Chapter 809: Giving The Thugs A Lesson

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue walked into the shop and saw the chaos. Several thugs in suits were about to break He Jun's leg. Chen Shi questioned, "Did Lie Guoxiao send you?"

Lin Dongxue displayed her badge. "Stop where you are and don’t play any tricks."

The "Impressionist" smiled and spat. "We’re just playing with him!" Then he slapped He Jun's face hard. "Tell them. Were we just playing?"

Although He Jun's face was red from being slapped, he stammered and replied, "Yes... We were just playing. We had a good time with... this unfamiliar brother."

"It's okay then! I'm leaving. You guys can chat slowly." The "Impressionist" spread out his hands, and walked out recklessly with his subordinates.

Lin Dongxue took out her handcuffs and shouted, "Stop right there!" She stretched out her hand to stop them.

The "Impressionist" glanced at her disrespectfully. "Get out of my way, bitch!" Then he knocked her hand away and walked out.

Anger rushed through Chen Shi's heart. He caught up with him and shouted, "Hey". The instant the "Impressionist" turned his head, he was punched in the face by Chen Shi and fell directly outside the door of the pawn shop.

The "Impressionist" held his cheek as he lay on the ground, looking at Chen Shi with angry and startled eyes. "The police dare to hit someone?!"

Chen Shi took out his ID and threw it in front of him. "Look carefully. I'm not a policeman. I'm just a consultant. You can fight back."

"You were the one who said it!!!"

The "Impressionist" stood up and tried to do a flying kick. It was a common fighting move used by thugs. Chen Shi dodged to the side, grabbed his leg and pushed him back. Unexpectedly, the "Impressionist" jumped nimbly on the other leg to keep his balance and hit Chen Shi's back with his elbow.

Chen Shi simply squeezed his testicles ruthlessly. The scream of the "Impressionist" went right up to the heavens, and he was knocked to the ground. He clutched his lower body and got up. His face was so distorted that he looked even more impressionistic. Then he took a butterfly knife out from his pocket, flicking it around.

Chen Shi also opened up his stance, with one fist in the front and one at behind, fixing his eyes on the knife.

"Big Brother, the police officer is watching! You’ll be sentenced if you use a knife!" A subordinate reminded him.

"Motherfucker, get me a brick instead!"

The subordinate picked up a brick from the ground and threw it over. The "Impressionist" threw the knife to the subordinate. At this moment, Chen Shi rushed up directly and hit the "Impressionist" in the face with a punch. Fighting was like this. Attacking while they’re vulnerable is the best way.

The "Impressionist" was dazed by the blow, brandishing the brick in his hand wildly, and finally throwing it at Chen Shi. When Chen Shi dodged, he lifted his leg and kicked Chen Shi in the chest. Lin Dongxue paled with fright.

This kick made Chen Shi’s chest feel a little discomfort. The "Impressionist" took advantage of the situation and attacked savagely, punching left and right fiercely. Chen Shi could only retreat while parrying with both hands. Suddenly, the "Impressionist" punched with both fists simultaneously. This move was so fierce that it couldn’t be fended off with brute force.

Chen Shi could only use his special skills. He dodged to the side and grabbed his opponent's elbow with his left hand, striking his neck with his right palm.

The "Impressionist" was dazed by this knife hand strike. He glanced at Chen Shi with a stunned look. When Chen Shi withdrew his right hand and punched with his left hand, the "Impressionist" suddenly lowered his head and propped himself up on the ground with his hands. His two legs kept kicking backwards like a mule. It was very wacky, but also extremely difficult to deal with.

This guy wasn’t an ordinary thug. He had actually trained. The subordinates cheered and applauded when they saw their big brother using this move.

Even the dust on the ground was lifted up by the "Impressionist". Chen Shi was unable to handle the two legs that were so fast that they looked blurred,  so he could only retreat backwards. However, as soon as he retreated, the "Impressionist" rolled himself into a ball, tumbled over, and supported himself on the ground with both hands again like an experienced gymnast, kicking wildly with both legs.

It was impossible to fight against this kind of shameless ground fighting technique while standing. However, one wouldn’t be his match fighting on the ground with him, because he had trained in this skill. Thus, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that this kind of tactic was said to be evil kung-fu.

Stalling in this manner would only be more detrimental to him. Chen Shi steeled himself and suddenly jumped up, pouncing down. This was a wrestling move. The "Impressionist" was kicking and turning exultantly on the ground. Suddenly, he saw a giant shadow descending on him from above and screamed in fright.

With a bang, the "Impressionist" was squished underneath Chen Shi like a garlic bulb. Without giving him any chance to react, Chen Shi directly pummeled his face with his fists. After three punches, the face of the "Impressionist" was wounded and bled profusely. With a mouthful of loose teeth, he lisped, "Who the fuck are you?"

Chen Shi clenched his fist, but didn’t let the punch fall. He knew that something bad would happen if he punched him again, so he stopped, stood up and said "Get lost!"

Several subordinates quickly helped the "Impressionist" up and they escaped into the car parked on the street corner. After getting into the car, the "Impressionist" touched his swollen face and murmured, "I’ve fought with this person before. I absolutely have. Damn it, I can't remember..."

"Are you all right?!" Lin Dongxue ran up and asked with concern. She took out a wet wipe to wipe Chen Shi's hands.

Chen Shi breathed a sigh of relief. Although his body hurt, he still pretended to be calm for fear that Lin Dongxue would worry, and said that he was fine.

"You’re too impulsive. Why did you fight with those thugs? I could have just asked someone to bring them back to the bureau." Lin Dongxue reproached him in distress.

"Who told that guy to insult you? I couldn't bear it." Chen Shi smiled.

In fact, there was another reason to teach this person a lesson. However, he was the only one who knew this reason, and there will never be a second person who would find out.

After "sending" away the thugs, the two returned to the shop. He Jingjing was helping He Jun rub some red liniment in. The cabinets and drawers in the room had all been opened. It was clear at a glance that there were no paintings hidden there, but Chen Shi thought that if they had hidden the paintings, they would never hide them in these places.

"Thank you." He Jingjing said, "If you hadn't come in time, He Jun's leg would have been broken. This group of people is too unreasonable."

In fact, all pawn shops had been harassed that day. Some just received baffling phone calls, while others had been searched and their owners beaten up by the thugs. At the moment, there were several pawn shop owners lying in hospital.

Of course, a bunch of thugs had also been arrested, but none of them admitted the identity of the person who had instigated them.

This was Lie Guoxiao’s scheming, spreading fear frenziedly, forcing the thief who stole the paintings to reveal their flaws. However, this old man was indeed very sharp, realizing that the thief was in the pawn shop industry.

Chen Shi didn’t need to tell He Jingjing these. "We’re here to investigate."

He Jingjing made an indifferent gesture. "They just finished the search, so you can continue to search. You’re all groundlessly suspicious all day long."

"You two didn't open the shop this afternoon. Where were the two of you at that time?"

"Can't we occasionally take a day off? We were sleeping in the house."

"You’re testifying for each other?"

"Do I have to take a video as evidence when I sleep?" He Jingjing responded angrily.


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