Chapter 858: New Diagnosis Report

In a blink of an eye, the next day had arrived. Lin Qiupu sorted out all the information he had at hand and posted it on a whiteboard. There were densely packed pieces of photos and information on it. Although there was so much information, in reality, they were still clueless on everything. With just this information available, they couldn’t predict where Zhou Xiao was hiding nor who their next target would be. 

Lin Dongxue said, "Should we go to Lie Guoxiao and give him a good interrogation?"

"It's useless." Lin Qiupu shook his head. "Even if you go as his own biological daughter, he won’t admit that he hired hitmen to deal with the police. He’s someone who can even kill his own daughter when he has things at stake. Furthermore, we don't have any evidence."

"What if he had a large flow of funds leaving recently? What if we can check that account?"

"The hope is slim!" Chen Shi said, "The long-term cooperation between Lie Guoxiao and Zhou Tiannan's group wouldn’t leave behind such obvious flaws."

"We have to give it a try!" Lin Dongxue insisted.

With a slim ray of hope, the three of them called the banks to check, but they found nothing.

At this time, Chen Shi received a call from Sun Zhen. "Brother Chen, email me the police files."

"Why do you want those? Are you Little Worm?"

"If I'm not Sun Zhen, who else can I be? I need to test a program!"

After obtaining Lin Qiupu's permission, Chen Shi turned on the computer and sent the personnel files to Sun Zhen. Five minutes later, Sun Zhen said, "I’ll need to trouble you to send it again."

After doing so, Sun Zhen asked on the phone, "You’re in the Public Security Bureau right now, right?"

"Nonsense. The IP address is clearly displayed."

"I didn't look at the IP on your QQ. I wrote a Trojan horse last night and put it on various email servers. As long as this information is moved online by email, my Trojan horse will intercept it and trace it to the source."

"Not bad!" Chen Shi praised. "It's a pretty good idea. I knew you could come up with the goods."

"Haha, I didn't come up with this trick. The US military used it to deal with terrorists previously. I borrowed this idea... but I can't guarantee whether the other party will use emails or not. If it isn’t used, it’ll be useless."

"It's okay. We have another possibility to find Zhou Xiao now, so thank you."

After their communication, Chen Shi said to Lin Qiupu, "Tell everyone that it's better to set up a WeChat group and talk to their family every once in a while to ensure their safety."

Lin Dongxue said, "How about installing a locating program on the mobile phones of each police officer’s family members? In case someone goes missing, we can find them right away."

"How much manpower is needed for that?" Lin Qiupu said.

"Locating programs shouldn't be difficult!"

Chen Shi contacted Sun Zhen again. After listening to his request, Sun Zhen sent a program online, saying that he had created it when he was idle previously. It just needed to be installed on the phone. Every ten minutes, the phone that installed the program would automatically send their location to the cell phone that’s monitoring them.

Lin Dongxue immediately sent the program to every police officer, and she felt more at ease after finishing this matter.

What were they to investigate next? It was obviously meaningless to investigate the interpersonal relationships of the deceased. Zhou Xiao was so elusive that they could only continue to expand the scope of surveillance and search. If they could find the transportation he took, they may be able to find him following the lead.

For this reason, the three of them went to the Traffic Management Bureau to bring out all the security footage of the surrounding intersections at the time of the incident.

This work was very boring. After watching the videos for the whole afternoon, Lin Dongxue's eyes were about to go blind. Suddenly, Lin Qiupu said, "I found it!"

A security camera recorded "Song Lang" getting off a car, and the car stopped on the side of the road for about fifteen minutes. This was the time period for the crime. This surveillance was more than just a lead. It was evidence.

What was even more exciting was that the license plate number was clearly photographed.

Through the extensive monitoring system of the Traffic Management Bureau, they spent another two hours to find the car’s traces. After committing the crime, it drove about 15 kilometers away and then parked near a certain housing community.

"I'll call for reinforcements." Lin Qiupu said.

"The people in the second team are currently working on Lie Guoxiao's case, so there’s no reinforcement." Lin Dongxue informed.

"The police aren’t just comprised of criminal police officers. I’ll contact the SWAT team."

"No, that’s too high-profile. The three of us should test the waters first!" Chen Shi said.

"If he runs away..."

"A bunch of SWAT officers holding guns to catch him would make it easier for him to run. Zhou Xiao is no ordinary criminal. This is a good opportunity. We should be more cautious!"

Lin Qiupu had to agree.

After leaving the Traffic Management Bureau, the sky was already getting dark. On the way, Lin Dongxue took out her mobile phone to call her aunt and ask how she was doing. Chen Shi said, "Your relatives shouldn’t be among the targets."

"I’m less worried by making the call. Everyone’s anxious right now. Old Chen, won't you pick up Yueyue from school today?"

"I can't go today anyway."

"Make a call!"

"Don’t worry, I'm not a policeman. How could I be counted in..." Chen Shi suddenly felt a little worried even though he said this.

"I'll call."

Lin Dongxue took Chen Shi’s cell phone and dialed Tao Yueyue’s number. While the phone was beeping, Chen Shi became inexplicably nervous until the sixth ring when Tao Yueyue finally answered and said, "Hello?" Chen Shi breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yueyue, are you home yet?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"Sister Lin? No, I'm at a classmate's house."

Chen Shi said, "You should stay at your classmate's house and don't leave. I'll pick you up later."

"No need. I’ll go home by myself."

"Be a good girl. There are some conditions outside where it's not safe. I'll pick you up later."

Tao Yueyue let out a "Woo" before saying, "Be careful on your way."

When they hung up the phone, a big rock was lifted off of Chen Shi's heart. This feeling was exactly what every police officer in the second team felt, fearing that their beloved family members would have something happen to them.

The person who came up with this kind of revenge was extremely sinister!

They finally got to the housing community and the three got off the car, went to the parking lot, and searched separately. Fifteen minutes later, Lin Dongxue waved and said, "Here!"

When the SUV appeared in front of him, Chen Shi felt incredulous that it was so easy to find. If the car was here, then the person must be nearby.

However, when he looked inside the car window, he found something unusual. He said, "There’s a piece of paper in the windshield!"

He turned on the lighting function of the mobile phone, and the three of them leaned over to look at the paper, which was exactly the same as the paper that appeared on Little Li's car with the characters "Diagnostic Report" written on it. Did Zhou Xiao deliberately lead them here?

They looked down anxiously at whose name was written on it this time.

"Patient: Zhang Jianjun;

Sex: Male;

Age: 52;

Symptoms: Negligence.

The patient has long put his career above his family, sacrificing the happiness of his family members to achieve his personal career, enjoying this sense of empty success at the cost of fragmented family relationships. As a husband, he didn’t accompany his wife. As a father, he didn’t take care of his daughter. The patient always used unfulfilled promises to cover up the fact that he cannot fulfill his responsibilities. If things go on like this, he will completely lose his family’s trust. The family members are extremely indifferent with each other. It’s already reached an unsustainable level.

Suggested way of medical treatment: Recover his sense of responsibility with an unforgettable decision!"


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