Chapter 819: Lazy Old Days

The bandaged man walked in fast strides and Kaowei had to jog to catch up with him. After walking for over half an hour, she was so tired that she almost couldn’t handle it. "Why don’t we take a car?"

The bandaged man only glanced at her and continued to walk forward without saying a word. Kaowei could only sigh and follow closely.

Finally, they arrived at a construction site where work had stopped. Kaowei was so tired that she almost wanted to plop on the ground, but the bandaged man was still full of energy. He picked up a shovel and dug on the ground constantly, picking up something from time to time and holding it up in his hand to have a look. He looked very serious.

"Come here!" he whispered.

Kaowei ran over and saw Ms. Zhang's body exposed under the excavated soil layer. She screamed and hid behind the bandaged man. She hadn’t expected to actually find it.

"There's nothing to fear. She’s been dead for over twelve hours." The bandaged man said calmly.

"Dead... Dead people are the ones that are scary! You... what do you want to do now that you’ve found the corpse?"

"Check the corpse. Help me carry her out."

"No, no, I don't want to!"

The bandaged man turned around and stared at Kaowei without saying a word. His gaze gave people a sense of oppression. Kaowei finally gave in and asked, "What if I leave my fingerprints?"

The bandaged man took out a pair of plastic gloves from his body. Kaowei took it with a sigh and put them on.

The process of moving the corpse was really terrifying. Watching the familiar Ms. Zhang being handled by them, Kaowei had a weird feeling like she was in a dream. She felt that Ms. Zhang would open her eyes at any moment. This imagination coupled with the darkness in the boundless night made her sense of terror increase infinitely.

"Don't think about nonsensical things. A corpse is no different from an item." The bandaged man said calmly.

"How can there be no difference... Why are you so calm? Have you seen dead people before?"

"I definitely have..." The bandaged man replied vaguely. He brushed open Ms. Zhang’s eyelids, only to see that her eyes were bloodshot and her pupils were dilated. Then, he checked the deceased’s mouth again, shining the flashlight inside. He looked very serious while doing so. He suddenly said, "Old Peng..."

"Who’s Old Peng?"

The slightly excited eyes of the bandaged man dimmed. He answered, "It's nothing, don't worry about it... The deceased was poisoned."

"Can you tell all that just by looking at her?"

"Give me your phone."

The bandaged man took the phone and took pictures of the corpse. He said, "There’s a needle hole behind the neck. Her eyes are bloodshot and her nails are a greenish purple color. These are obvious signs of poisoning. The deceased has spewed foam like a crab. This shows that the poison is in the lungs. It’s a certain biological toxin, perhaps hyoscyamine or snake venom. I don’t know the specifics. This requires special identification."

Kaowei was so surprised that she couldn't close her mouth. "You can tell that just by looking at her?... Hey, what are you doing?!"

The bandaged man actually started to take off Ms. Zhang’s clothes and casually inspected the details of her body. Kaowei’s cheek twitched. The bandaged man stood up and said nonchalantly, "There’s no signs of struggle and no sexual assault. She was killed with the injected drugs in a state where she didn’t resist at all. The murderer had a clear purpose and didn’t mix personal feelings into it. It’s possible that they did this for money."

"Isn't this obvious?" Kaowei yelled. "Ms. Zhang is so old. Who would sexually assault her? You had to part her clothes and take a look just to find out. You’re really disgusting!"

"You can’t just use your thinking to obtain this information. You have to see it for it to be the truth. You said that women of this age won’t be sexually assaulted. I used to..."

"Used to what?"

The bandaged man hesitated to speak. "It’s nothing."

Kaowei became increasingly suspicious of his identity.

The bandaged man walked around the corpse and analyzed, "Someone snuck into Ms. Zhang's house last night and meticulously killed her. Her death must have a lot to do with her wanting to expose me."

"Not necessarily. Ms. Zhang didn't say that she wanted to expose you. Maybe she was killed for another reason."

"Why should we ignore the greatest possibility in front of us and discuss the uncertain 'other reasons'? Last night, she came over for a visit. She so obviously came to probe for information. Couldn’t you tell? She most likely gave a call to the people of the underworld after returning home... By the way, if she wanted to call someone, where would she call?"

"It must be the loan shark office."

"Who’s in charge of the office?"

"A young boss surnamed Liu. I’m not very clear on the details."

The bandaged man paced up and down and muttered as the gears in his head turned, "Someone wanted to expose Wang Xi, but the other party killed the whistle-blower. Why? If there are secrets that can’t be exposed, wouldn’t it be better to directly kill Wang Xi…?"

"Do we have to discuss this here?" Kaowei asked, taking a look at the corpse on the ground. Ms. Zhang, who had just been examined, was still in a disheveled state and her eyes were still half open, which was very terrifying.

The bandaged man's thoughts returned to reality. "Let’s bury her first."


"Otherwise, would we throw it out for the police to find it?"

Thus, the two put the body back to the pit and buried it again. The bandaged man carefully cleaned up the footprints left by them with a shovel, and then threw the shovel far away. After doing all of these things, he calmly said, "Let's go eat something!"

"What?! You still have an appetite?"

"I know that there’s a Hong Kong-style restaurant nearby that is open all night. The shrimp dumplings and siu mai are very good."

"I still have to go to work tomorrow. If I’m absent for one day, I’d have worked three days for nothing."

"It's okay, we can rush back at around 2:00 in the morning. You don't need to use your brain at work anyway, so it's okay to sleep a bit less."

"Hehe, you’re right!"

Kaowei heard his joking tone. This was a good change. It indicated that he was stepping out of the shadows of his heart and started to face reality again.

Although she didn't know who he was or where he was from, Kaowei hoped that he’d be in a better mood, purely for the air at home to be fresher. This guy smoked like crazy when he was depressed.

When they got near the Hong Kong-style restaurant, the bandaged man took out a few banknotes from his pocket. He gave it to Kaowei and told her to go in and order before taking it here to eat. He didn't want to show his face in front of outsiders.

Twenty minutes later, Kaowei came back with a take-out bag. The bandaged man was sitting under the rolling gate of a store smoking. Kaowei complained, "Smoking again? I was just about to praise you for not smoking over the last few hours."

The bandaged man threw the cigarette away, took the bag, and said nonchalantly, "Sit down!"

The dim sum from this restaurant was really delicious. It reminded Kaowei of her days with Wang Xi. They’d play after they were full and eat after they’d played enough every day. The two of them passed the time together as though they had unlimited time. Every second was sweet and warm, relaxed and happy.

Two people who loved each other being together were like carefree children. She believed that this was the true appearance of love. Love was joy and sincerity.

Thinking of Wang Xi, she felt heartbroken. The bandaged man's words pulled her back to reality. "The person who killed Ms. Zhang is someone from the underworld gang!"


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