Chapter 78: Wu Hao's Confession

The SWAT team finally came and took Wu Hao away. They heard that Xu Xiaodong had bravely arrested him and praised him, asking if he would consider career development as part of the SWAT team. Xu Xiaodong kept his head low and laughed.

Ximen Sheng was in a state of shock while Lin Qiupu comforted him.

Pan Xiuying sat on the bed with tears in her eyes. Chen Shi went over and handed a tissue to her. "You should have heard everything just now. There was no reason to catch you two. Now your stupid accomplice has brought himself in. We will definitely interrogate him strictly back at the station. How long do you think he can keep this secret up with his temper? So I will give you a chance to surrender and confess!"

Pan Xiuying raised her hand and took the tissue. "We did everything so secretly. How did you all find out?”

"Secretly? In my opinion, it is full of loopholes... You should have been educated very well from a young age. You probably haven’t lied since you were young, right?”

Pan Xiuying shook her head. "Almost never."

"Then you wouldn’t know what the inner suffering of lying is like. A small lie would cause this, let alone killing someone!" Chen Shi's expression became serious all of a sudden. "You wanted to deceive the whole world!"

"I...I..." Pan Xiuying was in tears and drifted her gaze everywhere. "Before I surrender, I have a small request."

"Say it!"

She put her hand on her stomach. "I want to get rid of the child in my stomach. It is a bastard’s child. It shouldn't come to this world. Every day that it’s in my body, I can never get peace."

Ximen Sheng suddenly ran over and interrogated, "Why do you have a child? Who is the dad?"

Pan Xiuying looked up, cried and confessed, "His."

"Who is he?" Ximen Sheng looked at Chen Shi, "Is it the madman from earlier?"

Pan Xiuying silently nodded.

"It turns out... You guys colluded to lie to me! You don't love me at all."

"No! I lied to you in the beginning, but you were so good to me. I started to like you. You are 10,000 times better than him. If I knew you from the beginning, it would have been good." She wanted to hug him at this time.

Ximen Sheng pushed her away, "Get lost! Liar! I don't know you! You are honestly like the real Pan Jinlian!"

Pan Xiuying blinked her eyes and felt like she just received a huge blow. She suddenly turned and rushed toward the window, scaring everyone. Chen Shi shouted, "It’s only the second floor. You won’t die. You’ll only be more guilty.”

Pan Xiuying held the railing there, slowly squatted down and cried. Lin Qiupu made a gesture to ask the subordinates to quickly apprehend her.

Walking out of the villa with Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue felt a lot of emotions. Suddenly, the weird passenger uncle came forward and shook Chen Shi’s hand a few times. He exclaimed excitedly, “That was so thrilling! I didn’t expect to see this. So it turns out that Mr. Chen is a detective!"

"How did you know my name is Chen?" Chen Shi asked.

"It’s written inside the car! I’m a writer specializing in writing novels like these. Mr. Chen, is it convenient for you to leave your contact details for me? If you have time, please have a meal with me.” The writer excitedly pulled out a business card. It was printed on the card, "The suspense novelist Xin Bai.”

"Oh..." Chen Shi was embarrassed.

The writer pointed at the mobile phone. "Oh, I just remembered. Your number is on the app. Then, I will contact you tomorrow. I have to see you, no matter what!" He one-sidedly declared as he left while waving.


Chen Shi could not call him back. Lin Dongxue grinned. "The big tree catches the wind[1]. You are going to be famous."

"What a passionate guy. I’m going to be annoyed to death.”

After the criminals were taken back to the bureau, Lin Qiupu arranged for interrogators to interrogate the two individuals separately. Others continued to collect evidence. This time, they were finally able to investigate with a search warrant without obstacles.

Peng Sijue personally went into the fray to test and identify things while Chen Shi stayed in the bureau, as he wanted to hear the suspects’ testimonies.

At first, Pan Xiuying would only cry and Wu Hao was still being unreasonable. He kept saying that he was Wu Song’s reincarnation. He wanted to go to the zoo to beat the tiger. He kept fidgeting around on the interrogation chair, making noises with his charade.

To deal with this kind of person, Lin Qiupu had an idea. They threw him in the interrogation room for a few hours, then went in and bluffed saying that Pan Xiuying had already confessed. They just needed to see his attitude going forward. 

Wu Hao’s whole person became deflated and he stopped acting. He asked with trepidation, “Government, can you give me a cigarette?”

Lin Qiupu lit him a Zhong Hua, and Wu Hao exhaled deeply. His eyes were filled with tears and said, "She should have been my wife."

"What do you mean?"

He said that when his parents died, in order to prevent the house being sold by his brother, some of it was used as the down payment for the current house, and some was meant to be his. However, his brother met Pan Xiuying.

At that time, Pan Xiuying was a little nurse with a watery spirit[2]. His brother fell in love at first sight, but he was short and ugly, so he desperately devoted himself to winning her over all day long, giving her flowers and chocolates, and even buying a car to pick her up every day. He used his brother’s share of money to pose as a rich guy. He simply tricked Pan Xiuying into his hands.

Later, because he had no money, Wu Hao and his girlfriend of a few years broke up. Wu Hao wanted to die. His brother muttered that he lost all the money when he wanted to start a company. He really wanted to kill his brother there and then. 

The two brothers quarrelled so much that there was no hope of turning back. Later, relatives came forward to mediate and told his brother that no matter what, he must buy a house for his younger brother upon marriage and that Wu Hao will live with his brother for now.

This was the beginning of the end.

His brother operated an online shop, so his body was like a NEET’s[3]. The younger brother had a muscular figure. Soon, he and his sister-in-law secretly had an affair. Playing with the sister-in-law next to his sleeping brother could only be described as a stimulant… 

"Talk about the serious stuff!" Lin Qiupu interrupted Wu Hao, who was getting more and more excited as he spoke.

"Okay, okay."

Wu Hao went on to say that after a while with his sister-in-law, he finally knew what trick his brother used to trick Pan Xiuying. The money that his brother used originally belonged to him, so Pan Xiuying should really have been his wife instead.

Since then, Wu Hao participated in the affair with a peace of mind. Pan Xiuying also enjoyed the pleasure and excitement of having an affair.

However, as they lived under one roof, it was bound to be revealed. His brother finally found that there was something going on between the two people. One day, he deliberately pretended to leave and left the two at home together. Then, he quickly made a U-turn and caught them red-handed. 

The brother was full of rage, but Wu Hao was not apologetic. Instead, he brought up the past and the brothers became more and more emotional as they quarrelled.

His brother wanted to kill him. Just as he turned around, Wu Hao shouted, "I’ll kill you first!" He took a chair and smashed it on his brother's head. His brother fell to the ground and twitched while foaming at the mouth.

Wu Hao suddenly woke up from his rage and discussed with Pan Xiuying how to get rid of the body. Throw his body in the wild and bury him? No, the police would find it sooner or later; go to the hospital? No, even if they saved him, they’d go to jail. 

Finally, Pan Xiuying suggested that they should keep him alive while they thought of what to do.

So Pan Xiuying went to the hospital that night and stole some medical equipment and drugs. She gave his brother an infusion, injection, and care. They saved his life, but he seemed to be paralyzed. He opened his eyes but couldn’t say anything…

1. This is what happens when you’re capable.  

2. Generally used to describe someone beautiful and bright. It may also imply that they have fair skin.  

3. Stereotyped to either be overweight or anorexic. Not-fit or healthy. 

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