Chapter 80: Celebration Banquet

Volume 6: Lucky Man

After work, everyone went to the restaurant full with smiles and laughter. It was not a particularly luxurious celebration feast. Three hundred yuan worth of dishes for each table. However, it still made the police officers really happy because the case was finally broken.

Although there may be new cases tomorrow, today's work was perfectly finished up.

While waiting for the food to arrive, Xu Xiaodong took a paper straw and walked around the table. There is a small rule that is not written among the Criminal Police force. Half of the people who drew the straws could drink alcohol while the other half who drew the short straws couldn’t. If everyone was drunk, then they couldn’t drive back.

Xu Xiaodong came to Chen Shi and patted him on the shoulder. He familiarly addressed, "Brother Chen" affectionately. Chen Shi explained, "I won’t draw one since I won’t be drinking tonight. I still have to do a few rounds of orders to pull in some money.”

"Brother Chen, you’re too good at planning ahead in life!"

"Thanks for the compliment."

The dishes came out, and the police officers who were chatting got rid of their cigarettes. They couldn’t wait to move the chopsticks. At this time, Lin Qiupu and Peng Sijue came in. Someone offered, "Captain Lin is here! Say a few words!"

"Say what? Just eat already!" Lin Qiupu laughed as he walked in.

"Haha, then I’ll dig in!"

"I’m starving! After a few days of instant noodles, I can finally eat meat!"

"Do you like the atmosphere in the team?" Lin Dongxue asked Chen Shi.

"I do. It’s very warm and everyone gets along with each other very well."

"You are now a consultant. You’re considered as half a team member now. You’re pretty much a colleague from now on.”

When she mentioned this, Chen Shi took the consultant card out of his pocket. "I haven't promised yet!"

"My brother said that consultants have grants and transportation subsidies, so you can earn some extra money."

"I am a free person and do not want to be restrained..." Chen Shi removed the cover of the consultant's card and handed the documents inside back to Lin Dongxue. However, he slipped the cover back into his pocket. "Help me return it to your brother."

"What!?" Lin Dongxue couldn't believe that he refused.

"Rather I can consider taking on the request you made for me to help you cook. BUT, you have to add some money.”

"How much? I am only a small detective at the third level. My salary each month is pretty shabby."

"How about 80 yuan a day?" Chen Shi asked with a smile.

"Slightly pricey. Let me think about it..."

Chen Shi turned his head and found that the dishes on the table had almost all been emptied. "Fuck! These hungry dogs! Hurry and eat!"

Chen Shi’s meal that night was very unsatisfying. Many policemen ran to toast him. “Brother Chen, take care of our team in the future!”, “If Brother Chen takes over, then there is no such thing as an unsolvable case. Come, let’s cheers! "Brother Chen, don't drive a taxi, it's better to come to the bureau for career development. Since you’re so capable, the chief and secretary will definitely allow it!"

Chen Shi answered them briefly and made some small talk. He was forced to drink a stomach full of juice in place of alcohol but he couldn’t even stomach a few mouthfuls of vegetables without someone talking to him. Lin Dongxue whispered, "Serves you right!"

Chen Shi looked up and found that on the opposite side of the table, a pair of cold eyes were staring at him. Peng Sijue had not moved his chopsticks even once. He just stared at him the entire time.

Therefore, Chen Shi poured a glass of juice and raised his glass, "Captain Peng, it’s been an honor to cooperate with you!"

Peng Sijue was indifferent at first, but then others began saying, "Brother Chen hasn’t initiated drinking with anyone else but you. He respects you Captain, you should give him face!”, "Yeah, this time, since the both of you solved the case, both of you are great heroes."

Peng Sijue could not handle the peer pressure and poured himself half a cup of tea, stood up, and touched cups with Chen Shi. He whispered, "I will find out who you are sooner or later!"

Chen Shi was stunned for a brief moment before immediately putting on a smile, "Anytime."

There was a commotion in the crowd. It turned out that Lin Qiupu had one drink too many. Whoever he saw, he would pat their shoulders and have deep meaningful conversations. It was completely different from the cool and arrogant image he normally portrayed. "Lao Li, are you not afraid of your wife’s scolding when you drink alcohol? Come, have another one!", "Old Peng, why do you stare at Chen Shi all the time but don't look at me? I’ll get angry... Come here, cheers!", "Lao Zhang, Lao Zhang, let’s dance."

Looking at the brother who was holding hands and dancing with the policeman Zhang, Lin Dongxue sighed reluctantly. "I really don't want to say that I know him!"

Next, Xu Xiaodong and several young police officers were colluding with each other. "If Captain wakes up tomorrow and asks what he did last night, we will say that he just fell asleep."

After the celebration feast, Chen Shi drove Lin Dongxue and the drunk Lin Qiupu to leave the restaurant. The first task was to send Lin Qiupu back home. On the road, Chen Shi asked, "Why don't you brothers and sisters live together?"

"I’m afraid you’ll laugh if I tell you the truth. Two years ago, my brother got a girlfriend and was around the point of marriage. I didn't want to be a light bulb, so I moved out. Every time I asked my brother, he said that he would get married soon and that he would invite me for celebration wine. After half a year, I finally found out that his girlfriend didn’t like him not being able to accompany her much and broke up with him. He actually put on an act for six months and deceived us all! Don’t you think that he needs face too much?"

"Haha!" Chen Shi laughed. "Your brother is pretty cute."

Lin Qiupu, who was sleeping in the back seat, had a nightmare. "Do not bully my sister!"

When they arrived at Lin Qiupu’s residence, Chen Shi took Lin Qiupu’s shoulder and pulled him down. On the way into the community, Lin Qiupu’s mouth was vaguely moving and mumbling. Chen Shi just agreed to everything as if Lin Qiupu was a child. 

Lin Qiupu’s place was a two-bedroom and one lounge home that was bought with a mandatory saving scheme and government subsidies. A bachelor’s home was rarely clean and tidy. He was no exception here. When they entered the house, Lin Dongxue frowned. “Why are guys’ houses all like pig’s pens?”

"Don't include me! My home is at least not as messy as this.”

"Who would believe you?!"

They put Lin Qiupu on the bed, fed him some water, covered him with a quilt and let him fall asleep. Chen Shi quietly left the bedroom and looked around the house. "This house is not bad. You two should live together. If you both pay the mortgage, the pressure would be a little smaller.”

"Live together? Then you can’t see me."

"When did Miss Lin become so considerate?"

"I am not being considerate... I’ve thought about it, what about 60 yuan a day?"


Lin Dongxue was so angry that she wanted to smash the wall. Chen Shi normally took care of people so freely, but he never backed down on the issue of money. She was a bit confused. Does this man think highly of himself?

"70!" Chen Shi proposed, "You often don't go home to eat at night. You can call me whenever you need me to cook. It may only be around ten times a month. That’s not too expensive!”

Lin Dongxue folded her arms together and angrily scoffed, "You seem to be very happy and at ease taking money from a girl.”

"I have worked for my pay! Of course I feel at ease."

"Hmph, take me home!"

After getting in the car, Lin Dongxue asked, "Are you short of money? Or is there a family member at home that is a patient and needs medical expenses?"

Chen Shi responded calmly, "No, I’m just greedy."

"Oh... I was thinking that if you needed money urgently, I could add more money like I was sponsoring someone."

"No thanks, but your good intentions are appreciated." Chen Shi smiled. "Running rounds with the car and my savings allow me to have a comfortable life.”

"Then why are you still so frugal?"

At this time, there was an announcement on the radio station. "...Congratulations to the lottery friends of the mobile phone number ending in 0848 who won the prize of 20 million yuan!"

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