Chapter 771: I’ll Wake Up

Lin Qiupu couldn't listen to this anymore and raised his gun threateningly. "Hanmeng, allow yourself to be arrested without resistance. Think of it as allowing your daughter to see you one last time!"

Hanmeng sneered. Her thumb firmly pressed the button on the remote control, and the man who was chopping meat fell to the ground and kept twitching. His hair lit up with a thin smoke from the electric shock. Seeing that the situation was critical, Lin Qiupu shot Hanmeng on her shoulder and the remote control flew out of her hand.

With a frantic smile, Hanmeng turned around and ran. Lin Qiupu fired several shots but only hit the boxes next to her. She quickly escaped under the cover of these boxes.

"Chase after her!"

Everyone rushed out immediately. When they got outside, the police had lost their target and were looking around blankly. Someone shouted, "Hey, she’s over there!"

It turned out that Hanmeng had climbed up a nearby chimney. On the handrail outside the chimney, there was a person following closely behind her. Everyone checked their companions and found that the person who followed her was Chen Shi.

Although the handrail outside the chimney was protected by a layer of barbed wire, the more they climbed, the more dangerous it was. The two of them rushed to the highest place and looked down to see the surrounding lights of all the households. Even Chen Shi trembled.

Hanmeng crawled out of the protective net and spread her hands towards the ground. Chen Shi had a bad feeling and shouted, "Don't do anything stupid. Your daughter is still waiting for you!"

"Do parents have responsibility towards their children?" Hanmeng snorted. "A person like me can't be a good mother at all. My life has long been ruined. My desire for revenge has supported me to survive. Now, I have nothing to hold me back."

Chen Shi clenched the handrail and furrowed his brows, thinking about how he could stop her.

"But isn't your revenge still not over? You can sue those people or make your story public. There is hope in your life."

"Hahahaha! In order to save me, you’ve really racked your brains. Officer Song, you’re so cute... By the way, do you think you’re dreaming or in reality right now?"

In order to stall for time, Chen Shi accepted this topic. "We talked in our dreams, right? Can you tell me what you said to prove to me that you have this wonderful ability?"

"I won't prove it to you. Proof itself is a kind of weakness. You can only believe it if you want to get in the door of the dreamland!" Hanmeng sneered. "Even if you don't believe it, it doesn't matter. Just treat this as the self-comfort of pitiful people. People who like dreams have one thing in common. They’re all abandoned by reality... Goodbye. I should wake up. Maybe we’ll meet again in another dream!"

Unexpectedly, she jumped off, opening her hands towards the sky. Chen Shi's eyes widened in surprise.

He returned to the ground in despair as if he’d lost his soul. Hanmeng’s corpse broke to pieces. Falling from such a high place, almost all of her bones were shattered. Some broken bones even poked out of her skin, but her face still held a smile of release.

Many police officers would have nightmares about that night due to this scene. Lin Qiupu sighed, "Go and save people first!"

Four people were found at the scene. Although the other three were seriously injured, they were rescued from life-threatening danger. However, the experience from that day would cause them huge psychological trauma.

Chen Shi voluntarily went to the hospital to take care of those rescued. It was mainly because he wanted to spend his time quietly after experiencing these things.

Lin Dongxue also accompanied him. The two stayed in the silent hospital late at night. Chen Shi took out a small silver flask and took a sip of alcohol. Lin Dongxue asked, "Aren't you hungry? You haven’t had anything to eat all night."

"It's okay. Just this is fine." Chen Shi shook the small flash in his hand.

"Drink less! By the way, what did you two talk about on the chimney?"

"Nothing really. I advised her to survive, but she just wanted to die and said a few words regarding dreams."

"You won't believe those things, would you?"

"I wouldn't believe things without evidence and logic. People's subconscious minds can be shared? Please. This world is so miserable because people can never understand each other. The hearts of two people are two worlds."

"Because of the differences between people, it’s so interesting to discover a 'new world'." Lin Dongxue looked at Chen Shi and smiled gently.

"Let’s discuss the case. Both Liu Tao and Chen Fengde were pawns of Hanmeng’s. Ten years ago, Hanmeng convinced Chen Fengde to kill her classmates through some means. At that time, she was very careful and the police didn’t find any connection between the deceased. The huge insurance money Liu Tao received at that time was probably used to pay commissions to the mysterious helper. This mysterious helper played a big role. They’re proficient in hypnosis and drugs. Perhaps Chen Fengde and Liu Tao were also brainwashed. As for why it was them and what connection they had with Hanmeng, I’m afraid we won’t be able to find out anymore! Chen Fengde was arrested for the clues he left behind, but he was very tight-lipped and didn’t betray her. Hanmeng’s revenge plan was put on hold for ten years. Ten years later, with the assistance of a mysterious helper, a big revenge drama was staged again."

"In this whole case, Chen Fengde was the most pitiful one." Lin Dongxue commented.

"Could it be that Chen Fengde owed something to Hanmeng? I don't think he was completely forced." Chen Shi thought.

"The murder of Chen Fengde hasn’t been investigated yet, but the prison is willing to cooperate this time. I believe that we’ll know of his whereabouts soon."

Suddenly, there was a nurse running in the corridor, as if heading towards the nursing ward. Lin Dongxue said, "It wasn’t the three people who had something happen to them, right?"

"Let’s go and see!"

They followed to the front of a ward and saw an old lady holding a girl in a hospital gown, crying and tearing up. The girl was skinny as skin and bones with long hair, and her thin face made her eyes look very big. She was sitting on a wheelchair.

Lin Dongxue asked the nurse on the side what was wrong, and the nurse excitedly replied, "This vegetative patient has been laying there for ten years and just woke up suddenly. We don't know why. The previous diagnosis clearly stated that there was no possibility of recovery. It’s a medical miracle! Tomorrow, the hospital is going to have some big news!"

The girl looked around in a daze. When her gaze passed over Chen Shi's face, she suddenly showed a meaningful smile. This expression shocked Chen Shi’s heart instantly.

"No, it's impossible. This is just a coincidence!" Chen Shi said to himself.


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