Chapter 769: Mysterious Helper

Then the monkey saw the strangers, it immediately bared its teeth and showed hostility. Xu Xiaodong took out some more cookies, but the monkey seemed to be very unwilling to see him. Lin Dongxue said, "You just shot him. Let me do it!"

"Be careful. This monkey is very likely to have killed someone!" Chen Shi reminded them.

An animal was an animal in the end. When Lin Dongxue handed it the biscuit, the monkey relaxed its vigilance and lowered its head to eat. The three squatted down to check its hands. Lin Dongxue said, "Are these hands connected to it?!"

"No, look carefully. Someone put a pair of human hand skin on its hands like gloves. In order to restore the size, it seems to be filled with some stuff." Chen Shi stretched out his hand and squeezed it. The monkey was hurt and squealed. They gave it a few more biscuits to soothe it.

If they guessed correctly, the pair of human skin transplanted to the monkey belonged to Chen Fengde so that fingerprints could be left from that of a living creature.

Humans are also primates. Monkeys and orangutans have the same blood types as humans. Even so, the rejection caused by allotransplantation wasn’t small. The parts where the monkey's "strange hands" were joined had become inflamed and had pus coming out. There were needles in the arms, probably to give it antibiotics and drugs that would suppress the immune system.

It was the one who cut the belt of the equipment in the gym, and it was also the one who killed Du Zilin. Only its size could pass through the hole in the ceiling. It fell on Du Zilin's back and left such a wound.

The people who domesticated it shaved it bald in order not to leave hair on the scene.

"How cruel and vicious to come up with such a technique!" Lin Dongxue said, "Do you think it escaped, or was it discarded?"

"The possibility of it escaping is relatively high. From this point of view, Chen Fengde has already been killed. He hadn’t escaped at all. Someone killed him in prison and took the skin off his hands. The body should be stuffed in a place that isn’t easy to find."

"There are barrels with corrosive chemicals in the factory where the prisoners work. Could it be..." Lin Dongxue guessed.

Xu Xiaodong said, "This monkey has killed someone. Do you want to handcuff it?"

"What are you handcuffing? Give it a few more biscuits and liaise with someone from the zoo to take it away later.

"It's not illegal for a monkey to murder people?"

"If you have the same IQ as a monkey, it’s not illegal to murder people either."

The three heard a call for help from somewhere. The monkey liked Lin Dongxue, so the two told her to stay behind. Chen Shi and Xu Xiaodong hurried away towards the noise. After searching in the dark factory building for a long time, they found a person in a spout of equipment for materials to be dumped in. The man was strapped to a broken chair with tape,. Judging by his haggard appearance, he seemed to have been tied there for a long time. He started calling for help when he heard people talking.

"Who are you?" Xu Xiaodong asked.

"I'm the driver! Last night, there was a man who chartered a car and said he was going to Yinxian Town. Today, I drove the car to the designated location, and a man suddenly jumped out, pointed a gun at me, and told me to drive. I was scared crazy. We drove around the city all afternoon. We drove until the car ran out of gas. Then, he told me to park the car here, and then tied me up... Hey, do you have any water? Quickly untie me. I want to pee!"

"Do you want to pee or drink water?"

"Both! Hurry!"

Xu Xiaodong was about to untie the man when Chen Shi told him to wait. He asked the man, "Are you dreaming right now or in reality?"

"Are you nuts? I’m definitely in reality!"

It seemed as though the person hadn’t hypnotized him. Maybe it was too late, or they felt it unnecessary. They didn't even plan to kill him to prevent him from talking.

After letting go of the driver, he ran to a corner to relieve himself heavily. He asked Chen Shi for a cigarette while Chen Shi asked him about the characteristics of the robber. The driver said, "He was in all black, thin, wearing a hat and a mask. I don't know what he looks like. That's right. He was carrying a bag which was always moving."

"How do you know it was a man? Did you hear his voice?"


Xu Xiaodong whispered, "It can't be Liu Tao. He was still at home this afternoon!"

The characteristics of that person weren’t very similar to Hanmeng either. Chen Shi suspected that he was Han Meng’s helper. It’s very likely that he was hired because Du Zilin’s savings were transferred to an out of town account after he died and the police couldn’t track it down.

The driver, the monkey, and the bus were all thrown here to divert their attention.

"Let's go and have a look in the bus!" Chen Shi suggested.

The two took the driver back to the bus. Chen Shi saw some faint footprints in the car. It seemed that the person wasn’t very tall. He took a photo with his mobile phone and sampled the dirt on the footprints.

"Did he ever make any calls while on the bus?" Chen Shi asked.

The driver recalled and said, "He made one and said, ‘The watermelon has been delivered to the watermelon shed... Happy cooperation... Leave the cantaloupe for me!’ and that kind of thing. I didn't understand things like that.

"It's a secret sign. Hanmeng may have already kidnapped those people somewhere to be killed. As for the cantaloupe... Does this collaborator have an extra goal?" Chen Shi guessed.

After a while, people from the animal protection organization came and took the monkey away. Chen Shi took a set of the monkey’s fingerprints.

He halved the gasoline in his car and gave it to the driver to let him drive away. The driver suffered from this crime and although the police didn’t have the obligation to compensate him, Chen Shi gave him 1,000 yuan out of humanity so that he could go to the hospital for an examination.

The three hurried back to the bureau. Lin Qiupu and the others hadn’t gotten off work yet. Chen Shi and the others took the physical evidence brought back from the scene to the forensic department, and unexpectedly discovered that Gu You was also there.

Gu You said, "I was treating those who were hypnotized, but it’s late."

Lin Dongxue asked Chen Shi in a low voice, "Do you want to tell Miss Gu the truth?"

Chen Shi responded, "We should tell her. She has the right to know the truth... Old Peng, please check these fingerprints."

After the identification results came out, Peng Sijue said, "This is Chen Fengde's fingerprints."

Hearing the name, Gu You stood up, agitated. "Where did you find it? Did he commit another crime?"

"Miss Gu, please listen to me..." Lin Dongxue said.

After hearing what happened, Gu You sat back on the chair, wide-eyed, and said in a choked voice, "So, if it’s like that, it means that it bodes ill rather than well for Chen Fengde?"


"Thank you for telling me this. In fact, I’m actually relieved. He was just being used by others and wasn’t subjectively committing crimes." Gu You lowered her head, concealing the tears on her face.

Peng Sijue took out a tissue and hesitated for a long time as he didn’t know how to approach the subject. Chen Shi could see that he was anxious and said, "Old Peng is handing you a tissue!"

"Ah, thank you!" Gu You took it from him.

Peng Sijue continued to test the soil they brought back from the laboratory. Half an hour later, he said, “The composition of these soils is slightly complicated. There’s toner, glycerin, ethylene glycol, and the like.”

"What is the combination of these ingredients?"

Peng Sijue searched it on Google and replied, "It seems to be ink."

"Ink? Stationery store?"

"There are too many stationery shops in the city. Captain Peng, can you confirm what kind of ink it is?"

"Unless there are samples."

Gu You suddenly said, "It's an ink factory. My father used to work near an ink factory. He gave the house to someone I’m not familiar with before he went to prison."


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