Chapter 814: Going Undercover On Your Own

Two police officers walked in. One of them was very handsome with a stern aura radiating between his brows.

He showed them a printed photo. "Have you seen this person before?"

Kaowei and Ms. Zhang took a look and shook their heads. The police officers thanked them and went to the next house to knock on the door. Kaowei walked over and said, "This is my house."

"You live alone?"

"Yes, I live alone."

The police officer glanced at the wall and said, "You’re trying to rent the attic out. Has anyone rented it yet?"

"No... no."

"Let me take a look."

"I really haven’t!"

"Please open the door." His tone showed that he couldn’t be refused.

Kaowei was worried. She could only think that the bandaged man was on his own. I really didn’t want to betray you.

The police officers stepped on the wooden stairs up to the second floor, poked their heads up to take a look, then came down again, leaving without saying a word.

He and his partner began talking outside.

"Captain Song couldn't possibly have come here."

"Don't call him Captain Song! He’s a wanted criminal!"

"Qiupu, the captain used to dote on you so much..."

"I treat work as work!" As he said this, the handsome policeman's eyes became red. "The police can't have favoritism!"

"Haii, why did this happen?!"

When they left, they posted a wanted notice on the telephone pole opposite Kaowei’s house. After the police left, the residents ran out and talked about it. They gathered around the telephone pole to study the poster. Someone said, “It’s a lot of money for his arrest, huh? If only I could find him, that would be great."

"Keep dreaming. This kind of stuff is more difficult than winning the lottery."

Ms. Zhang said, "The captain of the criminal police. He must usually have a lot of glory while being rich and powerful. He deserves it, haha!"

Ms. Zhang didn’t hate the police, but as long as she saw news about the fall of the rich, she would bask in schadenfreude, as fortunately, she wouldn’t have a car accident because she didn’t have a car. There wouldn’t be any accidents because she didn’t have the money to go out. She didn’t have to worry about fires because she didn’t have a house.

She was immune to most of the troubles of the wealthy, but she was tortured to death by a tumor that grew in her uterus. She collected all kinds of remedies all day long, but she still didn’t go to the hospital. She told people that the hospital was a place that wanted money and lives. When the poor go to a hospital, whether they’re cured or not, they’re still at a dead end.

Kaowei returned home and hurried to the attic. The bandaged man sat in the dark attic and smoked with his right eye shining. Kaowei said, "Where did you hide just then? You’re so clever! I know the police would have questioned us endlessly with you looking like that."

"Thank you." The bandage man said in a hoarse voice.

"You're welcome. I guess you’re in trouble. In fact, people here are all afraid of the police. X sellers, pyramid schemes, and thieves are all hiding here. There are many people who don’t have temporary residence permits or even ID cards. Right, there are even loan sharks. We all hate them... Do you owe loan sharks too? Was your face hurt by them?"


"I'm going out to work. I’ll come back in the evening. If you want to eat, you can go out and buy it yourself. You can cook the noodles I put in the cupboard, but we need to keep count of the money! Never touch the bottle of western wine. Absolutely never!"

The bandaged man continued to smoke without saying a word, and Kaowei thought he was a weird person before leaving.

She worked in a factory and drew eyes for toy figures. Tens of thousands of eyes were drawn a day, and the skies in her dreams at night were all full of eyes as well.

At 10:00 in the evening, Kaowei began to return home. Exhausted, she squeezed into the last bus, sweating all over. She wanted to go home and take a shower. It suddenly occurred to her that there was a tenant at home. When she thought that she had to sleep in the same house as a man whose name and face she didn’t even know, she was a little inexplicably scared. She regretted renting him the attic a little bit. Should she have marked it so that she’d only rent it out to females?

She opened the door with the key and the light was on downstairs. The table was covered with a fly-proof cover with several dishes inside. Kaowei opened it and saw that there were shredded green peppers and potatoes, roasted eggplant, and scrambled eggs with green onions, which were ingredients she had thrown in the refrigerator. These ingredients that had been about to rot were actually fully utilized.

The cook had already eaten himself, and he left these for Kaowei.

Kaowei's heart warmed. It had been a long time since she had come home to a prepared meal (even though it wasn’t hot). When she thought about it carefully, it wasn’t "it had been a long time", but "never."

Her boyfriend had never done such a thing!

The bandaged man had not only cooked, but also cleaned up the house. Kaowei was full of gratitude. She opened the cabinet and looked at it. Suddenly, her eyes widened, and she rushed to the attic and demanded, "Who let you touch that bottle of wine!"

The bandaged man was kneeling in the dark, covering his face with his hands with his shoulders were shaking. He was crying. This was a man's way of crying. His voice wasn’t loud but he was extremely sad.

There was half a bottle of foreign wine beside him.

Kaowei went over, took a look at the wine bottle, and complained again, "I told you not to touch this bottle." This time, her voice was much softer. She couldn't bear to blame a crying person.

"Sorry!" the bandaged man cried. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

He kept saying this like he was possessed, not seeming to apologize for the bottle of wine, but to others, like a certain dead soul.

That kind of deep grief touched Kaowei. She stroked the bandaged man's back and said, "You must have lost your favorite person?"

The bandaged man turned his head and looked at her.

"Do you know why I didn’t let you touch this bottle of wine? I left it for my boyfriend. He said that when he makes a lot of money one day, he’ll open this bottle of wine to celebrate..." Kaowei was a little choked up. "He was a little hooligan who followed a big brother in the underworld when he was just a teenager. He smoked, drank, and fought. When I met him, I was also young and ignorant and I liked bad men. Once, I had a fever and he carried me to the hospital. However, the hospital was off work. The doctors were all gone for the day. He beat the window of the registration office and violently told people to find the doctor, otherwise he’d blow up the hospital! At that moment, I really fell in love with him..."

Kaowei wiped a tear away.

"I’ve been with him for many years. It's unbelievable. I don't know how many times we’ve quarelled. One time, he went out to find a prostitute. I got mad after finding out about it. He said that there was no other way since he walked this path. I asked if he had to be in the underworld. He’s already so old, couldn’t he find a stable job? He wasn’t happy about that. He said that he wanted to be a big boss in the underworld, then I would be the boss’s woman. All of a sudden, I was so moved that I couldn’t even get angry. However, my mother didn’t like him. After meeting him once, my mother was so full of contempt that he actually said that he was actually an undercover agent sent by the police into the underworld, just like Tony Leung in "Infernal Affairs". My mom was so happy and asked him if he had a formal police number and whether he could get a salary? Also, would he be a chief when he stopped being an undercover cop?"

"This lie killed him! My mother went out to play mahjong, and everyone at the table was showing off their sons-in-law. My mother couldn't help but show off too, telling others that her future son-in-law looked like a hooligan when in fact he was an undercover agent sent by the police, and that in the future, he would immediately become the chief when he went back. These words spread and reached his big brother's ears. At that time, some bad things had happened in his group. The big brother had always suspected that there was a traitor in the midst. He was caught in this lie. During that time, he kept hiding everywhere. He was a hooligan to outsiders and a traitor to the insiders. In the end, he couldn't help but surrender to the police. The police were so happy. Someone had actually developed themselves into an informant in the underworld society that they’d been keeping watch of. They extracted information that he obtained with his life from him. Every time he provided evidence of a crime, the police would treat him to sauerkraut fish hot pots. He ate twelve sauerkraut fish hot pots in the police station..."


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