Chapter 77: Xu Xiaodong Arrested the Murderer

When Lin Qiupu rushed to the Yi'An district, he saw a villa surrounded by many residents in the area. Several people were holding their badges to separate the crowd. When the police arrived, the residents all tried reporting, "Officers, there was a man that rushed in!”, “There was shouting inside. It might have been a murder.”, “It’s not a madman, is it? You see what happened to his car?”

"Everyone retreat! Do not hinder the police from handling the case." Lin Qiupu instructed and the residents cooperated.

There was a scream that came from Ximen Shen’s house. There were also shouts from Wu Hao saying that he was going to kill them. It was almost like a movie invoking anxiety and exhilaration to its audience. The SWAT team would take a while so they couldn’t wait any longer. A few people discussed how to proceed. 

Xu Xiaodong took the initiative to say, "There is a drain pipe at the back. It seems that you can climb up. I’ll go!”

"Unless it’s your last resort, don’t shoot!” Lin Qiupu ordered.

"Understood!" Xu Xiaodong went around the house.

At this moment, the glass door of the balcony was suddenly smashed by a vase, making the crowd scream in fear. Wu Hao held a fruit knife in one hand and pushed the neck of Ximen Sheng to the balcony with the other. Pan Xiuying was desperately trying to pull Wu Hao back. Wu Hao struggled away, pushing her to the ground.

Ximen Sheng saw people outside and screamed, "Murder! Murder!"

"Shut up, fat pig!" Wu Hao took the knife handle and slammed it on his head, making Ximen Sheng’s eyes roll back.

Lin Qiupu ordered while putting a finger on his gun, "Wu Hao, put the knife down. What do you want?"

Wu Hao widened his eyes when he saw the policeman below. He seethed, "I want to kill this pair of adulterers!"

"Still acting?"

Wu Hao raised his voice and shouted at the people below. "Neighbors, this man's surname is Ximen and this woman's surname is Pan. A few days ago, they were accomplices in killing my brother. They went about their days together like normal from then on, always sticking with each other passionately. I don’t know what benefits Ximen gave to the police, but they refused to solve the case and even suspected me! Now, as the younger brother, I’m going to bring justice!”

The crowd immediately revealed excited and nosy expressions as they shouted loudly, "Shit! Wu Song is alive!", "Wu Erlang! Nice, kill them!", "Affairs are so shameful! Kill them!"

Wu Hao was glad that the neighbors echoed encouragement and declared loudly, "I am Wu Song’s reincarnation!"

Lin Qiupu looked back at the crowd and glared at them, but couldn't stop them from keeping their mouths shut. He felt a fire forming inside of him. Lin Dongxue conveyed, "This guy has lost his mind. Does he think that this will clear our suspicions towards him?"

"Fighting beasts!"[1] Lin Qiupu frowned and announced towards the person upstairs, "Wu Hao, don't act out this lame drama. The heavens, earth, you and I know exactly why your brother is dead. Your struggles right now is meaningless."

Wu Hao looked like he was possessed by an actor fairy and laughed towards the sky, and pointed to Lin Qiupu. "It is this policeman. He is colluding with Ximen. They want to frame me for this case? What does everybody think? Shouldn’t this type of person deserve to die?!”

No one responded this time. Lin Qiupu sneered. "Do you really think that this is the Song Dynasty? We are not the old soldiers from back in the day; we are the people's police!"

"I don’t care which era you’re from! I will kill him now!" Wu Hao said fiercely. The knife drew blood from the neck of Ximen Sheng. Ximen Sheng had his hair pulled back and he did not dare to move an inch.

When a person came in after desperately separating the crowd, Lin Qiupu was surprised to find that Chen Shi was the one who came. He looked at Chen Shi and then looked at his sister. Lin Dongxue stammered. "I told him our location."

"What use could he have?" Lin Qiupu lectured in a whisper.

"Wu Hao, do you know me?" Chen Shi smiled.

"Don't talk to him! You are not a negotiator." Lin Qiupu glared at him, but Chen Shi ignored him. 

"I do! You’re a stinking officer." Wu Hao gritted his teeth.

"You are a bit deep into this act. You really take yourself as Wu Song? But you don't seem to have read "Water Margin". Wu Song first killed his sister-in-law before he killed Ximen Qing. This is because he hates Pan Jinlian a great deal."

Wu Hao blinked his eyes and glanced at Pan Xiuying, who had been sitting nearby.

Chen Shi continued, "Your sister-in-law clearly can’t escape right now, but why are you only focusing on Ximen? Shouldn't you kill her first? It’s because you don’t hate adulterers. You hate that this man took your woman, right?"

The masses suddenly exclaimed, "The amount of information is too much! We can’t wrap our heads around that so quickly!", "Insider information! Tell us about it officer!"

Faced with the sneers and jeers below, Wu Hao's face flushed to the color of pigs’ liver. He screamed, "I will kill him now!" and then lifted the knife in his hand. At that moment, Lin Qiupu was so scared that his heart almost stopped.

"Wait!" Chen Shi yelled.

The raised hand was set in mid-air, and the tip of the knife flashed under the sunlight. At this time, Lin Dongxue noticed that behind them, Xu Xiaodong was slowly approaching.

The three police officers at the scene were shocked. No one thought that Xu Xiaodong would take such an action. However, they couldn’t mention anything regarding this situation. Otherwise, even Xu Xiaodong may be at risk.

Chen Shi naturally saw this as well. He deliberately delayed the time. "Wu Hao, you don't have the need to kill him. We don't have any evidence of your killing at all. From the legal point of view, you are still innocent. But if you kill this man, you may let go of your resentment for him, but it’s jail time waiting for you. What will happen to this woman that you like? Will she wait for you? Maybe one or two years. But ten or twenty years? She will marry others, becoming the wife and mother of others. These have no relationship with you anymore... Wu Hao, who you like is completely your freedom. It’s not the Song Dynasty right now. You don’t have to hide everything.”

Wu Hao was so emotional that his hands shook. He screamed loudly, "She should have been my wife... No, she is my wife!"

Running on adrenaline, just as Wu Hao raised his hand again to commit, Xu Xiaodong suddenly rushed up, twisted his arm back and they struggled with each other into the house.

Upon seeing this, several people rushed into the house and went to the second floor. They saw Xu Xiaodong wrestle and lock Wu Hao onto the ground. Wu Hao could not break free, so he bit Xu Xiaodong’s leg, causing Xu Xiaodong to scream in pain. He desperately locked him down and didn’t let go.

With the help of a few people, Wu Hao was finally handcuffed. His eyes shone with anger and glared at the policeman present.

"I’m so unlucky! I got bitten again!" Xu Xiaodong looked at his thigh and took the paper towel from Xiao Li to wipe the blood on his trousers.

Chen Shi joked, "Scars are a man’s trophy!"

Xu Xiaodong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. "I don’t want to be awarded these types of medals and trophies. It was even the inside of my thigh.”

Lin Qiupu went straight up to Xu Xiaodong with a serious look. Xu Xiaodong knew that his actions just then were too dangerous. He bowed his head and began, "Captain Lin, I..."

"You’ve done a wonderful job!"

Xu Xiaodong raised his head in surprise, and his eyes began tearing up. Lin Qiupu smiled. "Why are you crying, kid?"

"No, I have been at the bureau for two years now. This is the second time that you’ve ever praised me."

"When was the last time? Why don't I remember?"

"You praised that I had a very good haircut last year."

Xu Xiaodong's words amused everyone who was standing on the second floor. Everyone could see them from the bottom of the house. Lin Dongxue discovered that there was a perverted uncle wearing sunglasses standing next to Chen Shi's car. He was constantly applauding and looked particularly excited.

"Who is that?"

"Oh, it's a passenger of mine... You suddenly called me over, so I had to take him with me!"

1. You won’t win. When animals and beasts are caged together, they can only fight and slam against the cage. In the end, they are still caged in and have lost. 

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