Chapter 791: Society’s Immunity Cells

The case was considered concluded. Li Qiang was detained, and when the entire case process was completed, he would be sent to the detention centre to wait for his trial.

As for He Jingjing, she would only be warned and fined for damaging RMB. After paying the fine, she left first. When she was leaving, she stood at the door of the Public Security Bureau for a long time. Her expression showed grief, anger, unwillingness to accept what had happened, and regret.

Song Lang called all the police officers involved in the case to go out for supper and relax. It was his treat. Everyone went to a barbecue restaurant and they ordered barbecue skewers and beer. This time there was one extra person: Lin Qiupu. The police officers, who had no time to talk to him previously, asked him how it felt to be in the second team. Lin Qiupu replied shyly, "The captain is really good at solving cases just like the rumors say, and his thinking is very clear. I’ve learned a lot from solving the case with him."

"Aren't we also great?"

"Haha, we’ve all been covered by the captain's halo."

"Come, let’s drink!"

Everyone was chatting in the lively atmosphere. The most relaxing moment in the police force was when a case was over.

Song Lang was drinking a large glass of cold draft beer by himself, but his expression wasn’t one of elation. He was still regretting the loose end left by this case. They had no evidence to arrest He Jingjing as an accomplice.

"Captain, the case was solved really smoothly this time." Lin Qiupu leaned over to talk.

"This case is a stain on my professional record. That woman made use of her father and obtained the inheritance without a hitch. For the rest of her life, whenever she thinks of escaping from the police, she’ll probably feel very lucky!" Song Lang sneered, taking a big sip of beer.

"I don’t know if I should say this or not... Actually, I think that girl is very pitiful."

"Say that again!!!" Song Lang suddenly raised his volume. Lin Qiupu, who had never seen Song Lang angry, was dumbfounded. Everyone else also stopped and looked over.

"What did you say? Say it again!" Song Lang said sternly.

Lin Qiupu, a straightforward boy, actually understood this as an order, and repeated it again while trembling, "...Actually, I think that girl is very pitiful."

Song Lang stretched out a hand and Lin Qiupu thought he was going to be beaten, but Song Lang's generous palm fell on his shoulder. Although it hurt a bit, it was indeed the action of a shoulder slap.

"Little Lin, do you know why people get cancer?"

"Huh?" Lin Qiupu looked blank. "Because they smoke too much?"

"Cancer cells have a special ability. They can fool the immune system and make the immune system think that they’re ordinary, harmless cells, so once they spread, they’ll be particularly hard to deal with. The police are the society’s immune system. The people that the police have to be most wary of aren’t the vicious criminals, but those criminals with pitiful backgrounds, and those that are helpless and weak, with seemingly legitimate reasons. These seemingly harmless people are cancer cells that deceive people. You mustn’t think they’re pitiful. If you pity them, who will pity those who were killed, as well as the countless innocent and kind ordinary citizens? There is no legitimate reason for crime in the world. If you make these kind of mindless remarks again, I will kick you out of the second team!"

Lin Qiupu lowered his head in shame. Song Lang patted him and handed over a glass of alcohol. Seeing that the captain’s anger had passed, the others joined in the fun. They picked up their glasses and said, "Rookie, don’t feel wronged. The captain had taught you for your own good. Come and let’s have a toast!"

Lin Qiupu didn't touch his glass. He took out his little notebook and wrote down Song Lang's words.

This kind of behavior seemed ridiculous to others, but Song Lang saw the earnestness in this kid's bones, and thought that perhaps he would be a good policeman in the future!

The next day, Lin Qiupu returned from a patrol in the morning and found a note posted on his computer asking him to visit the third team.

The third team, which was responsible for fighting triads, was located on another floor. Seeing unfamiliar faces, Lin Qiupu inevitably got a little nervous. He didn't know what he was doing here. Suddenly, there was a voice calling him, "You’re Little Lin who is under Captain Song?"

He turned his head and saw a  short-haired female police officer who was valiant and heroic in bearing. She introduced herself. "I am Han Luoxi from the third team."

Han Luoxi held out her hand and shook Lin Qiupu's hand. Lin Qiupu's cheeks blushed. He noticed that Han Luoxi's good figure was actually due to long-term training, because her palms were strong, powerful and full of calluses.

Lin Qiupu followed this elder sister to an office without knowing what was going on. Han Luoxi turned on the computer, "On September 5th, you went to Taiyang pawn shop and saw a group of people committing acts of violence. You stopped them and they tried to hit you with a car. Is that right?"

"Did the captain tell... tell you?"

"Who else could it be? Recount what had happened for me in detail!"

Lin Qiupu recounted the whole incident carefully, secretly looking at Han Luoxi during the process. She had a pair of bold eyebrows, and the way she occasionally brushed her hair with her hands was very gentle and beautiful, enrapturing Lin Qiupu.

Perhaps because he’d been in the role of an elder brother since he was a child, he found this kind of woman with the aura of an older sister most irresistible.

After finishing the written statement, Han Luoxi printed out the document and asked Lin Qiupu to sign it. She noticed that Lin Qiupu's face was blushing and smiled. "Is the air conditioner’s temperature set too high? Why is your face always red?"

"No... no, maybe it’s because I had just come back from outside." Lin Qiupu explained evasively.

After signing, Han Luoxi took Lin Qiupu to the interrogation room and asked him to identify the suspect. Lin Qiupu saw the long-haired man from that day sitting in the interrogation room. As he was wearing handcuffs, he looked very dispirited.

"Did you arrest this person?" Lin Qiupu asked in surprise.

"He came in and confessed to his crime of assaulting the police."

"Turned himself in?"

"Maybe you’ve never come into contact with such criminals in the second team which specializes in homicide cases. In fact, we’ve seen a lot of these tricks. They’re afraid that things will become serious, so they make a person bear the blame. This kind of person is eager to confess!"

"That Lie person is an underworld boss?"

"Strictly speaking, he doesn’t count as one. He can only be said to be close to being one in nature. This old man has godsons everywhere. Many big entrepreneurs, officials, and celebrities in Long’an are his godchildren. The police are already watching him, but he hasn’t exposed any weaknesses..." Han Luoxi looked at the long-haired man in the interrogation room. "Based on this incident, he’s a very cautious person. There are so many people afraid of him. I think his hands must be dirty."

After the identification, Han Luoxi bid him goodbye. Lin Qiupu plucked up his courage and said, "Police Officer Han, can I ask you for your contact information? Just...for the convenience of being able to find you when something happens in the future."

Han Luoxi smiled, "Haha, why would you look for me? Go ask Old Song for it!"

After returning to the team, Lin Qiupu couldn’t get Han Luoxi out of his mind, but his illusions were quickly shattered because he heard from his colleagues that Police Officer Han was Song Lang's girlfriend!


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