Chapter 770: Bloody Classmate Reunion

Everyone set off immediately and prepared to go to the ink factory. Gu You followed and said, "Please let me go with you. I want to meet this person who ruined my father's life!" Lin Qiupu agreed.

Around 9:00, everyone arrived at the residential area near the ink factory. Gu You led the way. Chen Shi asked, "Why did your father rent a work studio outside? Shouldn't he have lived in the university?"

"He wanted to write his book in a quiet environment. He said that he wanted to write a powerful book about dreams..." Thinking of the past, Gu You shook her head and sighed. "At the time, he was fascinated by the experience of lucid dreams, but none of the publishing houses were willing to publish the works he wrote."

"Then he..."

"Okay, don't ask!" Lin Dongxue poked Chen Shi.

When they got to the front of an apartment, everyone tightened their nerves and stuck to the left and right of the door as they discussed how to enter. The trick of "checking the water meter" was obviously not ideal. If Hanmeng and the kidnapped people were really inside, she would likely be extremely vigilant.

"The house is quiet, almost as if no one is in there." Lin Dongxue commented.

"Let’s directly pry the door open." Lin Qiupu decided.

The police opened the door and the room was completely dark. The books on the shelves were covered with dust and cobwebs. It seemed that no one had been there for a long time. Lin Dongxue pointed to the ground and said, "Look!"

There was a dragging trail on the dusty ground.

After following this trace to the bathroom, everyone found that the place had been cleaned. Chen Shi knelt down to check the drain. There were blood stains and hairs inside. His heart thumped. Was he too late?

"How many people are missing?" Chen Shi asked.

"Including the class representative who can't be contacted, there are a total of seven people. They’re all men." Lin Qiupu said.

"Hanmeng has a heavy sense of ritual. This place is too small and the surroundings are very noisy. She might have changed to a larger and quieter place to murder them." Chen Shi guessed.

"The ink factory next to us is generally closed this season. When I was young, I would go there for walks. The factory area is very large and quiet." Gu You said.

"To take away seven people, she must have needed transportation!" Lin Dongxue said.

"Let’s go out and ask!"

Everyone went outside. As they left the housing district, Chen Shi saw a woman with long black hair standing across the road with a lollipop in her mouth. She looked to be both smiling and not. When a car passed by, she disappeared.

In that instant, he felt like it was someone he was familiar with, but he wasn’t sure because it was too dark.

Lin Dongxue came over and said, "The nearby landlord said that in the afternoon, a dilapidated van drove out of the housing district and entered the factory."

"Let’s go!" Lin Qiupu instructed everyone.

When they arrived at the factory, everyone searched around. Lin Dongxue, Chen Shi, and Xu Xiaodong entered one of the factory workshops. When they were looking around, they suddenly heard a steel beam above their heads moving and dust was falling down, making “su-su” sounds.

Chen Shi seemed to understand something. He made a detour and walked around the pile of boxes next to him, and saw a man being hung from a steel beam by a rope. His face was already turning into the color of pigs’ liver. If he weren’t touching the edge of the boxes next to him with his feet, he would have been dead long ago. Only God knows how long he had been struggling for.

"Hurry and help him!" Chen Shi yelled as he hugged the man's leg and lifted him up so that he could breathe. The man coughed nonstop.

Xu Xiaodong attempted to break the rope above him with his pistol but Lin Dongxue stopped him. "Don't shoot. It’ll be bad if you accidentally shot him."

"But this rope is tied to the top."

"Move a box and let him stand on it first!" Chen Shi shouted. He could hardly hold the man up anymore.

Lin Dongxue brought a box for the man to use as a stepping stool. The man gasped and his eyes were tearful. Chen Shi tried talking to him, but it was as though he was sleepwalking and had gone completely deaf.

"What about the others?" Chen Shi asked again.

The man looked at him with blank eyes and then pointed in a direction.

"Xiaodong, you stay and watch here. Dongxue and I will head over!" Chen Shi instructed.

On the way over, Lin Dongxue contacted the other people, and everyone rushed towards the same factory workshop. The door to the factory workshop was actually bolted from the inside and they couldn't get it to open no matter how hard they pushed. The police were all extremely anxious. Chen Shi said, "One person can enter through the window!"

The side skylight was both high and small. Only Lin Dongxue could get in in terms of body size. Chen Shi used his back as a stepping stone and helped her up. Lin Qiupu was very worried and said, "Don't do anything after you go in. Open the door immediately!"

Lin Dongxue was able to enter. Just like a stone sinking into the sea, there were no sounds of her movement after the initial sound of her landing.

"Dongxue!" Lin Qiupu anxiously kicked the door.

At this time, the door slowly opened. Lin Dongxue's eyes were full of tears and her face was full of horror. Everyone looked inward over her shoulder and saw several bloody corpses.

They walked in. There was a corpse lying on the ground that looked like a skinned body and it was still smoking as if it had been sprayed with some kind of corrosive liquid. The person had died in a painful manner while struggling.

Another man sitting next to him was sitting on a chair with nails all over his body. His head was tilted and his clothes were stained red with blood.

Another body was sitting by the wall. His stomach had been split open. From the movements of his hands, it seemed that he was struggling to push his internal organs back in.

This "body" suddenly raised his head and shouted for help, which frightened everyone. Lin Qiupu said, "There’s people still alive! Contact the hospital!"

A dim light was lit in the gaps by the piles of boxes in front of them, as if they were guiding intruders. They clenched their pistols tightly with their sweaty hands, passed through the corridor between the boxes, and went under the light.

A sound “dong-dong” came from there. They saw a man kneeling under the light using a kitchen knife and chopping board to chop up a piece of bloody meat. There were corpses and internal organs everywhere beside him, and it was impossible to tell how many people there were.

The man was crying, but he couldn't stop his hands because he had a metal ring around his neck.

Not far from him, a woman was wearing an old school uniform stained with blood, sitting on a chair and holding a remote control in her hand. She lazily looked at the "visitors" as if she didn't care about the arrival of the police.

"Police, help!" the man screamed.

"Don't stop. Go on!" The woman pressed the remote control once, and the man was electrocuted by the metal neck ring. He continued to chop the meat mechanically with both hands.

"Stop right there!" Lin Qiupu shouted.

The woman raised the remote control in her hand and smiled. "Without my order, would he dare?"

"You’re Hanmeng?!" Chen Shi said.

Hanmeng nodded slightly. "I've been waiting for you. Waiting for you to kill me with a bullet. My painful and desperate forty years of life has finally concluded today. I have had an extremely happy day using the most cruel means to torture these people who tortured me! This is the class reunion I wanted."

"Why did you drag my father Chen Fengde into this, using him as a tool for murder ten years ago and using him as a scapegoat again ten years later?!" Gu You roared.

"Chen Fengde is your father?" Hanmeng widened her eyes with a sickly smile on her blood-stained face. "I didn't use him. He volunteered to help me because I could give him beautiful dreams."

"You don't have that ability at all. It's just drugs and hypnosis. It wasn’t even done by you, but by the helper you hired with money!" Chen Shi revealed on the spot.

"You just love using the logic of reality to understand all the unknown, don’t you?" Hanmeng said faintly, "There was once a girl who was regarded as an evil portent by everyone and was bullied by others. Her life was like hell every day, but the God in the dark gave her a kind of ability, allowing her to freely run around in dreams. It was dreams that supported her to live to this day; to live until the moment she could personally kill her enemies!"

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