Chapter 848: The Irony

The rope on her feet was finally untied. Once her constricted feet were freed, she felt a needle-like tingling sensation. Lin Dongxue's feet were so numb that it was impossible for her to move.

Upon seeing this, the female drug addict on the floor picked up a broom to beat Lin Dongxue with. Lin Dongxue fell down while dodging. The female drug addict grabbed her trousers with a claw-like hand. Lin Dongxue recklessly kicked backwards at the head of the female drug addict, causing a sound like a coconut shaking.

The sounds of their fight reached next door. The male drug addict hurriedly opened the bedroom door. Lin Dongxue's heart pounded wildly. She rolled and crawled towards the bathroom in a rush. After entering, she braced a mop against the door and leaned against the wall panting. Her heart was beating as if it was about to explode.

"Open the door! Slut!" The female drug addict slammed the door frantically, and the flimsy door shook as if it was about to fall off the door frame at any time.

"Motherfucker, bring something to ram the door open."

The female drug addict commanded the male drug addict. The two looked around the room. The male drug addict yawned again and again. After looking for a while, he sat down and lit a roll of marijuana to refresh himself. When the female drug addict saw it, she glared at him, grabbed the marijuana and smoked it herself.

The two of them forgot the trouble in front of them, and even sat smoking together, sharing the marijuana between them.

At this moment, Chu Wei came in from outside and saw that the room was a mess. The supper in his hand almost fell to the ground. He said viciously, "What's going on! Where is she?"

"In the bathroom."

"I just left for a while and you..."

There was the sound of a car outside the door, and it was unlikely that a car would drive here at night in a place like this. Chu Wei went close to the window and took a look. At the same time, Lin Dongxue, who was hiding in the bathroom, also heard the sound of a car outside. She was very familiar with that car’s sound. She broke the glass with a hair dryer and shouted, "I’m here!"

This yelling frightened Chu Wei so much that his body felt weak. His intuition told him that the people who came must be the police. He urged the couple, "Run!"

"What about her?" The male drug addict pointed to the bathroom.

Chu Wei stomped anxiously. "Fuck, we don’t have time to bother!"

The three jumped out of the window, ran wildly along the alley, and disappeared into the night.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The locked door was rammed open, Chen Shi rushed in and shouted, "Where are you, Dongxue?"

"I'm here!"

Lin Dongxue opened the door. When she saw Chen Shi, she could no longer control her emotions. She embraced him emotionally and burst into tears. Chen Shi comforted her by gently patting her back. Lin Qiupu also rushed in and saw that his sister was safe and sound. He breathed a long sigh of relief.

After she had vented her emotions, Lin Dongxue calmed down. She said, "Chase after them quickly. Those people haven't run far yet. Chu Wei has a couple working for him."

"I’ll go!" Lin Qiupu was about to jump out the window.

"Don't go." Chen Shi stopped him by the shoulder. "Don't take risks before reinforcements come. Just ask some people to seal off all the surrounding area. They can't run far without transportation."

"And just let this great opportunity pass?"

"It's been five minutes since we rammed the door open. Can you catch up?"

Lin Qiupu finally accepted Chen Shi's proposal and took out his phone to call for reinforcements.

Chen Shi helped Lin Dongxue to lie down on the bed for a while, and the circulation in her hands and feet was slowly restored. Although he had a lot of questions to ask, he just smiled when he spoke. "Have a good rest."

"I’m thirsty." Lin Dongxue said.

"I'll pour you some water."

The house was empty and he had a hard time finding a cup. Chen Shi washed the cup over and over again, poured some water in, and brought it over to Lin Dongxue.

Lin Qiupu was talking to Lin Dongxue, and when Chen Shi came in, he suddenly fell silent. Chen Shi thought to himself that there must be something they were hiding from him, but now that Lin Dongxue was safe, he wasn’t going to pry any further. Who doesn't have a secret or two?

Outside the town, the three of them hid in the underbrush. Listening to the police sirens in the distance, Chu Wei was very upset. He wanted to beat this useless couple, but it wouldn’t be of any use.

At that moment, the phone rang. Chu Wei put it to his ear, and a familiar elderly voice came from the other end, "Ah Wei, you won. Bring my daughter over. I’ll give you 10 million!"

Chu Wei was silent. How ironic. The hostage was gone, but the other party agreed to pay.

"Why, is the amount too little? Don't be too greedy. My patience is limited!"

"Haha!" Chu Wei laughed hollowly to conceal his guilty conscience. "Old Lie is so generous. In that case, just leave the money at..."

"Don't try that with me!" the other party bellowed, "We have to do a face-to-face exchange. If I don’t see her, don’t think you will get even a single yuan!"

"How can I trust an old fox like you?"

"If I say something, I’ll definitely do it!"

"Your words are like farts!"

He could hear the other person's gasp on the phone. After gasping, Lie Guoxiao calmed down abruptly and said in a calm tone, "Ah Wei, I once had an absolutely irreconcilable enemy. I hadn't made my mark yet when he was enjoying success. When I was able to retaliate against him, he had nothing left. Guess how I finished him in the end? I pretended to be a distant relative in order to help him out financially, bought him a house and found him a beautiful wife who gave birth to a child for him. He lived a happy and fulfilling life. Then when his son turned one year old, I led my men to their house. I let my subordinates torture his wife to death and fling his son to his death. I let him watch and let him cry as he stayed there helplessly. But I didn't touch a single finger of his. After we left, he committed suicide by himself!

"Ah Wei, the location is the abandoned building where you had hidden the drugs. You’re most familiar with it. I’ll only send one person to bring the money over and you should also bring my daughter there alone! You must come. You must believe me. I must see my daughter before daybreak! I’ve already made this kind of concession. If you still don’t believe it or don’t come, then I will do everything in my power to find you, and then use a method a hundred times more cruel than how I tortured that person to death to kill you. I can do what I say!"

The phone hung up with a bang. Chu Wei listened to the disconnect tone on the phone and remained motionless for a long time.

From the time he got to know Lie Guoxiao till now, what he had always seen was an old man who talks cheerfully and reveals nothing. He had never seen him talk to anyone so earnestly. However, Chu Wei didn’t know whether he should believe him, and the most crucial problem was that the hostage was gone!

The male drug addict overheard the call just then and asked with a look of surprise, "Brother Wei, ten million?"

"What are we going to trade for this ten million?!" Chu Wei asked gloomily.

The male drug addict thought for a while, slapped the female drug addict’s face, and cursed, "Fuck your mother! The ten million is gone."

Ten million! Ten million! Ten million!

Pondering this weighty figure, Chu Wei's expression kept changing. His eyes fell on the female drug addict. Due to long-term drug addiction, she was very thin and her height was similar to Lin Dongxue’s. Chu Wei's brows unfurrowed and he asked, "Where can you get women’s clothes?"

The male drug addict looked confused, and pointed to the female drug addict, "On her."

"Fuck your mother!" Chu Wei slapped him. "Go find some clothes that are similar to that police woman’s!"


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