courage to commit suicide and left?”

"After a few hours, the male victim came along. The male deceased was attacked from behind, meaning that he was unprepared for the murderer. Who is the murderer? Why did they come to this cave? Was it a coincidence?"

"The murderer is the lover who came back?! He knew that once the identity of the female deceased was investigated by the police, he would be guilty of murder, so he needed to kill someone else."

"Yes!" Chen Shi snapped his fingers. "He killed the innocent witness and destroyed the face of the witness and his girlfriend. When placing the bodies, he purposely placed the two together like a lover’s double-suicide and put their hands together. This was probably because he believed that the disfigured male could be his own substitute so that he could get away with it!"

Chen Shi’s reasoning was so perfect that she couldn’t find a fault in it. Lin Dongxue admired it, but raised a question, “Your reasoning is based on the male victim not being Cheng Chao.”

"That must be proved by forensic means."

"Then let’s call Captain Peng."

Lin Dongxue made a phone call. Captain Peng listened to her request and faintly asked, "Are you with him?"

"Yes… Yes."

"Pass the phone to him."

Chen Shi took the phone and Peng Sijue questioned, "How did you figure that out?"


"In fact, when Dongxue sent the sample to me in the afternoon, I was a bit skeptical. The dandruff in the room should be naturally peeled off, but there were tiny traces of blood on the dandruff given to me. It seemed to have been scratched off. The hair that we tested had complete hair follicles on it. Hair that falls naturally would not have such complete hair follicles. So, I went to check the body and found that the body had hair forcefully removed from the scalp.”

"So, what you have tested is actually the DNA of the victim, not Cheng Chao?"

"I believe so."

"Then, we’ll have to trouble you some more."

"You two remember to use protection." Peng Sijue said casually before he hung up.

"This Old Peng." Chen Shi smiled.

"What did he say?" Lin Dongxue took the phone.

"He does doubt that the sample is real. It seems that the murderer is very likely to be Cheng Chao... Do you notice anything strange?"

"What do you mean?"

"The deceased is not Cheng Chao, but An Xu has insisted that he is. Do you think he’s lying?"

"But... He and Cheng Chao are love rivals, why would he help him?"

"It depends on all of you to dig the truth up... It’s getting late; I’ll send you home."

Sitting in Chen Shi's car, the two didn’t exchange words at all. Lin Dongxue was still thinking about the kiss. She snuck glances at Chen Shi a few times; his indifferent and focused driving expression made her a little angry.

She felt that the situation was a bit funny. Had she come to like him?

When I’m with Chen Shi, I feel very relaxed and happy every time. I can always reveal my true nature, but I always thought of this as just a friendship. But what does he think? 

So annoying!

"Just then..." Chen Shi said.

Lin Dongxue sat up straight, "Just then, what?"

"Just then I missed a point. To be able to put the hair and dandruff of the deceased in Cheng Chao's home… It’s someone that can freely enter and leave his house."


Lin Dongxue’s resentment was building. He is still talking about the case. How annoying!


Lin Dongxue got out of the car and asked him, "Will you come to help us tomorrow?"

"I’ll have to see how busy I am."

"You don't go to work. I really don't know what you are busy with? Hmph, just come if you want!"

"Get some early rest. I will try to come over."

After Chen Shi left, Lin Dongxue’s heart was empty and she didn’t want to go home.

Early the next morning when Lin Dongxue went to work, a police car drove to the door of the city bureau. From the license plate, it was not one from their city. Two policemen took a criminal out from the car. Lin Dongxue asked the policemen what was going on.

They replied that they caught a suspicious guy in the mountain area and thought that it might be related to the case.

Lin Qiupu was very concerned about this matter and personally interrogated him. The suspect claimed to be an unemployed traveller of Cao Ji. Because he had an argument with a forestry boss, he quietly went to the mountains with poison to corrode the roots of the trees the boss was in charge of. 

Lin Qiupu took out the photo of the female victim and asked, "Do you know this person?"

The other party looked at it for a while and shook his head. "I don't know her."

At the end of the interrogation, Lin Qiupu walked out in frustration. The suspect did not recognize the victims. From his attitude, he did seem like he didn’t know anything about the case. They had only happened to catch this shrimp while trying to reel in the big fish. 

Such things happened frequently in criminal cases.

Peng Sijue also had results on his end. After receiving the call, Lin Dongxue eagerly rushed over and asked, "Captain Peng, have you found the DNA?"

“No!” Peng Sijue threw the report on the table. “It’s been too long; the salivary enzyme has lost its living properties and the second person’s DNA could not be extracted.”

Just as Lin Dongxue’s heart sank, Peng Sijue pushed his glasses up and began slowly, “But...”

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