Chapter 856: Venomous Snake Moves Out

“Patient: Li Qing;

Gender: Female;

Age: 24;

Symptoms: Rebellious

The patient experienced parental divorce from a young age and developed a huge sense of estrangement from her living father. After entering puberty, she took various rebellious actions to express her dissatisfaction with the family, which intensified family conflicts. The patient enjoyed the damage she caused to her father very much. After graduating from senior high, the patient and the family were basically in a semi-detached state. There was little communication between them, thus escaping their due family responsibilities.

Suggested way of medical treatment: Arouse remorse with the death of father!"

The homicide report called "diagnosis report" was placed on the table. Little Li was sitting at the table with her head buried in tears. She had just experienced the pain of losing her father. These words were tantamount to pouring salt on her wounds.

After reading the above content, everyone reacted differently.

"What a beast. Killing someone and making themselves out to be above everyone!"

"Little Li, these words are the crazy words of a murderer. Don't take them to your heart."

"This person must have a psychological problem!"

"It must be them!" Chen Shi said. "This clean technique and high-profile attitude must have been done by Zhou Xiao and Ling Shuang. Their target is not just Little Li, but the entire Criminal Investigation Second Team!"

"Brother Chen means..." a young policeman asked in a panic. "Our families are all their targets?"


A single stone caused a thousand waves, and everyone was caught in a panic of whispering discussion. Old Zhang coughed and called everyone to be quiet. "This matter has not been confirmed yet. Let's not fall into disarray ourselves during this time. It won’t help the investigation."

Old Zhang's remarks were meant to stabilize their minds. Although Chen Shi was sure that the murderers were Zhou Xiao and Ling Shuang, for the sake of the overall situation, he didn't say anything more.

Lin Dongxue picked up the piece of paper. "The question is, how do they know who Little Li's father is, where he lived, and their family circumstances? Little Li, forgive me for the disrespect, but is the information on this true?"

The meeting room suddenly became quiet. Everyone looked at Little Li. Little Li calmed down and said, "When I was a child, I did experience the divorce of my parents. The court gave my father custody over me. It was like the sky was falling on me at the time. I felt that all the fault lied with my father, and I hated him very much. As soon as I got home, I would close the door and hardly talked to him except for the necessary conversations... Later, in middle school, I got close to students with poor grades and fooled around or went online to play after school every day because I didn’t want to go home. The atmosphere at home depressed me!” Little Li wiped at her tears. “At that time, the relationship between us father and daughter was very poor. Every trivial matter could turn into a quarrel and I would throw things when I quarrelled with him. Fortunately, I had a very good uncle. He gave me some help and advice, so that I made the correct choices when I was most confused. Later, I went to the police academy, and basically had no contact with my father. After graduation, I had an internship, then worked, and lived by myself... Over the past two years, my father started to call me. Thinking about it now, he has been awkwardly expressing his regret, but I’ve always turned a deaf ear to him. I always felt like he should bear responsibility for all that he’s done. Who knew that he would suddenly...?”

Thinking of her father's cold body lying in the morgue, Little Li wept again.

After a moment of silence, Chen Shi said, "Are everyone's files stored in the computer of the Public Security Bureau? Go investigate!"

Everyone found a colleague from the Information Department to check the data of the internal staff. A pair of eyes stared at the screen anxiously. After over ten minutes of inspection, the colleague from the Information Department said, "The backstage log shows that your second team’s file was sent to this address by email the night before!"

"Whose email?" Old Zhang asked.

The comrade of the Information Department read out the email address and Xu Xiaodong said embarrassingly, "It's... it's mine, but I was investigating the case with you the night before. Everyone knows that."

"Did you log into your email with a computer in the bureau that day?" Chen Shi asked.

"No, but I went to the police system to check my salary."

"It may have been used by someone. You'd better check if there’s any suspicious information in your computer." Chen Shi said, "Can the other party's address be traced?"

The colleague of the Information Department shook his head and said, "It’s a foreign IP which cannot be found."

"I'm going to find a master!"

A phone call over to Sun Zhen was made, and Sun Zhen checked Xu Xiaodong's computer carefully. "There are indeed Trojan horses inside. In addition to Trojans, the other party also threw in a few eavesdropping programs. I’ve turned them off."

"Can you find the other party?"

Sun Zhen shrugged. "I used the IP springboard, but I can't find it."

"You must be able to do something!" Chen Shi didn't believe that Sun Zhen would just admit defeat. Zhou Xiao's hacking skills were taught by Zhou Tiannan. In the beginning of "Black Honey", Sun Zhen was the one who taught everyone the skills in this aspect.

"Brother Chen, if I can't find it, I can't find it no matter how much you believe in my skills." Sun Zhen glanced at the police behind Chen Shi, seemingly reserved.

"What if I say that you can use whatever means necessary?" Chen Shi said.

"This isn’t so good, Little Chen." Old Zhang said, "How can you do this in the Public Security Bureau?! Us police must use proper means to investigate the case!"

Old Zhang's words were very euphemistic, which seemed to imply that if it were not for the police, these methods could be used outside the Public Security Bureau.

Chen Shi understood this and said to Sun Zhen, "Thanks for your hard work. I will send you away!"

When they got to the parking lot, Chen Shi said, "Little Worm, Zhou Xiao has become active again. He’s aiming at the police this time. You must do something for me!"

"Ah? This venomous snake finally moved?" Sun Zhen scratched his nose. "But what can I do?"

"You can definitely do something!"

Sun Zhen smiled bitterly. "The same words again... Okay, okay, I will do my best."

"You and kk shouldn't accept commissions in the near future. I may find you at any time."

"Do you need to let Miss Gu know?"

"Tell her. After all, the purpose of the four of us getting together was to deal with Zhou Xiao." Chen Shi patted Sun Zhen on the shoulder. "Be careful on your way."

After walking away for a certain distance, Sun Zhen asked worriedly, "He’s aiming at the police, but not at us, right?"

"Don’t worry!"

Chen Shi secretly wondered whether this case was Zhou Xiao's freestyle play, or if it was Lie Guoxiao's commission. Or was it to divert attention and prepare for a bigger case?

No, both Lie Guoxiao and Zhou Tiannan's group were already at the end of their lines. This was likely to be their last bout of madness.


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