Chapter 794: Lin Qiupu's Test

Lin Qiupu asked, "Who?"

He Jun replied, "The police officer who was with you back then."

"Are you sure it’s the same person?"

When Chen Shi approached, He Jun took a closer look and said, "Haha, I was wrong, but the aura is indeed a bit similar."

The speaker said so unintentionally, but it held meaning for the listener. He Jun had only met Song Lang a few times many years ago. He had mistook Chen Shi for Song Lang for an instant, indicating that there were indeed some similarities between the two people's body language. A few points were added to Lin Qiupu's suspicions.

"Why did you only come now?" Lin Qiupu complained to Chen Shi.

"I'm not a policeman. Should I be on standby 24 hours..." Chen Shi glanced at He Jun with a strange look in his eyes, and continued to speak to Lin Qiupu, "What case is this?"

"Come in and have a look!"

He Jun went back to his store first, and the two walked into the murder scene. Lin Qiupu explained the facts of the case, and Chen Shi casually said, "It's just a case of robbery-cum-murder. You’re so incompetent now that you have to consult me for these cases?"

"Why are your words so pleasant to listen to?" Lin Qiupu took out the bone bowl in the evidence bag, "This was discovered here."

Chen Shi looked puzzled. "What's the story?"

Lin Qiupu carefully observed his expression and couldn't tell that he was acting. Could he really be mistaken?

He couldn’t accept this, so he repeated the legend about the bowl carefully, "...This is the first case I experienced after I became a policeman. At the time, I had to work hard to investigate this bowl."

While recounting the past, Lin Qiupu carefully observed Chen Shi, using the skills Song Lang had taught him in order to see through other people’s lies. He observed every muscle on Chen Shi’s face - every subtle movement of the eyebrows and the corners of his mouth, but Chen Shi’s expression was so normal that it couldn’t be more normal.

The conclusion was that it was indeed the first time he had heard about this bowl.

Lin Qiupu was extremely disappointed. He had really made a mistake. No, if Chen Shi was really Song Lang, he would have noticed the atmosphere of this test the moment he walked in the door. Song Lang once said that if you can’t tell whether a person is lying or not, you need to observe their hands and feet. People’s distal nerves often show their true attitude.

Lin Qiupu lowered his head to look at Chen Shi's feet. At this time, Chen Shi suddenly found a chair to sit down on and put his feet together. Lin Qiupu said angrily, "Who told you that you could sit here? This is the murder scene."

"I’m tired. Can't I sit down for a while?" Chen Shi smiled.

Either he was really cunning, or there was really no problem, Lin Qiupu pondered. No, how could this guy not be problematic? His past was impossible to unravel, and a person who looked exactly like him had appeared not too long ago. Putting all these together, Chen Shi became even more suspicious.

Chen Shi looked at him calmly. "According to your statement, people who receive this bowl will meet with misfortune. Let’s not discuss whether the legend is true or false. If there’s really something that can make people meet with misfortune, when you receive it, and then get hit by a car, should the person who gave you this thing be guilty, or the driver? Of course, the guilty party is the person who committed the action. Thus, there’s no need to investigate this bowl. Furthermore, do you believe in curses? Aren’t you an atheist, Little Lin?"

"What are you calling me?!" Lin Qiupu raised his voice.

Chen Shi said innocently, "I'm older than you. It's fine for me to call you ‘Little Lin’. Do you like the title ‘Great Captain Lin’? Okay, Great Captain Lin."

Lin Qiupu sighed and gave up completely. The more he tried, the more he was unable to figure it out.

"Let’s head back. I didn't drive here, so I’ll get a ride in your car."

After getting into the car, Lin Qiupu asked, "What do you think of this case?"

"You’ve all already cleared up the scene, so what can I say? Wait for Old Peng's appraisal results! Yueyue is about to take her junior high school examination, so I’ll need to spend more time with her. For the time being, I won't be playing with you guys."

"Play with us? What is crime-solving to you?"

"A part-time job."

"Others work part-time in restaurants and hotels, but you help the police solve cases. You really know how to pick jobs... Who on earth did you learn to solve cases from?"


"Do you think I believe that?"

"Can we not go back to this issue? A stupid person like you just refuses to believe that some people are born gifted."

"I’m not going to believe you!"

Lin Qiupu ignored him, thinking gloomily about things. When passing an intersection and stopping at a red light, he suddenly noticed that Chen Shi was tapping the steering wheel with his fingers. That action...

Chen Shi seemed to notice that his little movements had been observed. The tapping fingers paused slightly, and then continued to tap away. He said, "Great Captain Lin, did you take the wrong medicine today? You keep looking at me like you’re interrogating a suspect."

The scales in Lin Qiupu's heart went up and down. He was considering whether to continue to test Chen Shi. Perhaps with a little more, he could be sure who he is!

"Turn right ahead and go to Fotan road."

"What are we going to do?"

"We’re going to eat!"

"I have no objection if you’re treating me." Chen Shi turned the steering wheel.

The two arrived at a cafe on Fotan Road, which also sold steaks, pasta, etc. There weren’t a lot of customers at the time. A head waiter in a black and white uniform stood at the door and yawned. When Lin Qiupu came in, his eyes lit up. He smiled and said, "Oh, which wind has brought Captain Lin here?! Please come inside."

"Dachang, you’ve gotten fatter."

"Hehe, I put on weight after getting married, it can’t be helped. Is Captain Lin still single?"

"Can you not mention that topic?"

"Let’s find seats for you first, and I’ll treat you to whatever you want to eat."

"Don't do that. I won't come again if you want to write off the bill."

After the two sat down, Dachang greeted Chen Shi, "Are you a colleague of Little Lin’s?"

"No, I’m a driver." Chen Shi smiled.

"How prodigal, you have a driver now." Dachang slapped Lin Qiupu on the shoulder.

Lin Qiupu said, "He’s just a taxi driver as well as a consultant in the team. Oh yes, have you met him before?"

Dachang observed Chen Shi for a while and shook his head. "I haven't seen him before."

"Have you seen him before?" Lin Qiupu asked Chen Shi, observing the subtle expressions on his face.

Chen Shi looked at Dachang for a moment, then smiled, "You seem quite familiar, have I seen you before somewhere?"

"Haha, perhaps I've been in your car, but people all say that I look like Daniel Wu... Aiya, we’ve just been busy talking. What do you want to eat?"

"Anything is fine!" Lin Qiupu said.

After Dachang left, he said to Chen Shi, "Guess his previous job?"

"Police officer?"

"How did you know?"

"Because he knows you, he was probably your colleague. Otherwise, based on your personality, you wouldn't know such a person."

"He used to be my partner. This guy was too smart and didn’t want to endure hardship. Later, he was fired by my original captain because of a small mistake."

"But you went all the way and became the captain of the criminal police team. Did you bring me here to satisfy your vanity and listen to my praise?

"A knave judges others by their own standards. I'll go to the bathroom."

When he got to a place where Chen Shi couldn't see him, Lin Qiupu turned on his phone. When he asked him the question earlier, he had used his phone to record Chen Shi's hands underneath the table. If he was really Song Lang, he would have had some reaction when he saw Dachang.

The result was that Chen Shi's hands underneath were extremely calm. He had indeed never seen Dachang before...


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