Chapter 796: A Dead Pig Isn’t Afraid Of Boiling Water

Lin Qiupu was slightly surprised. Could it be that the ashtray found at the scene was someone who wanted to put the blame on Liu Feng?

He continued to interrogate calmly, "Where did you hit him with the ashtray?"

"Officer, although I’m a rough fellow, I also know that ashtrays are so heavy that they could kill people. I just picked it up to scare him and didn't actually hit him." Liu Feng grinned. "If I really did hit him, the nature of it all would be different. I understand this."

Lin Qiupu sneered, "If you know the law, why did you still hit someone? Tell me honestly. Why did you hit Boss Shen?"

"To collect protection fees!"

Previously, Liu Feng's narration was very smooth, but when he said this sentence, he paused slightly. Lin Qiupu judged that this reason must be fake.

"Collecting protection fees?"

"Yes, I’m a bit tight money-wise and I don't want to borrow money from my buddies, so I asked this honest and timid boss to give me some money to spend! When I used to be a small-time gangster, I used to do things like this all the time."

"Were you alone?"

"I went alone."

"Did anyone see you?"

Liu Feng thought for a while. "His apprentice. I yelled at him, asking him what he was looking at and he ran away."

"Liu Feng, I believe that part of what you just said is true, but if you mix the truth with false statements, and you only say what is good for you..."

Liu Feng spread out his hands. "I came to surrender, so how can it benefit me?"

"Don't interrupt me!" Lin Qiupu scolded. "To tell you the truth, Boss Shen is dead and he was killed by someone using an ashtray. Your fingerprints are on the ashtray, and someone has witnessed you committing the crime. Coincidentally, you don’t have an alibi."

Liu Feng's face was pale with fright. "I didn't kill anyone! Why should I kill him?"

"What's the use of saying this stuff?!"

"You can go to my computer to check my browsing records."

"That kind of thing can be faked at will. We can only help you if you tell us the truth. Why did you cause trouble for Boss Shen? Did someone instruct you?"

Liu Feng gritted his teeth, lowered his head, and didn’t speak for a whole minute. Lin Qiupu slammed the table, telling him to speak up. Liu Feng suddenly raised his face. His face was covered with  cold sweat, but his eyes were full of determination. "I killed him!"

Lin Qiupu was taken aback. He thought that the kid would continue to argue, but he had unexpectedly admitted it readily.

"How did you kill him?"

"I smashed him to death with an ashtray."

"Why did you kill him?"

"There was no reason. Just didn’t like the look of him."

"After you killed him, you took something from the scene. What was it?"

Liu Feng spread out his hands, "I was too panicked at the time and didn't look at it closely."

"Where is it?"

"You can go to my house to search for it. What you find is what you find. You have the final say."

Lin Qiupu widened his eyes. "Liu Feng, you’re now going to the other extreme, right? You’re admitting to everything I say?"

"You said I killed someone, and I can't explain it clearly, so you can do as you see fit!" Liu Feng's expression was like that of a dead pig that wasn’t afraid of boiling water.

The interrogation was temporarily suspended. Lin Qiupu asked someone to find the employee in order to identify the suspect. Lin Dongxue said, "Brother, I don't think he’s the murderer."

"I also think that way, because it doesn't make sense based on the motive. However, he would rather plead guilty to murder than confess the reason for seeking out Boss Shen."

"It must have been instigated by Lie Guoxiao!"

"But why did Lie Guoxiao want to teach Boss Shen a lesson? He had just pawned a painting at Boss Shen’s a few days ago."

"By the way, you asked me to check Boss Shen’s communication records before his death." Lin Dongxue took out a list with a long string of numbers on it, and noted the people whose numbers were registered. Lin Dongxue had investigated all these people. There was Boss Shen’s younger brother, his friends, ex-classmates, and customers. From May 10th to May 11th, Boss Shen had been on the phone with a person surnamed Wei four times. It was found that the person operated an auction house."

"I'll visit the owner of this auction house!" Lin Dongxue said.

Lin Qiupu nodded. Lin Dongxue was now flexible and proactive in investigating cases, and she could fully handle everything by herself. He remembered that in his second year after joining the police force, he was still only a silly youngster following Song Lang around every day who could only say things like, "Suicide can be ruled out." and "Captain, what should I investigate next?"

Lin Qiupu sighed and went to Peng Sijue. Peng Sijue had bought an ashtray that was exactly the same as the murder weapon and had marked out the position of the fingerprints with ink. He said, "You came at just the right time. I just did an experiment. The murderer had held the ashtray in this manner. The point of impact was just opposite the fingerprints. The body hasn’t been dissected yet, but some glass fragments were found in the wound. We’re trying to piece the shards back together. If it works, then there’s no doubt that the ashtray was the murder weapon."

"Are there any doubts from a technical point of view?"

"If you have to say that something is suspicious, it’s that only Liu Feng's fingerprints are on the ashtray. It stands to reason that the ashtray should have the fingerprints of the owner as well."

"Liu Feng has fully confessed to the crime, though his attitude wasn’t too sincere. He still needs to be investigated. We can’t convict him based on a confession alone."

Peng Sijue picked up a cup of coffee, "It was really fast this time."

"In the past, when Captain Song was here, the investigation speed was faster than this."

Peng Sijue's hand stopped in the air.

"Sorry for mentioning him in front of you." Lin Qiupu sat down. "Captain Peng, I have a ridiculous idea I want to discuss with you."

"Go ahead!"

"Do you think Chen Shi looks like Song Lang?" He lowered his voice.

Peng Sijue raised his eyebrows, and calmly said, "Why do you feel this way? Song Lang and I have been friends for many years and I know him very well. Chen Shi is far too different from him."

"Okay, I’ll drop the matter after hearing your words."

"We have said that we wouldn’t mention the name ‘Song Lang’ in the second team."


After Lin Qiupu left, Peng Sijue looked at the door for a long time, and his subordinates called out to him for a long time before he came back to himself.

In the afternoon, the employee was found and brought over. He glanced at Liu Feng through the one-sided mirror and said with certainty, "It's him!"

"I have one more thing to ask you. On May 12th, he also visited the store during the daytime. What did he do at that time?" Lin Qiupu said.

"Oh, that incident? He beat Boss Shen."

"How did he beat him?"

"I heard movement downstairs, so I went down and saw him holding the ashtray in his hand, about to smash the boss's head. He saw me and yelled at me. I was so scared that I hurried upstairs."

"And then?"

"About half an hour later, he left. I asked the boss what was going on. The boss said that he was a rascal and not to ask! Our boss has a very good character. He never interacts with this kind of person normally. I don’t know why this little hooligan came to seek trouble."

Lin Qiupu asked him to take another look and sent a policeman in to tell Liu Feng to stand up and take a few steps. The employee was very certain, so he signed the document for identifying a suspect.


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